AMERICAN NOSTALGIA: The Thrifty Wife (Early 1960s Social Guidance Film)

Everyone who sees these old films wants to go back in time.

The importance of the housewife is shown very clearly in this journey back to a simpler life, in color.

The newest automobile I spotted in this great little movie was a 62 Chevy Impala. Chevrolet must have has something to do with the production since everyone seems to be driving a Chevy.

6 thoughts on “AMERICAN NOSTALGIA: The Thrifty Wife (Early 1960s Social Guidance Film)

  1. I would personally hang or shoot every nigger, spic, jew, and any other colored mud to return the United States to those days.

  2. These Vintage films brings out the “Bi-Polar” in me. I hate them; but love them at the same time. It’s like experiencing joy and pain all in the same moment.

    I just turned 50. Some days I’m thankful I’m 50 as my time here is shorter than longer. But then I often think 50 is just too young. If things are this bad now…………..what is life going to look like for me when I’m 70? Will the white millennials have the kind of ’empathy’ for older whites as they do the non-white races? I’m healthy…………I hope it stays that way. I may be ‘fighting’ when I’m old and dying.

    • We old pale, stale, male, evil YT’s will use the last of our old man strength to go out in a blaze of glory taking as many muds and jews as possible. Better than dying in your piss-soaked bed, because your family put you in a home to be cared for by low-paid mud people who abuse/ignore you and steal your meds/property.

  3. In agreement, this video with only Impalas and Corvairs was probably made by Chevrolet, but other than that I see (((they))) were beginning a second wave feminist movement, except this one using Marxist brainwashing in the early 60’s. Most men still handled the family’s finances at that time…probably gave their wives grocery and clothing allowances. Thrifty? Yes!

    “Father Knows Best”, 1954 to 1963, portrays this very well when Mr. Anderson handled the money and made all the final decisions. Margaret, his wife, begged him for his approval at times. She had to tell the kids the answer was “no”. In other words, since father always knew best, wives never had good suggestions.

    This video portrays the time as matriarchal not patriarchal. Her husband hints at a vacation slipping her a brochure to see if there’s enough money. Take notice of the expression on his face when she looks at him as if to say “No” we don’t have enough money. That’s what women did. It shows her making all the buying choices or at least more input than what was permitted. She’s been given all the power in the family. Showing a ‘career woman’ dressed up in a suit with her own car? While there were some, it wasn’t the norm.

    This video is a deceptive portrayal of the family because this wife wasn’t working outside of the home. So males yearn for a time when wives were home having babies, taking care of the children, making meals and keeping the house clean. But, this one is so powerful she doesn’t have to put up with the nonsense of working with neurotic coworkers. She gets his paycheck and makes all the decisions for the family. Appears she answers to no one but herself. Her husband is depicted as the weakling.

    This was a time when the majority were still practicing Christians, both men and women were told by the church men were rulers of the roost and always made the final decisions.

    • Warner Brothers, always “progressive,” may have had something to with the making of the film too. I spotted one scene filmed on the Warner Brother back lot, where she goes into a bank. Humphrey Bogart robbed that bank in High Sierra, I think. Anyway, you have a keen eye for spotting cultural Marxist cues. I was just amazed at the idea that “the woman of the house” would be the restraining factor, not the factor encouraging the “man of the house” to go into debt. Debt slavery is one of our biggest problems today.

  4. The 50’s and early 60’s were probably the best times in our history and would like to have lived during that time, but only if I had the knowledge I have now.

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