Vatican Cardinal Charged with Multiple Counts of Sexual Assault in Australia


A Cardinal very close to Pope Francis is accused of sexual offenses in Australia. These allegations involve crimes committed decades ago.

There apparently is no statute of limitations in Australia.

Cardinal George Pell is required to appear in court down under next month.

Fox News

The most senior Catholic in Australia has been charged with multiple, historical sexual assault offenses, Victoria State police said on Thursday.

Cardinal George Pell, the chief financial adviser for Pope Francis, is now the highest-ranking Vatican official to ever be charged as part of the church’s sexual abuse scandal. He is the third most powerful figure in the Vatican behind the Pope.

Specific details about the multiple complaints brought against Pell were not detailed by Victoria State Police Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton.

“The charges were today served on Cardinal Pell’s legal representatives in Melbourne and they have been lodged also at the Melbourne Magistrates Court. Cardinal Pell is facing multiple charges in respect of historic sexual offences,” Patton said, according to

“Historic sexual offenses,” references offenses that generally occurred some time ago.

It was previously alleged that Pell abused as many as 10 minors by “both grooming and opportunity,” reported. The alleged victims now range in age from their late 20s to early 50s.

Despite being Australia’s most senior Catholic, Pell, 76, is based in the Vatican, where he is serving as prefect of the secretariat of the economy.

Pell has repeatedly denied the abuse allegations. He’ll have to appear at the Melbourne Magistrates Court for a filing hearing on July 18.

CNN reports that Pell is inside the Vatican, which has no extradition treaty with Australia. However, Pell is expected to voluntarily return down under to face the music.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the Cardinal vigorously denies all accusations.

Although the exact nature of the allegations are not being reported, SMH does use the word “buggery” in its story, which suggests anal intercourse with a boy.

5 thoughts on “Vatican Cardinal Charged with Multiple Counts of Sexual Assault in Australia

  1. About the horrible crime of buggery. The media in Australia rarely uses this word these days and says penetration – which may be digital – oral sex on a boy is called “penetration” which is a more severe category than molesting. Maybe the court systems do not like the word buggery anymore because it sounds as though all buggers are criminals instead of lovable LGBTQUEERS. Buggery has a biblical sound about it and anything biblical is not popular in the (((MSM))).
    For a hundred years or more buggery has been a common slang word in Australia with no sexual content. E.g. “it is as hot as buggery today” or “I am as tired as buggery” or “I’m buggered if I know”. “Gday you old bugger” is not an insult. “Get buggered” is an insult, as is “bugger off”.

    There is no statute of limitation on sex assaults and molesting of children, also murder and some other serious crimes. As in other countries, crimes have varying statues of limitations. Say a car theft or pickpocketing for example, or a punching type assault or rape of an adult.

    Cardinal Pell was actively involved in covering up sex crimes of other priests and protecting them. This came out in a Royal Commission in Australia and the (((press))) widely covered it.

    Catholic priests can not marry. A lot of homos and pedos knowingly join the Church as priests. Then they lecture their flock on not sinning. Supposedly the priest just has to repent and God will forgive. I think this forgiveness most unlikely for priests who bugger little boys. Thus, these guilty priests do not believe in God or Heaven or Hell, in my opinion. In the same way, many of the Old Bolsheviks would not have believed in actual Communism, before or after the Revolution.

  2. There is a sub-story here, which may or may not be relevant. Pell is an old-style Catholic conservative (yeah I know, feeling the boys up in the pool at Ballarat and waving his dick around the changing rooms with the kids on the Bellarine Peninsula is hardly conservative), but in Pope Francine’s world he’s none too popular, and he has by many accounts been watching the Vatican finances pretty closely which many Masonic types on the inside wouldn’t like. Up to now he’s been sort-of sheltered in the Vatican even though he was wanted back home to attend a then-running Royal Commission on institutional child abuse responses. He never came back for that, but this changes things, being actual charges, and gives his enemies in the Vatican political cover to be rid of him.

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