Waitress Puts Hot Dog in Her Vagina Before Serving It

A story about why I eat at home.

At least our waitress didn’t insert the hot dog up her anus. Thank God for small favors, eh?

I wonder if there’s a racial motive involved. The waitress appears to be Hispanic. I say that based upon living in a heavily Hispanic area populated with many light-skinned Latinos. Her skinny calves, large upper body, and black pony tail are trademarks among the local Mexican women.

Blacks are known for not tipping. Perhaps she was getting some revenge on a black family before they stiffed her with the lack of tip. My former Mexican girlfriend was a waitress. She told me that the cooks liked to spit in the black customer’s food.

The Sun

THIS is the moment a restaurant worker appears to take a customer’s hot dog sausage and insert it into her privates before serving it up.

CCTV footage shows what appears to be a waitress alone in the kitchen after a chef has made a hot dog – but what happens next is shocking.

After another colleague leaves she can be seen taking the sausage out of the bun and then pushing it into her vagina.

The unverified video has appeared on Live Leak, but offers very little by explanation, prompting some to wonder if it’s real.

The post wrote: “Security camera footage shows waitress lift up her skirt, pull her panties aside, and insert a customer’s hot dog in and out of her p**** before cheerfully putting it back on the plate to serve.”

Watch as an evil woman breaks the law.

16 thoughts on “Waitress Puts Hot Dog in Her Vagina Before Serving It

  1. In Eastern Europe, especially remote Russian villages, there were/are many superstitions, traditions and many witches. The witches were not burned as in the West, but highly sought after for advice as to how to snare a man. In some cases this would include sneaking some menstrual blood in to the mans drink.
    It sounds a lot like Africa and maybe this woman is doing such a thing. She might have the hots for the guy and is sending him some major pheromone dosages. Plus some Herpes.
    A butterfly can whiff the female butterfly who is horny from 2 miles away. Humans are not so smart. She should have left off the tomato sauce.
    Male baboons and chimps are also weak on detecting female ovulation, They need a vagina looking like a London bus before they wake up to the fact it is shagging time.
    For male humans it is even harder due to clothes and bright red lipstick and other makeup.

    • Somewhere there is a male who performs oral sex on her, consuming her vaginal fluids. I’m sure he would enjoy a “ketchup” dipped hotdog, but for the rest of us males who are not volunteering to be guinea pigs for her test kitchen, there’s some things we care not to eat.

  2. I wound up temporarily working in an Occult / Metaphysical Bookstore. I learned a lot & it was a BIG eye opener. There is a “SEX SPELL” that calls for a woman to masturbate & get her fluid on a “sausage” then have the man you “want” eat it. It was a White American Woman & White American Man who ran the store. Most of their customers were either Hispanic or Black. I was AMAZED by the number of Seemingly Normal Looking White Americans who went into the store for their “Spells.” I thought to myself- I’ve been around these people my whole life- I never knew how Sick, Weird & Widespread ‘OCCULT & Dark Magic” were in America.

  3. The racist undertones of this article is appalling. Going out of your way to convince readers that this waitress could not have been a white person; Hispanics according to you are the only human beings with that body type; and black people are awful tippers. Why even mention race?!?!? This was a disgusting act. Period.

  4. Well the facts of the story is. . The Woman was White and the customer was Hispanic man by the name Torres.
    He was said to have been rude to her so she retaliated.
    That’s what happened. . and your hatred for Black People is obvious. . What happened ? What’s the reason for all the underlined hate and racial tones in your lame article ? What wrong.. did a Mandingo Warrior stick you Girl , Sister, or Mother with his long black spear ?

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