6 thoughts on “OUTRAGE Over White Off-Duty Cop Pinning Black Teen to the Ground for Being on His Lawn

  1. LOL
    “we weren’t tresspassing”
    Yeah i guess that guy just grabbed them off the street and pulled him half way into his yard.
    Fucking liars. The never do nuffin

    • In their feeble undeveloped minds I’m sure they didn’t consider it trespassing. The probably think that trespassing involves vandalism to property or something. The incredible stupidity of these creatures is breathtaking.

  2. 1) F*ck those niggers
    2) F*ck the kike attorney
    3) The niggers were on his private property
    4) All of the facts support the officer
    5) He acted appropriately per the circumstances. Niggers lucky they were not shot.
    6) The officer’s cuck police chief and mayor will throw him to the wolves.

  3. Update: Just watched the phone video and listened to the friend speaking Ebonics. Thought he was a jig. Turns out the friend is a white boy/whigger who is speaking ebonics. Got his ass kicked by other niggers (serves him right). Stupid whigger, of course, hanging with niggers who got him in trouble as always happens with stupid whiggers who hang with niggers.

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