Doom Off? Trump to Meet with Putin “on the sidelines” Next Week at G-20

American president Donald Trump will meet with Russian president Vladimir Putin next week.

Actually, Trump is meeting everybody at the annual G-20 meetings. He’s even spending Bastille Day in France with Emmanuel Macron. That should create some distracting headlines.

What is clear is that now that two have agreed in principle to talk to each other, the world will be watching and waiting anxiously to see if there is a new reset in world affairs, one that might lead to detente and world peace.

Disturbingly, there’s more to this story than the meeting. The (((Deep State))) is trying to sabotage the effort before it gets started.

First, the story of the meeting. Then some details on how the idea is playing out among the neocons.


US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, national security adviser H.R. McMaster has confirmed. It will be the two leaders’ first meeting since Trump’s inauguration.

Trump plans to meet with a number of world leaders, including Putin, at the Group of 20 summit, which will take place next Friday and Saturday, McMaster told reporters on Thursday.

When asked if Trump would ask Putin about alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, McMaster and economic adviser Gary Cohn said that the agenda for this and other meetings are “not finalized” yet.

“There is no specific agenda. It’s really going to be whatever the president wants to talk about,” McMaster said.

Trump intends to address both “irritants” and areas on which Washington and Moscow can work together, McMaster said. “Our relationship with Russia really isn’t different” from the United States’ relationships with other countries, he added.

Such “irritants” include disagreements over how to approach the six-year Syrian civil war, with Russia supporting the government of President Bashar Assad and the US backing anti-government rebels; Moscow’s posture towards Ukraine; and American sanctions on Russia for its alleged election interference. Trump has not officially accepted the US intelligence community’s assessment about the meddling.

On Wednesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Trump and Putin would most likely meet.

“We assume that contact will take place, since the two presidents will be at the same time in the same city, the same building, the same hall. It won’t be right, I guess, if they aren’t able to talk there and to discuss a lot of issues,” Lavrov said at a joint press conference with his German counterpart, Sigmar Gabriel, in Krasnodar, Russia.

McMaster’s confirmation comes after Moscow said that there was no sidelines meeting planned, the Washington Examiner reported.

“They will meet in any case there, on the sidelines of this summit, but no [separate] meeting is planned at the moment,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

Trump will also meet with UK Prime Minister Theresa May, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, South Korean President Moon Jae-in, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, among others. Trump and Moon are meeting at a summit in Washington this Thursday and Friday.

Before heading to the G20 meeting, Trump will travel to Warsaw, Poland, where he will deliver a speech and attend the Three Seas Initiative Summit of central and eastern European nations. That summit is designed to bolster regional trade and infrastructure. Trump is also expected to meet with Polish President Andrzej Duda.

Trump has also accepted the invitation of French President Emmanuel Macron to spend Bastille Day, France’s national holiday, in Paris on July 14, the US president announced Wednesday.

“The two leaders will further build on the strong counter-terrorism cooperation and economic partnership between the two countries, and they will discuss many other issues of mutual concern,” the White House said in a statement.

The article goes on to speculate that Trump’s state visit to Britain is probably off because of expected violent demonstrations.

A breaking news report as these words are being written explains how the so-called Russian hawks inside the White House are worried that Trump will be too eager to please Putin.

Excerpt from Politico

But many national security experts and Russia hawks inside the Trump administration are concerned that a president who has spoken for months about the prospect of a friendship with Putin might be too eager to please his strong-willed Russian counterpart.

Although Trump administration officials have condemned Putin’s behavior in several areas, from repression of domestic dissent to cyber-intrusions of U.S. voting systems, White House officials suggested Thursday that Trump had no particular plan for his meeting with Putin, a meticulously well-prepared former KGB agent.

“There’s no specific agenda. It’s really going to be whatever the president wants to talk about,” McMaster told reporters.

The White House did not detail the exact venue for the conversation. But National Economic Council director Gary Cohn told reporters at a White House briefing with McMaster that Trump would have formal sit-downs—known as “bilateral” meetings—with the leaders of the top nations represented at the annual gathering, including Russia.

A sit down with Putin would underscore Trump’s strong desire to befriend the Russian president, even at the risk of headlines sure to spotlight the multiple investigations into ties between Trump associates and the Kremlin. (Trump and the White House have denied any Russian influence over his 2016 campaign.)

While it would be hard for Trump to avoid some contact with Putin at the summit of world leaders, some U.S. officials believe he should limit any encounter with the Russian to a more casual, impromptu chat known in diplomatic terms a “pull-aside.”

“Trump has talked for months about meeting Putin. Other people in the administration are hesitant,” Graham said.

The American people elected Trump partly on the basis of his desire to create detente with Russia. The world might say a prayer that Trump is still capable of playing 8D-chess, as much to put the neocons off as to match wits with Putin.

One thought on “Doom Off? Trump to Meet with Putin “on the sidelines” Next Week at G-20

  1. They will get along famously and piss-off completely the jew-media and establishment Republicrats/Democans whose interests are served by keeping a hostile relationship with Russia.

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