Faux Rage Explodes: Cucks, Dems, Fags, et. al. Respond to Trump’s Mika Tweets

The two Trump Tweets above have set off the usual distraction by the wimps and wussies who think that the President Trump should sit idly by and take one shot after another from the left and smile about it.

Mika, a nasty looking creature even after her plastic surgery, responded by insinuating that Trump has a small d*ck.

I think she just escalated the feud.

Lindsey Graham, a closeted pole smoker, has some nerve bringing up the greatness of America. I think he meant the greatness of Israel since the Zionists have him by the yin-yangs.

Lindsey must have thought that a fag president married to a man and bathing the White House in rainbow colors every time a fag somewhere successfully reached an anal orgasm was not beneath the office.

Shouldn’t Little Lindsey be scolding Trump’s attackers, not his responses to the daily attacks that number in the thousands. Lindsey wouldn’t know a real man if one had his penis ten feet up Lindsey’s rectum. Don’t forget that among the daily attacks on Trump include insinuations that he should be assassinated.

One of the best thoughts I’ve seen about all this came from a comment on Zerohedge. He observed that in nature the aggressor sets the rules. The left is clearly the aggressor in its efforts to smear Trump and have him removed from office. These Tweets, offensive as they may be, should be viewed as a signal that Trump is going to fight and fight hard. Words are weapons. The law is a weapon. Public support is a weapon. Trump should not rule out using any weapons he has.

The lefturds are claiming that Trump should be keeping us together rather than dividing us. The Democrats claim that the attack on Mika is AN ATTACK ON ALL WOMEN. It must have hurt their feelings when Melania came out in his defense as did Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

There is no together in America. The white family has been economically exploited for at least the last 50 years, with its income being stolen in taxes to support every nonwhite enemy that could be put on welfare. Likewise, the globalist elites have tilted the economic system so that all the nations’s wealth, except for the crumbs, is ending up in their hands.

These are serious issues, all tied in with the ongoing white genocide, worldwide. It would be better to focus our energies on serious issues, but who cares if Trump takes a few minutes out of his long, busy day to defend himself.

The left isn’t backing off. He shouldn’t give them a victory by backing off either.

More Tweets:

And this from Paul Ryan:

And finally a defense:

10 thoughts on “Faux Rage Explodes: Cucks, Dems, Fags, et. al. Respond to Trump’s Mika Tweets

  1. The more (((tribalists))) attack somebody – the more genuine and truthful that person is. Trump may be the real deal.
    In the same way, any person or group banned by PayPal is likely to be telling the truth which Jews do not want you to hear. Brother Nathaniel was banned by PayPal so he is most likely not a faker as some people claim. If he was a fraud, PayPal would love to get their share of his loot. David Duke is hated by the jews.

    Has Infowars ever been banned by PayPal, or has Paul Craig Roberts? Or Mark Dice, Paul Joseph Watson, Stephen Molyneux just to name a few Jews and Jewey types that pop up here quite often.

    I do not think any group on the left is actively opposed by the jews, including antifa, Trotskyites and Marxists, nor Animal Liberationists and the most fanatical Greens. Only groups on the right are ignored and opposed and blocked at every turn. (((Kristol)) the AshenNazi pretends to be a right winger. Beware the jew on the MSM and the Internet – all of them. Beware the jew members of Congress and the Senate. They are all loyal to their favourite country – Israel.

    • Like Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, and Paul Craig Roberts, Watson, Molyneaux, Dice, and the others are more careful about how they phrase things. The latter group (Dice, Molyneaux, Watson, and Jones) are hucksters to a degree, intent on making big bucks. Even a huckster has to deliver good information, though, which is why those guys have a huge following.

      I take a pragmatic approach to who I follow. If I can learn something from somebody, I’ll listen. Duke, Brother Nate, Richard Spencer, Anglin, Pat and all the others offer some interesting insights into the news. Ann Barnhardt is another one. She loves the Jews, but she’s good on Muslims and on Pope Francis and the Catholic church. I just ignore her blind spot about Jews. Once in a while I send her a link to an article that mentions the problems with Jews.

      • Irish Savant is good and a convert to the Jew wise cause. I wonder about the greedy money makers – maybe that is their main motivation, like Alex Jones. Why follow them, donate or watch their videos when money is all they want? They may not give a shit about whites – especially those Jews talking “for” us.

      • My own criteria for judging who to feature here is based on several factors. One is whether they have name recognition, which might bring more eyeballs to this site.

        The most important is whether these alt-light people are obstructing the alt-right or whether they are attracting normies who can possibly be drawn into the alt-right. I haven’t seen any evidence that PJW, PCR, or Molyneaux (etc.) are obstructing the alt-right movement. Molyneaux’s Tweets are often featured as retweets on alt-right Twitter pages. He’s actually pretty close to alt-right. I give Cernovich little attention not because he’s a Jew (he may or may not be) or because he’s married to a nonwhite woman, but because he obstructs the alt-right. In fact, he’s the self proclaimed leader of the alt-light crowd. I put Alex Jones in the same category as Cernovich. Both of them overlap with us to a degree. But both of them create distractions. For example, Cernovich recently sponsored a rally competing with the alt-right rally in D.C. That’s obstruction.

        I don’t begrudge any of these people for trying to make money. The message we alt-right racialist types want to send out isn’t going to reach as many eyes and ears unless we acknowledge some degree of kinship with people like Dice, Molyneaux, PJW, PCR, etc.

        These are my principles that relate to cultural analysts. The big idea is that if someone is an obstructionist, then they’re out. “Conservatives” like Bill Krystal and Dinesh D’Souza, for example. If not, they’re in. Ann Coulter is in with me, but just barely. How can I be against someone who would halt all immigration to the U.S., legal and illegal.

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