White Woman and Teen Daughter Beaten by Negro Couple Over Chicken Order

Blacks brain structure developed in such a way that they lack self-control. Many of them are brutalized by their own parents as they grow up.

White people, heed this warning. Do not argue with blacks unless you’ve got Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson around to help you make your points. Otherwise, call the police.


BAXLEY, Ga. – Police are hoping surveillance video that captured a violent attack will help them find the people responsible.

Video obtained by Channel 2 Action News shows a restaurant owner and her teenage daughter beaten by two customers. It happened Thursday afternoon in Baxley, Georgia.

The victims told police the suspects were unhappy with their order. The verbal argument turned violent when one of the suspects began punching the restaurant owner repeatedly.

When the victim’s teenage daughter came out of the car to break up the fight, the male suspect punched her in the face.

Baxley police have issued warrants for the suspects, Nathaniel Smith and Latasha Smith, according to our ABC affiliate in Savannah WJCL. The pair could be charged with aggravated battery and cruelty to children.

The suspects drove away from the restaurant in a cream or tan Cadillac Escalade with tag number REU8495. Officials say they headed north on Highway 144.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Baxley Police Department at 912-367-8305 or the 911 call center at 912-367-8111

CBS News offers additional details:

Jeanette Norris, owner of the Qwik Chik restaurant in Baxley, Georgia, said the attack happened Thursday after a couple complained about their order of chicken being cold. After a few minutes of arguing back-and-forth, Norris said she refunded their money — but this did not satisfy the customers.

“She went berserk,” Norris told WTOC-TV. “They both lost it, him and her both started cussing and beating on the window.”

Norris confronted the couple outside, telling them she had called the police, but the female customer began striking her.

Norris’s daughter then exited a truck to help when the male customer punched the teenager in the face.

From the comments section at CBS:

Disgusting black pieces ofshit! You know their mama taught them that whitey owes them because their ancestors were slaves, so don’t take noshit from whitey. If they give you cold chicken, beat the living crap out of them. You might get busted, but if you sue for whatever, the morons that run the city will eventually settle and you will get a cool couple of million, because whitey owes yaz! You’z a big god, so even ifs a young girl give youshit, teach her what a strong black god like yous can do, son. Dontchu take noshit from whitey!

Which stereotype should we emphasize here?: !) Blacks are violent 2) Blacks hate whites? 3) Blacks wear hood/thug clothes or 4) Blacks love themselves some chicken.?

All apply here. Don’t let your guard down around theses animals…..

Growing up in the Hood for 20 years with Black mother fvckers like these two animalistic bastards, I learned that when they start getting upset, talking loud over stupid sh1t like this and keep running their big mouths get ready to bust them in their jaws. Hit them with anything you can grab, stab or shoot their asses once they try to attack you. Fight back hard no matter what. Don’t ever let them mess you up and get away with it. That is the only thing they understand. You can’t reason with retards and wild animals.

STANLEYBOO 8 hours ago
Learn how to run a restaurant folks! You can’t serve cold chicken and then argue with the customer when they complain! You should have apologized, made them a fresh batch of piping-hot chicken, threw in a free order of wings and sent them on their way! If you cant do that then please quit the chicken business! You think anyone wants to eat there now? I don’t want any cold chicken….

PINK PHLOYD 8 hours ago
@stanleyBOO That’s what you get out of this, you stupid motherfucker? You must be a lowland gorilla like those to pieces ofshit! My god you’re fuckingstool sample!!

This does not surprise me. Stories of actions of this nature by emotional blacks come from all over the country all the time, consistently, year round. It’s their culture. Not all blacks are violent morons. Nor are all whites perfect angels. But this is far more typical behavior than BLM movement would have you believe. Do your own social media research.

Guy gets soda spilled on his sneakers, shoots the other guy. Woman stabs a person over a piece of chicken. Bar brawls, domestics, shopping malls, traffic stops, it really doesn’t seem to matter to them where they are or whom they involve, hurt, or kill. Disgusting.

The experiment in integration is a failure. It’s time for separation now. In Georgia 60 years ago a restaurant owner could hang out a sign saying, “Whites only.” Bring it back. It’s long past time.

8 thoughts on “White Woman and Teen Daughter Beaten by Negro Couple Over Chicken Order

  1. >>In Georgia 60 years ago a restaurant owner could hang out a sign saying, “Whites only.” >>Bring it back. It’s long past time.

    Even in Marxachusetts before it got totally fixated with toxic PC crap. IN many towns and resort areas there were signs (circa 1950’s) stating “no Jews or negroes”

    The downfall bean when during the 60-70’s an enormous shit storm over FORCED inter species busing tore Boston apart. now Marxachusetts would make any society destroying Yid proud

  2. Why aren’t white people rioting in the streets, turning police cars over, burning businesses to the ground and demanding justice for this racist act? Where is the white Jesse Jackson? Why isn’t he flying in? Why aren’t we seeing this on every major news network? Sick of this shit, it’s time for a change. Hopefully somebody will find these chicken loving, watermelon eatin’ low-rent scumbags before the cops do and do the right thing.

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