Woman Dies After Being Set on Fire Two Years Ago by “Pure Evil” Boyfriend

Judy Malinowski was a mother of two. She and boyfriend Michael Slager were arguing before he doused her with an accelerant and set her afire. She suffered from burns over 80 percent of her body. It’s surprising that she lived as long as she did. She was 33.


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) — A woman left bed-ridden in a hospital after a disfiguring attack in August 2015 has died, according to her family.

Judy Malinowski was set on fire by her ex-boyfriend, Michael Slager, after a fight at a gas station in August 2015. Slager was sentenced to 11 years in prison for Felonious Assault and Aggravated Arson in December 2016.

After seeing the story, State Representative Jim Hughes introduced legislation to further punish in cases like Malinowski’s that maim or disfigure. Legislators are currently looking over a bill in the state Senate to add at least six years of jail time for anyone who uses an accelerant where the victim is permanently disfigured or disabled. The Senate is expected to vote on the bill Wednesday after it was unanimously approved by the House last month.

After the attack, Malinowski endured at least 52 surgeries. Prior to one of her operations last December, Malinowski struggled to speak to ABC 6/FOX 28 as she spoke about her suffering and desire to see “Judy’s law” through to help prevent others from a situation like hers.

The Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office has said it will seek murder charges against Slager should Malinowski die from her injuries.

Julie had a sad, tough life. According to Metro she had survived ovarian cancer. In the fire attack, which Slager denied, she lost two fingers, her ears, and most of her hair.

She called her boyfriend “pure evil.” Looking at him, I don’t doubt it. Taking on a bad boy for a boyfriend is even more dangerous than taking on a black one. Slager deserves the death penalty, carried out on a woodpile set afire by Julie’s friends and family. Then, drag him out of the fire and let him suffer.

21 thoughts on “Woman Dies After Being Set on Fire Two Years Ago by “Pure Evil” Boyfriend

  1. I also call White people shitskin when they graffiti their body with tattoos. Tattoos literally intoxicate your tissues with soft metal micro-particles. This should have been a tell-tale sign for this poor woman to stay the hell away from such animals. As a White racist/supremacist, I am much tougher on my own people than any other groups, as I have much high expectations.

    As for this particular animal, I would strap him onto a bed just like in the movie Seven, where a man is strapped onto a bed and fed intravenously in such a way that his body literally decomposes at a slow pace all the while he is still alive. It is one of the most painful way to croak.

  2. Alternatively, he could be surgically rendered deaf, dumb and blind and then left in jail, all alone, in the dark, locked inside his own evil skull, forever.

  3. Why good looking women fall for “bad boys” is something I could never understand. Too bad it cost this poor woman her life.

  4. I don’t understand the light sentences. 11 years and they are trying to add 6 more? That’s it? He should have received 40 years on a bean farm.

    This should also be an example for young women. Sometimes it isn’t always a good idea to try and get the last word. Especially if your boyfriend is a spook or a tattooed retard. I have no doubt that the notion crossed her mind after this tragedy.

      • Imo execution is what he should have been given.
        I never understand why the govt needs to waste taxpayer money on criminals. Especially when they did it on purpose with intent to maim and kill.

  5. Very sad. Gets back to a post you posted a couple of days ago regards women and civilization (see also a post, on blog Chateau Heartiste, that was posted a couple of days ago on the same topic). All women are “tetched” in the head, all of them, due to their DNA/genetics/biology. It is just their nature unique to their sex. This women would have found a nigger eventually to give her the “tingles” that women seek from bad boys. I saw this blog post title and expected to see a nigger perp, but seeing her white nigger, I was not surprised. I would have had no issue with the guy giving her a “James Bond smack” to keep her in line, but not what he did. Life is about choices. Live and die by them.

  6. If she couldn’t tell immediately that this guy was at the very least psychopathic then she must bear part blame for her decision to hook up with him. Anyone with even an iota of self preservation skills would have never gone anywhere near someone that looks like him. I know that looks can be deceptive but not in this case, I wouldn’t have given him the benefit of the doubt. I say he should be put to death in the same manner as his victim but have him suffer a little more if possible.

  7. She chose him because of his scary tatts, or in spite of them? She argued with him while he was holding the nozzle pumping fuel, I would guess.
    Never argue with a maniac holding a running fuel nozzle. Also never argue with a maniac in the kitchen when they have a sharp knife in their hand. Never argue with a maniac holding a loaded gun.
    If your other half is a maniac, why not leave, and better not to say where you are going. Run, do not walk.
    Do not date psychopaths and never invite them home.

  8. I predict that one day self service of fuel will be banned everywhere in the West. Not because of this type of incident either.
    Self service of anything means trust and responsibility. With the influx of tinted scum, this white man trust will no longer be valid.
    The good news is that jobs will be created/restored while making the community safer.

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