Does Briffault’s Law Explain the West’s Woes?

Whatever happened to the “honest digger?”

You know, the female of the species who honestly “digs” men and demands nothing in return from a man but his company.

Lots of guys want a wife or girlfriend, but can’t find one. Others have grown so weary of the hunt, they’ve dropped out, joining other men in the MGTOW movement (Men Going Their Own Way).

The white race isn’t replacing itself, so eventually it will go extinct. That’s an existential crisis for the West.

Psychology Today

Briffault’s Law: Women Rule
Why can’t a woman be more like a man?
Posted Oct 31, 2016

Briffault’s law maintains that “the female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.” Today we would say “relationship” rather than “association.”

For this bit of wisdom we have Robert Briffault (1876-1948), an English surgeon, anthropologist, and author, to thank. I do not present Briffault’s law as fact, nor do I dismiss it as fiction. It is something to think about – and Briffault gives us even more to ponder. Read on.

We already know, of course, that women wield the ultimate veto power in the mating game. It is women who give thumbs-up or thumbs-down to any advances or proposals from men. Briffault embellishes this truism by asserting that intimate relationships between men and women result from a calculated cost/benefit analysis by women. Will she or won’t she acquire a net gain from any relationship with the man? This does not necessarily mean monetary gain, although it might. Other types of gain might be social status, sexual compatibility, anticipated future happiness, emotional security, and the male’s capacity for fatherhood. Men, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Briffault continues with these three corollaries to his law:

Even though a woman has accrued past benefits from her relationship with a man, this is no guarantee of her continuing the relationship with him. (Translation: What have you done for me lately?)

If a woman promises a man to continue her relationship with him in the future in exchange for a benefit received from him today, her promise becomes null and void as soon as the benefit is rendered. (“I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.“)

A man’s promise of a future benefit has limited ability to secure a continuing relationship with a woman, and his promise carries weight with her only to the extent that the woman’s wait for the benefit is short and to the extent that she trusts him to keep his promise.

In economics there is the concept of diminishing marginal utility: The benefit derived from a product lessens with each successive unit consumed. Consider an all-you-can-eat buffet. If you arrive hungry, the first plate from the buffet provides 100% utility in satisfying your hunger. The second plate provides less utility, although you still may be a bit hungry when you begin filling the second plate. But by the time you’re eaten the second plate, you are no longer hungry. If you return to the buffet for a third plate, you will probably feel overstuffed after eating it. In terms of utility you are now in negative territory.

If we accept Briffault’s law at face value, women derive diminishing marginal utility from their relationships with men after acquiring the desired benefits. That Briffault – what a romantic!

Wikipedia page on Robert Briffault

I once had a young female compliment me: “You’re 51 percent manhood, 49 percent sensitivity.”

Manhood attracts, I think. But in light of Briffault’s Law is manhood enough to keep them around?

26 thoughts on “Does Briffault’s Law Explain the West’s Woes?

  1. Go to the manosphere blog, Chateau Heartiste. It has a blog post from yesterday regards this same issue– unrestrained women are prone/programmed to cause strife amongst men and endanger civilization. Even the Bible states this upon God’s evicting Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. Simply stated, women are big trouble unless properly controlled/restrained.

      • Germanic Slav, why are you on a blog which is a forum for race/jew-realists and realism in general, to include women? It is like having a nagging house-wife. Wait, are you on medication for manic-depression or schizophrenia? No shame in it. My mother has manic-depression and was always a bitter, unpleasant person. Now, she has Alzheimer’s which is not pleasant in itself, but it has quieted down her bitterness.

