A Double Dose of Styx Attacking the “Legacy” Media

Heh, heh. Trump has no qualms about using the powerful metaphor of people bleeding. I have no idea whether Mika has undergone plastic surgery, as Trump claims. She does look different. That image of her above with Morning Joe (soon to be married?) is presumably fake.

In the first video above, Styx scores some points against the failing mainstream media. He thinks that Trump has accumulated a significant amount of blackmail material to use against his enemies.

The second video starts with Trump’s Tweets about Mika, widely condemned by the slanted reporting of the MSM. The MSM is called out as obsolete, with citizen journalism (twitter, blogs, youtube, etc.) replacing the high-cost, failing legacy media.

As Styx says, when Mika has been insulting Trump for months, it’s not his style to ignore it.

One thought on “A Double Dose of Styx Attacking the “Legacy” Media

  1. Our Glorious Trumpenfuhrer has no reason to lie. A woman does not maintain the smooth facial skin as does Mika or even Melania without the aid of the nip and tuck. It is just that Mika is still a horrid hag on the inside even with a nip/tuck.

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