Black Mother Ignored Daughter’s Gunshot Wound for Weeks

To a degree the white man’s law should not apply to blacks. I’m talking about in the sense that a significant number of them are incapable of distinguishing right from wrong.

Diversity creates this problem of having two groups of people, one with an average IQ of around 100 and the other group with an average IQ of around 85.

It’s just unrealistic to expect the lower IQ group to function at the same level as the higher group.

So, what does society do with the black mother in this case?

I’m open to suggestions, but anything that does not include racial separation is not acceptable to me.

It seems cruel to imprison black mom. It’s also costly for white taxpayers. Maybe blacks should be required to live on reservations ruled by their tribal elders, who would decide mom’s punishment.

Obviously too, this woman should have been sterilized so that she could not have little sprogs who end up in custodial care at more cost to the taxpayer.


A Florida mother is accused of not taking her 4-year-old daughter to the hospital after the girl accidentally shot herself in the foot, a Florida newspaper reported.

The girl did not receive professional medical care for at least two weeks after the shooting, the newspaper said.

Shanquisha Upshaw, 23, of Lehigh Acres, Fla., was arrested on child neglect charges, according to a story in the Fort Myers News-Press. The child’s father took her to the hospital after Upshaw turned the girl over to him weeks after the shooting, the newspaper said.

The girl was limping and in severe pain. X-rays confirmed the gunshot wound and showed the bullet was still lodged in the girl’s right foot.

The story said the girl shot herself after finding a gun at the home of one of her mother’s friends, the story said.

3 thoughts on “Black Mother Ignored Daughter’s Gunshot Wound for Weeks

  1. The only solution besides a new final solution is deportation to Africa. Segregation means that the sh*t-ape is here among us and per the cuck (((libtards))) considered a human being with the rights and privileges accorded a human being. The Homo africanus can not function in evil YT’s society. It has insufficient cognitive or emotional ability to do so, and no more so than can a chimpanzee. In the cuck libtard’s parlance, it is cruel and abusive and discriminatory to allow the negro to dwell among us.

  2. The mother didn’t want to divulge all the details surrounding her daughter finding a ‘loaded’ gun at a friend’s house. Just what are those details she wouldn’t want the hospital to know and report to police?

    Her daughter could have died from a serious infection, but that’s not as important as hiding those ‘details.’

  3. The similarities between that face and the face of a woman suffering from Down Syndrome are remarkable.

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