Outrageous! American Patriot Arrested in Canada for Smuggling “Hate Speech” on His iPad


An American visiting Canada in order to deliver a well-reasoned speech about Islamic terrorism was arrested prior to the speech for having “hate speech” on his iPad.

Obviously, Canadian police knew he was coming and targeted him.

That’s outrageous.


Wild Bill for America, also known as William Finlay, a popular author and speaker, was arrested today, June 24, 2017, at a Canadian airport for “smuggling hate speech” on his iPad. He was invited to speak at an event at Calgary’s Olympic Plaza called the “Patriotic Unity Mega Festival” coordinated by Cananda’s Worldwide Coaliation Against Islam (WCAI) which also has organizations in Europe and Australia.

A special event permit for the event was denied by Calgary’s Department of Canadian Recreation, according to an article by CBC News, “on the basis that your organization, and messages it espouses, are hateful.” But event spokesman, Jeremy Phillips, responded on FaceBook “We are going to march downtown and show the biased city officials that we will not be silenced. It’s all about standing up for our rights and freedoms. We are not interested in a violent confrontation or anything like that. It’s all about having a peaceful protest.”

News of William Finlay’s arrest was relayed to friends via text message, including Joe Dan Gorman of the Intellectual Froglegs show. The text read “Was arrested at the airport for ‘smuggling hate speech’ on my iPad. Don’t know how this is going to turn out… really appreciate prayers and support of my friends.”

Adriennes Catholic Corner published the following:

From my friend Don Bradway on Facebook:

My good friend, Bill (Wild Bill for America) Finlay has been arrested at the airport in Calgary, Canada because he had “smuggled” so-called “hate speech” on his iPad! Bill went to speak at the WCAI (Worldwide Coalition Against Islam) anti-Islam event, by invitation. Bill is asking for our prayers and that we “rally the troops” in his defense! Many of his supporters, yours truly included, warned him of this possibility but he felt he was called to speak out against the violence Islam is bringing to our world and to speak the word of Christian truth to the Canadians. For those who don’t know, Canada recently passed a national law prohibiting any anti-Islam speaking or written material. So much for “free speech” up north.
I just spoke with the Calgary PD and they said Bill can call an attorney up there and they’d give him a list of names

An update reports that Wild Bill is safely back in America after Canada kicked him out.

Wild Bill is seen in the video below delivering a speech that he says he was going to deliver in Canada. You can decide if it’s “hate speech.” It’s well worth watching to see how an ordinary American patriot expresses himself about the truth. No cursing!

The video sounds like a realistic assessment of Islamic jihadism to me.

Justin Trudeau, Canada’s leader, is a loser that is going to get thousands of Canadians killed by his weakness on Muslim terrorism.

7 thoughts on “Outrageous! American Patriot Arrested in Canada for Smuggling “Hate Speech” on His iPad

  1. “Hate speech” laws exist only to silence those who protest foreign and domestic policy that is being forced upon us by a small minority that did not ask us if we wanted it.

  2. “I just spoke with the Calgary PD and they said Bill can call an attorney up there and they’d give him a list of names”………..
    Shyster crooks such as Goldman, Goldstein, Silverberg, Silverstein, Shekelstein, Finkelstein and Jones (sic). The cops get kickbacks, no?

    Probably every second laptop at any airport would contain “hate speech”. This of course includes other people’s ideas and writings, not just one’s own ideas.

    He is perhaps lucky he was not arrested at the rally. That would have been real hate speech as made in to law by Canadas Jew bosses. How any individual could be convicted for such material carried on a laptop or in a book is beyond me. It is private – between the owner and his book or laptop – he is not speaking to anyone or sharing his ideas with anyone at the airport. What if he was carrying a copy of Mein Kampf, which is legal in most countries with hate speech laws? Maybe a DVD of “Triumph of the Will” (1935), also legal.

  3. Notice its OK to denigrate Christianity up there, in fact its government policy. But jews or their foot soldier muslims…uh uh.

    Free speech is dead.

    canada is a cesspool, with beautiful scenery. Their version of the ‘supreme court’ has stated plainly that ‘Truth is NO defence”!!! Build a wall on the northern side too.

  4. Watch these two great movies on YouTube. “Jud Suss” and “The Eternal Jew”.
    Jud Suss is a quality movie which tells the truth as to how Jews get rich while bleeding a community to death.
    Just as with the federal reserve – they get their fingers in to the taxation pie – keeping all of it, and doubling taxes. While lending at interest to the King or Sovereign or USA Government.

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