White “Donut Boy” Traveling Cross Country to Give Cops Free Donuts


Well, this should enrage Black Lives Matter.

Donut Boy must watch his back at all times. If he attends a public school that has blacks enrolled, he really is in some danger.

Some causes are better left to adults. While many people may appreciate the youngster’s efforts to thank a cop, police officers are paid reasonably well to “protect and serve.” They can afford to buy their own donuts.


STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — When nine-year-old Tyler Carach of Florida saw police officers in his local store, he purchased mini donuts for them to show his appreciation for their hard work.

After he left the store, Tyler asked his mother Sheena if he could thank every cop in the United States by giving out donuts. Tyler would soon be known by police departments across the country as “Donut Boy.”

“They keep us safe,” Tyler said. “They’re my best friends and they need to be reminded that we still care.”

Tyler and his family are embarking on a six-week trip to donate donuts to several police departments, including the New York Police Department.

The Carach family will be staying with friends on Staten Island and will be handing out donuts to officers at an event on each borough. Their first event will be held on Staten Island on July 17.

“We know for sure we already have 5000 for NYPD donated by Dunkin’ Donuts and 25 dozen donated by The Donut Pub,” Sheena Carach said.

Tyler first started thanking cops with donuts last August and has already donated more than 6,000 donuts. He hopes to donate more than 10,000 donuts by the end of his six-week trip.

Tyler also hopes his trip will add more police department patches and challenge coins — carried by police officers to keep the oath to uphold the law — to his growing collection.


Read more about challenge coins at Wikipedia.

2 thoughts on “White “Donut Boy” Traveling Cross Country to Give Cops Free Donuts

  1. If you check out the huge guts on many cops, they need an apple each – not more donuts and coffee.
    Donuts are not food.
    Crikey, I have not eaten a donut in decades.

  2. From one of the coins, not all visible. John 15:13.
    “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”
    This has been bastardized by war mongers to “lay down his life for his country”.
    Usually big war memorials use the fake one. I have only seen the real quote on a tiny war memorial. At a local tram depot now bus depot – and yes the memorial has disappeared from public view.
    I suppose I am thus not a nationalist, so the lefties cannot call me a White Nationalist.
    I am a White Friendist.
    Whites are the best and strongest race due to this willing self-sacrifice. No black or Muslim could sit in a cold, wet trench for 4 years with bombs and bullets whizzing 24 hours a day. Then walk in to machine gun fire when ordered to do so by homicidal generals. Only whites can endure the unendurable.
    One day, white man heroism will be used to wipe out most of the worlds dark skinned folks – I hope.

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