  2. I think the law is good BUT we have to think in more terms than purely economical imo.
    This new thing with feminists and superficiality and materialism is a pretty new thing.
    Before, if say a woman and man were married for 10-20 years, then the woman got older and less good looking, while she had a man who a) had a job and money b) gave her love and children (which is rather instinctual for women) and c) had a stable relationship, knows she can trust him, satisfies her security needs. The last part matters a lot in her old age, but also in her younger years because from i have noticed is that a lot of women don’t really have good friends. Yeah they hang out and stuff, but don’t really help each-other in need. Not all of them, but most of them. Having a relationship with a good male partner basically means that she can fill out those needs as well. Security needs so to speak.
    Now, (((feminists and mass media))) teach women and men (because really a lot of them act the same, it shouldn’t be excusable on either part) to just sleep around and not care much for love or family, to only care about their careers and have a superficial and materialistic look on life.
    What this leads to is exactly how the law is explained, purely in materialistic terms, which works for our current situation, but just analyzes the effects and not the causes.
    So in the end, instead of people relying on a,b and c to form their relationships, they end up relying mostly on a) and another part that mostly happens only in the beginning of a relationship, lust. But that will pass in a few years and then they end up with a loose foundation.
    If b and c are missing, then you end up with a house that doesn’t have any foundation or walls, only some support beams and a roof laced with gold. It will still stand if there are a few mild rains, but once there’s a heavier pour or winter comes, you’re fucked.

    • Some girls will try to get you to fight another man. I knew I had a good girlfriend once when she tried to get me to avoid responding to a nut job guy who was acting drunk and hostile.

      I mention this as being an example of a sign that I think signifies a girl really into you.

      I had another girl, a weirdo, who wanted me to get involved in some kind of bizarre threesome with another male. No thanks.

  3. Just here, you don’t know how right you are. I see it everyday in some of my friends. They are sad and lonely now after having lived as a man. By that, I mean, going thru relationships and getting rid of a lot of good men who would have stood by them. I tried to tell them that there is not a perfect man out there, everyone has flaws (some are worse than others) including themselves. But a lot of them think, or thought, that they deserved, DESERVED, mind you, a perfect man. Well sorry, you are lonely now and your looks have faded, as everyone’s does with age (mine have LOL).
    I love White men. They are the greatest thing in the whole world. My husband doesn’t like me seeing these women but I try to influence them positively and really, they are the only friends I have. Thank the Lord that he sent me a good one. A king among men. I try to treat him kingly every day. Thank God, I didn’t fall into the same trap I see other women struggling with. I know I don’t deserve my husband (although I do try).
    You know what else? I won’t reveal my age but I’m no spring chicken. When I entered menopause (I know, don’t laugh) I had the hardest time of my life. Besides the physical changes that we deal with, the mental ones seem to be the ones that break marriages. I turned ugly and hostile to everyone around me. Looking back, I don’t know how my man put up with me, most of the time I couldn’t stand myself. Since we had many years of marriage behind us we withstood. My husband told me, “you changed so much that I didn’t even know you. I didn’t want to come home from work. I knew this was not you but could not help”. What an eye-opener! I don’t think we would have made it thru my menopause had we not had a strong foundation under us, but it shook us, that’s for sure. Sometimes women are so stupid.

  4. I think this guy is right. It works in the wild world. There are very few or no grannies and grandpas in a lion pack, or gorilla family. The old and thus useless females and males are dead. They are not worth feeding. Human nomads also ditch elderly people who cannot keep up. They abandon them tenderly at a river crossing or some such difficult place, and the old person dies and is eaten by wild animals. That is the real world – trying to save the old person might endanger the lives of the whole group and their herds.

    In the same way a man who has put his assets in his wife’s name is waiting for the bullet, or the shyster lawyer, to put him out of his misery.
    Alfred Hitchcock spotted this, as did Roald Dahl.

    In Australia a great many women ditch their husbands as soon as the kids grow up. Many others do it earlier so they can cash in on Govt benefits plus the father must pay through the nose, plus a bigger share of joint assets. The Govt rewards women who divorce early.
    Another common strategy is to marry a real man, have kids, and then ditch him for a softy to grow old with and to boss around. My mother did this and maybe my wife did this as well. The softy got thrown overboard not long after losing his job. I also was ditched within one week of being made redundant. Feminists say women are not motivated by mens money and income? “What have you done for me lately?” is very true – never mind the previous 25 years or more!

