Police Blame Venus Williams for Fatal Car Crash that KILLED Elderly White Man


I did a quick check on traffic fatality rates here. Blacks and whites compare equally, but watch out for Native American drivers. Asian drivers have by far the lowest fatality rate. I’m just reporting the facts. Do they match your experience.

Venus Williams allegedly ran a red light, killing an elderly white man. There are too many unknown factors to say what will happen in relation to criminal charges, but you can bet that Venus (what a ridiculous name for one so ugly) will have to pay for her carelessnes in money.

Sky News

Venus Williams is being investigated amid claims she was involved in a car crash which led to the death of a driver.

Palm Beach Gardens police in Florida have released a report saying the tennis star was at fault in the crash on 9 June.

Jerome Barson, a 79-year-old who was a passenger in his wife’s car, was injured and died two weeks later.

The police report says witnesses have claimed Williams ran a red light at a junction and went into the path of the vehicle driven by Mr Barson’s wife.

Williams, who is preparing to compete at Wimbledon next week, was driving her 2010 Toyota Sequoia SUV at the time.

The police department’s Major Paul Rogers said the crash remains under investigation and Williams has not been cited or charged.

Her lawyer Malcolm Cunningham said in a statement that Williams expressed “her deepest condolences to the family who lost a loved one”.

He added that the light was green when she entered the junction.

Mr Cunningham told the TMZ website: “The police report estimates that Ms Williams was travelling at 5mph when Mrs Barson crashed into her.

“Authorities did not issue Ms Williams with any citations or traffic violations.

“This is an unfortunate accident and Venus expresses her deepest condolences to the family who lost a loved one.”

Who knew that a 5 mph impact could kill someone?

The ball is now in the court of the police department and the district attorney. May justice be served as strongly as Venus serves a tennis ball.

19 thoughts on “Police Blame Venus Williams for Fatal Car Crash that KILLED Elderly White Man

  1. Do tennis regulators check the gonads of all women competitors before every tournament? I think they should. Using qualified doctors of course. The Williams Brothers would be out of tennis, or could play in the mens tournament where they belong.
    No tranny shoudl be allowed to ever compete as a woman. Cutting off a dick and making an artificial vagina does not make a woman. The mans strength still exists and should not be allowed to compete against women in any sport whatsoever.

    • Robert — what do you make up Serena’s pregnancy? There is a photo floating around of Serena’s “baby bump”. What do you think….hoax? Unless photo shopped……..she looks pregnant.

      • I do not follow womens tennis and nor shoudl anybody else – since these cheats were allowed to dominate the game. I have never heard of a Williams brother pregnancy. I have no glass toilet and get all my news form sites like this! I avoid the (((MSM))) like the plague.

      • Robert……….not sure if you are just being a dick…………..You are implying that I do all that you say.

        First……….tennis is my business, so I have to be involved. Second…..I don’t watch MSM for entertainment purposes, but just ‘living’ you tend to get this stuff thrown in your face. Good for you if you are out in the country and ‘off grid’ but some of us still have to survive in the city.

        When the whole the ‘Williams sister are boys’ started to surface, I stayed out of it. Knowing a man who dated Serena for over a year, it is hard to believe he put up with a penis or a doctored vagina. Now that Serena is walking around with a ‘baby bump’ I’m even more confident she is an actual female. I don’t really care in truth. I just think we look stupid keeping up with this ‘conspiracy theory’.

        Not defending them…..this is not my point. Just wanted your opinion. I didn’t expect to be patronized. Bonnienino below gave me an ‘educated’ answer. Not guilt.

  2. Still hoping the Gorilliams “sisters” will one day be gender and drug tested and treated according to the results.

  3. Who thought it a good idea to give colored women, of any color, the privilege to drive an automobile? I am constantly on guard and on the look-out for non-white women drivers when I am driving.

  4. Truth hammer is correct ; regrettably, I worked for a couple of decades in an industry where car accidents were the driving force. By FAR, the worst drivers are gooks, or to be more PC, ‘asians’. By FAR. The cognitive abilities to drive efficiently – creative thinking, situational awareness, three dimensional thinking/spatial relationships – are foreign to the way their minds are wired. Indians – american kind – are probably the next worse. Of course, theyre usually drunk and are, after all, kin to asians. Personally, I would say most other POCs are pretty evenly distributed, with a slight edge in ‘badness’ given to arabs.
    The statistics are, as usual, incomplete in telling the story; remember, figures lie and liars figure.
    Comparing black and white accident rates isnt really telling the story; remember, whites still make up the majority of the population in this country overall, AND, almost every white person of age drives except outside of places like jew york city or chicago. Africans dont drive as often, or as much. Many africans dont drive at all, livin in the hood ya know…the welfare check comes straight to them, they can hop da bus and not apy and the likker store just be around the corner and sheeit… If one could actually track total miles driven vs accident rate vs race, one would see that the stats would show a significantly higher accident rate for noncaucasians than for honky. Empirical evidence and personal observation bear this out.

    But whatever, you can bet this black person/whatever will not be charged criminally and will walk, nearly unscathed from this incident, being defended to the death by the controlled [[[media]]].

    • True dat. Tinted folks and Asians like public transport, they know it is much cheaper than running a car. Whites drive cars to avoid niggers – especially white Democrat libturds who “love” folks of colour!

      Judge people by their actions and not their words.

    • Besides the cognitive abilities to drive efficiently, North European Whites have an innate sense for understanding and operating anything mechanical. After all, the modern mechanical world is their invention. Scots, English and Germans, mostly.

      • My extended relatives might test low on IQ scores, but many of them were tinkerers. They could take apart a complex mechanical clock or a car engine and fix it with no sweat.

  5. oh btw… one can also correlate bad driving with choice of vehicle ; I could give examples on into the night, but lets just say that tojos [toyota] are second on the list of cars to be wary of…

  6. Heard on the radio news that she/he/xe/zir was stopped in the middle of an intersection in bumper to bumper traffic while her light was still green. The light changed to red in her lane, but her vehicle was still blocking the intersection when the other car collided with hers. Thus, she will share what is called either comparative or contributory negligence for causing this accident if not be 100% liable. The stupid ape should have been paying attention to traffic flow and not allowed herself to be stuck in the middle of an intersection. I am always conscious of these situations when I am in bumper to bumper city traffic and will not allow myself to be hemmed in/trapped in the middle of an intersection while the light changes, and be blocking cross traffic. Her gorilla level of intelligence and consideration for others caused a man’s death. I hope that she pays through her ape nose.

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