Family of Elephants Die as They Walked into a Low Hanging Electrified Wire

Besides people in the West, the people of India often seem to be the only other people on earth who care for the preservation of wildlife.

I suppose it has something to do with the Hindu religion teaching that all life is sacred.

Public outrage has reportedly been growing in India over the deaths of the “jumbos” due to contact with electric wires.

These four elephants were electrocuted when they wandered into low-hanging wires surrounding a coffee farm.

The family – two adults and two juveniles – died instantly when they struck the tight wire near the plantation in the Kodagu district of south Indian state of Karnataka.

It comes after two other elephants died in similar circumstances earlier this month.

A source said: ‘The elephants which were foraging for fodder came into contact with the low-hanging wires and died on the spot.

‘While two of the elephants were adults, two appeared to be sub-adults.

‘The frequent deaths of the jumbos has angered the wildlife activists and general public alike.

‘They allege that the law makers representing the area don’t speak a word on this as these animals don’t form their vote bank.’

Locals said up to 200 elephants have been killed in this way in the last few years.

Forest department officials now plan to take up the issue with the Chamundeshwari Electricity Corporation Ltd (CESC) whi is understood to manage the wires.

Come on India. Get with it. Save the elephants. You are truly blessed by their presence, so give it all you’ve got to force your politicians to take action.

I would advise Americans to boycott Indian coffee until the problem is rectified, assuming the problem is associated with coffee plantations. I’m not sure where Indian coffee sold, but I suspect that Starbucks has it. I believe we get most of our coffee in the States from Mexico and Columbia.

5 thoughts on “Family of Elephants Die as They Walked into a Low Hanging Electrified Wire

  1. Well i can understand the outrage, even if you’re not a hindu, buddhist or whatever.
    Don’t electric fences have a lower power that’s enough to stun or make a predator or human leave, but not enough to kill them?
    At least that’s how i know they should be. Just like the electric cow fences are and other things. They don’t kill the cows.
    So the state should sue all these plantations or farms that have deadly electric fences when they shouldn’t. Otherwise even a human could die from touching it by mistake.

    • Electric fences have very high voltage and very low Amps. Eg 5000 volts. It would not kill a child or even a rabbit. Should keep out an elephant if set up correctly. But maybe not.
      Low slung uninsulated live mains wires like this would be illegal in all countries including India. Man traps have been illegal for hundreds of years.

      I hope coffee drinkers think about this crime as they enjoy their next low priced coffee grown in the Turd World. Starbucks are elephant killers!

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