Chaos erupts after a brawl broke out at Westfield Mall in San Francisco (Video)

Not a white person in sight anywhere. Blacks are mall killers. No wonder people shop online now.

Published on Jun 26, 2017

A mall in downtown San Francisco was temporarily put on lockdown Sunday evening following a massive brawl that left a police officer injured and several people detained.

The San Francisco Police Department received multiple 911 calls at around 6.43pm about a violent melee at Westfield Mall located at Market and Fifth streets.

Cellphone videos recorded by bystanders at the scene and later shared on social media captured people running in panic and screaming inside the mall crammed with shoppers and dozens of responding police officers.

The comments on youtube would like to see the Negro sent back to Africa. Race realism is strong at youtube.

8 thoughts on “Chaos erupts after a brawl broke out at Westfield Mall in San Francisco (Video)

  1. Been’s like Africa meets South America, meets Asia,meets Mexico ..with a sprinkling of old communist JUs …

    • SF is on a “fault zone” in more ways than one. Tectonic shifts in demography while the earths plates far beneath us groan and keep on moving. With luck, SF and LA will both disappear due to natural forces. Hollywood might go down in fire, brimstone and treacle.

  2. Whiteopia – not. Standing on a table leading the Coons was what looked like a white wigger.

    Westfield is controlled by an Australian Jew billionaire, a very old guy named Frank Lowy who even claims to be a holohoax survivor – there are so many of them! (((Dr Frankenstein))) built his monster – too big by far – and the monster destroyed him.
    Multicultism is the monster today and the (((Frankensteins))) built it – and feminism and many other society wrecking monsters. Immigration of Coons from Africa will destroy the Westfield business – not this year but within a few decades. Maybe Lowy needs some Lucky Larry insurance ideas.

    • Lowy was actually partnered with Lucky Larry back in the day, and also raked in the (US)$ when the inurance was claimed (twice).

  3. What I’ve noticed in my travels in African countries,is that where the government provides some sort of benefits and protection to its people,the blacks are violent with a sense of entitlement,and woe betide if the government fails or is late in giving out those benefits. Take South Africa…nasty,violent ,lazy,dangerously half educated monsters always ready to riot against any perceived slight. Yet next door in Zimbabwe,pleasant,non violent and reasonably hard working and well educated who hardly ever demonstrate,never mind riot.And in Zimbabwe you shift for yourself. There’s no state handout whatsoever. If you don’t get off yr arse,you starve. It also helps when the state is iron fisted. No one dares put one foot wrong!!Try that in the US..I guarantee you that after the first outrage dies out you will have a very well behaved black society willing to do any job available to provide for themselves,desperate to get an education to lift themselves up,meek as mice and terrified to offend the law/state. Until the US does that,that scourge of black violence and indolence will never change.

  4. Good to hear that there will jew share-holders who lose money due to their monkoid pets chimping-out in their malls. Westfield runs malls all over the U.S. Want to revive malls?– deport or exterminate all niggers and non-Caucasians in the U.S. Simple final solution.

  5. This shit is never ending story …
    There is no quick and easy solution to this problem. The ONLY solution is in following next steps

    1. DEMARCATE functioning Blacks from Niggers
    2. Niggers should be SEGREGATED IMMEDIATELY and kept isolated in existing Ghettos.
    3. No welfare for NEVER EMPLOYED single Nigger-mothers
    4. No welfare for single Black-mothers with more than ONE infant
    5. Financial incentives to Black families with ONLY ONE offspring
    6. Comprehensive and mandatory sterilization for ALL CRIMINAL worthless and Jobless Ghetto Niggers
    7. All sterilized Niggers should be removed from society in designated GUARDED zones and left there on their own with minimal support
    8. Criminalize transracial marriages and adoptions
    9. Support for old NON CRIMINAL Blacks should remain until their end
    10. America had been created by Europeans and BUILT by Americans of European descent, with purpose to REMAIN their home. This status should be REINSTATED.
    11. Off course – TOTAL BAN on MUSLIM IMMIGRATION.

    It’s ONLY this way … or White America going Highway…

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