Hospital Panic as Fired Negro Exacts Revenge, Shooting 7 While Killing One


The mainstream media will not ask the obvious question: Was the black shooter who sent a hospital into panic mode an equal opportunity shooter, or did he target just European-Americans?

Another obvious question: Does he have a history of conflict with white people or of expressing hatred of whites on social media?

Whatever the answers to these questions, today’s shootings are a reminder that it’s dangerous to hire black males because the people you hire today are possibly going to be the people you fire tomorrow.

Excerpt from the New York Daily News

A medical worker who was canned from Bronx Lebanon Hospital returned to his former workplace with an assault rifle and a deadly grudge Friday afternoon, shooting seven employees and killing one of them, before turning his weapon on himself after failing to set himself on fire, officials said.

The shooter, Henry Bello, 45, was found dead sprawled out on a hospital hallway from a self-inflicted gunshot wound with the victim he killed nearby, according to NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill. The victim who died was a doctor, according to Mayor de Blasio.

“We’ve had real tragedy here in the Bronx this afternoon,” de Blasio said at a press conference outside the Morris Heights medical center. “It’s something we’ve seen around the country and now we’ve experienced it here.”

Wearing a white lab coat, Bello began his rampage at about 2:45 p.m., opening fire several times at his former colleagues on the hospital’s 16th floor. His shooting spree ended one floor above, police said.

he mayor said five of his victims were in serious condition. Another suffered a gunshot wound to the leg.

“As you know, the shooter killed himself but not before having done horrible damage,” de Blasio said. “Our hearts go out to the family of the doctor who passed away.”

As shots rang out, panicked patients and hospital personnel barricaded themselves in their rooms.

“I was in the middle of getting an X-ray when security alerted us to the active shooter situation and locked us in,” patient Felix Puno, who was hunkered down in the fourth floor radiology department, told the Daily News. “Police are here doing a floor-by-floor sweep.”

Ronald Rogerson, 59, was on the seventh floor of the hospital awaiting an orthopedic appointment when he heard the gunfire.

“The lights started going off, alarms started going off and stuff,” he said.


Bello used to work in the family medicine unit and is a licensed pharmacy technician.

“Active shooting in Bronx Lebanon Hospital … Man dressed all in black. Smoke from the 16th floor,” the NYPD Special Operations Division posted to Twitter.

Police swept the hospital searching for the shooter and found a trail of blood leading from the second to the eighth floor.

ABC7 reported that two of the victims were women and one was dead. The New York Times reported that three of the victims were doctors.

“I heard two doctors got shot 20 times, both of them,” said Jasmine Mercado, 24. “They said the person was going from the ninth floor to the eighth floor shooting.”

The hospital was evacuated, while some people barricaded themselves inside.

At least 20 people barricaded themselves in a lab on the 15th floor — and blocked the door so well they needed the FDNY to help get them out, officials said.

More than 100 cop cars swarmed the hospital and shut the building down.

An FDNY EMS Counterterrorism unit responded to search for victims with the NYPD.

8 thoughts on “Hospital Panic as Fired Negro Exacts Revenge, Shooting 7 While Killing One

  1. Immigrant from Nigeria, went to medical school in Dominican Republic. He’s had previous arrests for burglary, public urination, jumping turnstiles, and sexual harassment for which he was asked to resign at this hospital in 2015. Since then he’s had five different addresses.

    With such a fine resume, we should be inviting many more Nigerians to come here.

  2. Dangerous to hire blacks as pilots as well. They get angry they have not been promoted quickly enough. They get very angry if they get fired. One of these nice black disgruntled employees killed both pilots by handgun in midair, and roughly 50 or so passengers when the plane crashed in California I think.
    Another pilot on FedEx attacked both pilots and another employee (maybe another pilot) with a hammer. He wanted his wife – or ex-wife – to get a big life insurance payout so he could not use a gun. As a bonus he planned to crash the plane on the FedEx regional headquarters buildings. All three crew members were severely injured but fought the nigger who needed up in a wheel chair, a very happy ending for the Coon. Both the attacked pilots were never allowed to fly again due to possible head injuries.
    Avoid the groid.

    The NY Times article here does not mention the fact that the attacker was a black as spades nigger. (((MSM))) 20 years ago was already using the “black is good” mantra.

    • True dat homey. The NYPCPD (New York Politically Correct Police Department) reported the perp as being a tall, thin male dressed in a white lab coat. Hmmm, something missing there.

  3. The tragedy is Bello was allowed into the country to practice (of all things) medicine! What retard was responsible for giving him the green light to proceed? More of this ‘we’re all the same!’ No, we are not! I take it as an insult that I would be regarded as an equal to someone of his caliber!

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