Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by Plutarch About Mistakes

Excerpt from Wikipedia

Plutarch (/ˈpluːtɑːrk/; Greek: Πλούταρχος, Ploútarkhos, Koine Greek: [plǔːtarkʰos]; c. AD 46 – AD 120),[1] later named, upon becoming a Roman citizen, Lucius Mestrius Plutarchus, (Λούκιος Μέστριος Πλούταρχος)[a] was a Greek biographer and essayist, known primarily for his Parallel Lives and Moralia.[2] He is classified[3] as a Middle Platonist. Plutarch’s surviving works were written in Greek, but intended for both Greek and Roman readers.

3 thoughts on “Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by Plutarch About Mistakes

  1. Busy workers make the most mistakes. Lazy arsed bastards make very few mistakes and do very little or no work at all. In Govt and huge organizations often the latter get promoted while busy bees get left to continue being busy at a low level job.

    In the Soviet Union for example, mistakes could be seen as wrecking or even treason. While doing no work at all was OK as long as one had not been ordered to do any actual work. Some people had a job to answer a phone only if it rang – no outgoing calls could be made. This type of job was called being “on station”. No other work was required of this person. There was no unemployment in the Soviet Union and no private companies either.
    Often initiative is thus punished and laziness rewarded.

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