White Woman in Africa to Save Big Cats Uses Guard Dogs After Encountering Primitive Tribesmen


A white woman is trying to save Africa’s lions, but the local tribesmen are intent on killing the magnificent creatures.

Condensed from the BBC

Amy Dickman has had a number of narrow escapes during her years working with big cats, but her closest shave came when tackling lion-killing warriors.

It was late evening and Amy Dickman was walking through the bush to a household she suspected was celebrating a lion kill.

“It was dark but I suddenly got the feeling I was being watched,” Dickman recalls. “I was concerned that a big cat might be lying in wait.”

For a brief moment the moon appeared from behind the clouds, illuminating the landscape.

“I realised I was surrounded by young men carrying spears. Then it went dark again. I was terrified,” she says.

This was Dickman’s first encounter with warriors from the Barabaig – a community with a history of killing non-Barabaig people and still widely feared.

Amy had a moment of race realism. At least her response was correct: terror.

What they hadn’t realised was that the Barabaig were on high alert, due to a power struggle with the Maasai, with accusations of cattle rustling flying between the two sides.

After the moonlight revealed the circle of warriors with raised spears, one of Dickman’s assistants hastily called out: “We’re just doing research, there’s no problem!”

“Thankfully they realised we were bumbling around like buffoons and weren’t a threat,” Dickman says. “They agreed to come and talk to us at our camp.”

“Lions were viewed as vermin,” Dickman says.
Killing a lion provided a warrior with both wealth and status.

“We had found a lot of lion carcasses with the right paw cut off,” Dickman says.

“It turns out warriors take the central claw to the witchdoctor who agrees a price in cattle that they can collect from nearby households. They can get around 20 cattle for one lion, which is worth $4,000.”

Dickman began collecting data on the number of lion kills and was staggered by the results.

“In 2011, 37 lions were killed around just one village we were working in. That was equivalent to half the wild lions trophy-hunted across the whole of Africa in a year.”

But Dickman’s team began to make progress. They reduced attacks on livestock by reinforcing thornbush cattle enclosures with wire and introducing specially bred guard dogs.

“Dogs weren’t really valued there at the time. The idea you could train dogs was quite alien to them,” Dickman says.

“I remember telling our camp dogs to sit in Swahili while talking with some locals and the meeting ground to a halt. They wanted to know where I had got the magic dogs from, dogs that could speak Swahili.”

Wow! Africans are so primitive they don’t know that dogs can be trained to understand human speech and obey commands.

Yet, if these primitives were to make it into Europe, they would be welcomed.

They introduced a handful of Anatolian dogs, which were first bred for guarding livestock in Turkey, but had been used successfully by the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) in Namibia, where Dickman had worked for six years.

Amy Dickman seems like a nice woman, but her safety is imperiled by the African wildlife, including the two-legged variety.

She’s trying to do work that is better left to men. Am I wrong?

I fear that she will be in the news again, in the form of an obituary, killed by the primitives.

13 thoughts on “White Woman in Africa to Save Big Cats Uses Guard Dogs After Encountering Primitive Tribesmen

  1. We never should have given niggers tech or medicine… They’re only using it as far as their own small mind can comprehend – fucking like rabbits over what they can actually take care of (and then yell that they’re starving… well then why not have just 1 or 2 children instead of 6 that you can’t sustain?) and then killing everything around them with guns. And the more they are, the more they kill.

    I really love lions and other felines, just like in that last picture.

  2. “She’s trying to do work that is better left to men. Am I wrong?”

    You’re right, but if there aren’t enough men doing it, it looks like some women will step up to the plate or she just loves big cats. Africa is no place for White women traipsing around day or night. She does have assistants, but I’d like to see a husband accompany her, as well.

    She probably will end up dead, but in the meantime, she made two Cheetah pals.

    • Maybe she’s replacing a man? Just a thought. If she weren’t there, perhaps a man would be.

      In any case, I hope she’s willing to carry a gun and shoot any attacking tribesmen. The reality for her is no more pleasant that for the cats.

  3. Whenever I read on this site or some other race-realist site that we should “send them all back to the ‘muddahland'” I wonder what would happen to the the exotic African animals if we did. The world would be a poorer place without lions, elephants, giraffes, etc. On the other hand, the extinction of Zinjanthropus parvus ignoramus would be boon from Mother Nature.

    • The more blacks in the world, the more all animals are in danger. American blacks don’t treat animals well, just as their African counterparts don’t. How to protect animals from blacks is a vexing problem.

  4. I love the African bush and wildlife. But to preserve my sanity I have given up trying to save it. It’s an uphill battle and whilst I’m not a pessimist ,it’s a complete waste of time trying to induce the native to go against his nature and preserve his heritage. Won’t happen,and i won’t waste my time trying. We can only hope that wildlife refuges in white countries can preserve some of the wonderful african wildlife.

    • Hey realist I agree and often feel the same way about white people. The vast majority don’t care about the black takeover of the world, so why should I? Fighting for white people, or African wildlife, is like pushing shit uphill.

      • Yes,especially when one comes across the unbelievable stupidity of many white people. That’s why I never argue with a liberal,no matter how tempting….stuff them all,the sooner some beloved culture enricher offs them the better. We’ve got a description of low life whites here…”Waste of white skin” Appropriate too wouldn’t you say?

  5. There is a big chance she will be raped and murdered. It is when, not if. Her story is almost unbelievably naive.

    ““In 2011, 37 lions were killed around just one village we were working in. That was equivalent to half the wild lions trophy-hunted across the whole of Africa in a year.””

    Billions of people know about Cecil and the evil dentist. How many know about these 37 lions in a small area killed by bona fide spear chucking Coons? How many babies per woman, it is not in the article, as though the exploding African baby bomb is not the real problem. “Nothing to see here, move along”.

    Either civilisation wipes out Coons for ever, or Coons will wipe out civilisation for ever. Within less than one hundred years is my guess. The latter is the preferred option for most white sheep and their Jew shearers. The media is the sheepdog keeping the white sheep under control. All good. Is it?

    • We usually agree, but not this time. Her murder will be a loss to the world. Yeah, she’s flawed, but even if she only influences the tribesmen to be a little more civilized, she’s done something good.

      Spinster is a good word, by the way.

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