    Re modern women’s morals, they walk around with an ATM between their legs and some are not afraid to use it. One way, or the other, men mostly pay for sex.

    • Here locally, for many of the desirable girls the first husband is an ex high school football hero. After the divorce, she takes the kids and pairs off with someone like me, if he’ll let her. I always said no thanks to that type of offer.

      In other words, first marriage for love, second marriage for money and status.

      • The blacks are procreating like wildfire. Because their grandmothers look after the kids while mom and dad work. Same applies for Mexicans. Elderly are a big part of the social network.

        With you comparing whites to gorillas, no wonder we are dying.

      • Germanic Slav you break the rules of this site time and time again. You speak garbage. I never compared whites to gorillas. I mentioned human nomads, almost all of whom happen to be dark skinned. What makes you think the Abos are white? I never mentioned the colour of skin of anybody in my entire comment.

        Paladin you allow a tiny number of people like GS to insult other posters.

        As usual my post was ion topic. As usual the German Slave post was off topic. You as usual missed the point of the arrticle and your comment about grandmothers of Coons is in no way related to whether this Briffaults law is correct or not.

        You miss the point completely, which is the claim that women use men and ditch them the instant they can get a better offer. Maybe you have done this and it makes you angry to be exposed?

  5. I firmly believe in this law BUT there are other issues that touch on it and influence it more than is mentioned. Women in general fall for social pressure much more easily when it comes to emotional ideas and/or situations than men do. In days past what gains Women expected from a relationship could be more easily met by average Men than what is fed to Women today as normal. This causes Women to become much more disillusioned with relationships and gives them a huge support group, or again the illusion of one anyway which makes them more willing to break off any relationship the minute it becomes stale or requires work or hits a rocky spot.

    Secondly so very many things Men provided that benefited Women in the past are now taken over by society and the government. Top of this list is security but there are many other things. Women lose a lot of strength in their older age while most men can continue to be at least useful around a household well into their 80’s. These days government welfare in the form of pensions and such means old Women can just hire some young guy to do things for her.

    Thirdly there is mass immigration. No one talks about it but the base social value of Women has been climbing quickly over the last few decades because we are letting in so very many Male immigrants. Even average Women now are socially worth much more than they traditionally have been and don’t ever forget they know it too. Even if these Women have no desire to Mud-Shark they know every Male let in (Of which 90% of Immigrants into the US are Male) increases their own social value by a good bit.

    • The point about excessive males has always been very true here locally. The military has five bases, plus add in all the illegals and you have a big imbalance between the sexes. The Mexican male is also highly aggressive in going after women.

      Regarding your first point, women often have jealous friends who advise them to find a new boyfriend or husband. Misery loves company I guess and the friends are quick on the trigger to say, “Leave him.” The Church used to discourage divorce more strongly than it does today. That’s another factor.

  6. I can’t relate at all to this law and glad I don’t want to.

    This is how it used to be:

    Whatever you give a women she will make it greater!

    If you give her a house, she will give you a home
    • If you give her groceries she will give you a meal
    • If you give her a sperm, she will give you a baby
    • If you give her a smile, she will give you her heart
    Whatever you give her, she multiplies and enlarges it!

    So if you give her any crap … be ready to receive a ton of sh*t!


    • “be ready to receive a ton of sh*t!”
      This one is true, especially if the guy is nice and kind and tries to please the woman.
      If you give her a house, she will keep it and not thank you
      • If you give her groceries she will say nothing
      • If you give her a sperm, she will have an abortion
      • If you give her a smile, she will ask what secret you are trying to hide from her
      Whatever small blame or criticism you give her, she multiplies and enlarges it!

  7. So if you all know so much about women, why are you on this blog?

    It’s about the West’s obsession with status and things like $, looks, etc.

    Even some made some comment earlier about women ‘getting less goodlooking’ with age. Because like men age so well

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