Law School Report Shows Black Girls Viewed as ‘Less Innocent’ Than Whites

Violent, smart-mouthed, twerking black girls are seen as “less innocent” than white girls their age?

Uh, yes.

So what’s the problem.


Well, sometimes stereotypes are true.

So what’s the problem with the truth?

It’s racist?

You just lost me.


A new report released by the Georgetown University Law Center addresses stereotypes imposed on young black girls, and how they may be related to how they face disproportionate discipline from schools and the criminal justice system compared to whites girls. The report analyzed the results of a survey, which showed that participants viewed black girls as older, more sexualized, and as a result, “less innocent” than whites in the same age group.

The “adultification” of young black girls could be an explanation for troubling statistics that show how they face different treatment than white girls, the report says. For example, it says, “black girls are five times more likely to be suspended [from school] … nearly three times as likely to be referred to the juvenile justice system … 20% more likely to be charged with a crime” than white girls. Additionally, they are less likely than white girls to receive benefits from prosecutorial discretion.

The survey involved responses to questions from 325 participants, 74% of whom were white, and 62% female.

The report used research from a 2014 study about perception of black boys as a launching point, and then similarly studied the data on girls. The 2014 study showed that from the time black boys reach the age of 10, they’re more likely to bee seen as older, as well as viewed as guilty of crimes for which they’re suspects.

“This new evidence of what we call the ‘adultification’ of black girls may help explain why black girls in America are disciplined much more often and more severely than white girls – across our schools and in our juvenile justice system,” said Rebecca Epstein, lead author of the report and executive director of Georgetown’s Center on Poverty and Inequality.

Jamilia Blake, coauthor of the report and an associate professor at Texas A&M University, said, “We urge legislators, advocates and policymakers to examine the disparities that exist for black girls in the education and juvenile justice systems and to pursue reforms that preserve childhood for all.”

I’ve read that blacks mature faster than whites. Certainly, in their households there’s rarely a good role model.

So, we get this:


More. This one a tree year old.

7 thoughts on “Law School Report Shows Black Girls Viewed as ‘Less Innocent’ Than Whites

  1. Not only are the little negresses hyper sexualized, aggressive and, in many cases, violent, this behavior is rubbing off on whites that are forced to go to school with them. My kids are home schooled. I can see the stark contrast between my kids and their government raised friends. Their friends have language development issues, lack of ability to concentrate, lack of creativity, the need to be constantly “entertained ” , poor manners, lack of respect for adults, I could go on. Black children don’t mature intellectually faster than whites, only physically. They may reach their intellectual peak sooner than whites, but when that happens somewhere between the age of 12 and 15, there’s obviously a big problem.

    • Bingo! Bump! Absolutely correct.

      Simply being around the inferior races brings whites down to their level far too often. It’s sad to think of all the whites being “Negrofied” by having to go to public school.

    • This is precisely correct ; I have a good friend who had his kids in private school until whack job [now] exwife decided she wasnt being fulfilled and was being oppressed [or something else she saw on oprah] and divorced him for no other reason. The divorce was messy, nearly bankrupting the man and the loony wench too…sooooo…off the kids go to public indoctrination centers. Its amazing. These were WAY above average kids in actions and intelligence, mature, talented, respectful. Within a year of pubic fools, they became a real pain in the posterior. No other changes – well, except the stress of the divorce – than public school and its horrible influence from both the ‘teachers’ and the culturally diverse student body.
      The boy is too far gone I fear; he quickly picked up a new ‘best friend’ that is african because the tv told him it was cool, and is acting just like his buddy. Hes in trouble, curses like a sailor, grades thru the floor etc. The girl may make it I hope…Ive even offered to help pay tuition for her to get her out of there, but every time some progress is made, the ‘mother’ decides she needs more money from my buddy and sues him again. She seldom wins, but the lawyers get rich and he can barely pay his bills. This has been going on for 5 years now…

      Bless you Ray for caring about your children!

      • Thanks for saying so. It’s been hard ( I work minimally 60 hours a week and have gone weeks without a day off), but well worth it. I see my friends literally losing their kids( from a family bond standpoint) before the age of ten due to lack of family structure and quality time spent together. Those are critical years to lay a moral and philosophical foundation. Public school fucks that up beyond repair in most cases. Fortunately, I’m self employed and my wife handles the education. I feel for parents that want to do it, but can’t. Especially divorced dads. I hope for the best for your friend and his children.

  2. Some jew law-school created a report that concluded something that our fore-fathers could have told us 300 years ago. My first exposure to negresses was in the seventh grade in the early 70’s when I got bused to a school that was 80% monkoids. That is where I started my journey to hate the negro and embrace white supremacy/superiority.

    • Familiarity with them certainly breeds contempt for them. They are like the monkeys in the zoo. They’re just a horrible race that no one likes very much. Asians, I think, are more likely than whites to tell the truth about their feelings about the nogs. At least, the Asians I knew were quite willing to say that they didn’t like blacks.

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