Graph Shows America’s Most Dangerous Cities

Hmmm. I think I detect a certain common factor in the most dangerous American cities.

If you’re a tourist coming to America, please be very careful in any of these places. Learn more about places to avoid. Or as we say in America: Avoid the groid.

There’s more discussion of the graph at the source, Zerohedge.

One thought on “Graph Shows America’s Most Dangerous Cities

  1. There are no whiteopias on the list.

    The cities in the former Confederate States seem to be underachieving in the murder competition. Why is it so, as (((Julius Sumner Miller))) used to say?
    New Orleans seems to be an anomaly. Are there a lot of Carob Bean rainbow blacks there by any chance and other ferried in foreign black scum? Are these murders related to Floridas easy laws on addictive prescription painkillers. Or, illegal drugs and criminals connected to the import trade?

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