Honors Student Committed Suicide After Accusing Rich Powerful Older Man of Rape


Before laying out the issues in the tragic suicide of Megan Rondini, be aware that the comments at the Daily Mail are very much sympathetic toward her.

Now, for the issues:

1. We have a college girl who drinks alcohol and passes out. I once was part of a group of white males who loaded a passed out girl into her girlfriend’s car after a group of Mexican males tried to spirit her away, presumably to have sex with her unconscious body. I guess we’re lucky we didn’t get shot. It’s not clear from the details in this story how the girl ended up at the home of her alleged rapist.

2. A very important part of the story here revolves around the fact that the alleged rapist was 34 and comes from a very wealthy, politically connected family. You have to ask yourself if, like Hillary Clinton, he’s too big to jail. Since the girl was allegedly passed out, could he have put a date rape drug in her drinks? Some facts not reported in the Daily Mail story can be read at the Tuscaloosa News

3. Alabama rape law requires that a rape victim MUST physically resist (kicking, punching, etc.) or else there is no rape. Is this a fair law?

4. The dead girl supposedly stole her alleged rapist’s gun. She said she did so in order to protect herself from him. Police and the DA were ready to charge her with theft. Does this seem fair?

5. Can you reason out a broad message for both males and females from this tragedy? I assume that men prefer not to be accused of rape. Likewise, I assume that women prefer not to be victims of sexual assault.

Not only does there seem to be a male-female divide in this story, but also a strong class divide, along with a possibly corrupt legal system.

Daily Mail

A college student may have been driven to suicide after she was turned on by police when she accused a powerful man of rape.

University of Alabama honors student Megan Rondini, 20, reported in July 2015 that she was sexually assaulted after a night of drinking.

The man whom she only knew as ‘Sweet T’ turned out to be business man TJ Bunn, 34, the son of an influential Tuscaloosa family.

In an explosive account published by Buzzfeed News, Megan’s family reveals how she never imagined she’d been viewed as a criminal and that investigators would find Bunn to be the true victim.

Megan told investigators that on July 1 she went to Innisfree Irish Pub for trivia night with a group of sorority sisters. She saw Bunn there and had seen him before but they only had spoken once.

She blacked out and came to in Bunn’s Mercedes.

Megan said she was so intimidated by Bunn that she didn’t try to stop him as he drove toward his house.

She then said Bunn told her to go to his room and she complied, sitting on a couch near the door, as far as possible from his bed and – when he came in – he told her he wanted to have sex.

That’s when Megan said she had to leave, while ‘trying to be really nice to him’ because ‘I know he’s an influential person in Tuscaloosa’.

‘I said, I really need to go, I have friends that are waiting,’ she told police when they first interviewed her at the hospital. ‘He didn’t really take that.’

Eventually, Megan said, she ‘felt like just letting him have sex with me was the only way he would let me go’.

According to investigators, Megan was able to escape his mansion by climbing out of the second story window.

When she realized she couldn’t find her keys, she checked Bunn’s Mercedes, where she found his wallet and a pistol, which she took for protection despite not knowing how to fire it.

Under Alabama’s rape law, victims must prove they ‘earnestly’ resisted their attackers, and the investigator who interviewed Megan, Adam Jones, decided that she hadn’t done so against Bunn.

According to him, she hadn’t ‘kicked him or hit him,’ so the investigator would conclude that no rape occurred.

When she told him about going into Bunn’s car, video shows Jones entering and exiting the room, asking Megan questions that were about her behavior the previous night instead of her rape allegations.

When Bunn was interviewed, he called Megan ‘a very willing participant.’

When his interviewer left the room for a moment, Bunn told his lawyer in a whisper that he’d drop the charges against Megan if she dropped hers.

‘I won’t pursue her if she doesn’t pursue me, but I will play hardball if she does,’ he’s seen saying on video.

Later, when Megan tried to file a civil suit, she learned the only way to escape possible prosecution for those crimes was to drop her case.

The district attorney’s office eventually decided to present it to a grand jury – but the grand jury would also rule on felony charges against Megan for breaking into Bunn’s car and stealing his gun.

When Megan went to the University of Alabama for counseling, a staff therapist told her that she had to recuse herself from the case because she knew the Bunn family.

Ultimately, Megan and her family decided it was no longer safe for her to stay in Tuscaloosa and she withdrew from the university before the end of fall semester.

‘She did everything that she could to protect herself and to get help,’ Megan’s father, Mike Rondini, told Buzzfeed News. ‘She should have gotten that help, and she didn’t. That is a failure on everybody’s part.’

Megan left Tuscaloosa newly-diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, and her depression seemed to only worsen.

On February 2016, Megan sent a text to a friend that read: ‘When all is said and done, I wonder what I could’ve accomplished if one man didn’t completely rip everything away from me.’

Megan ended up transferring to Southern Methodist University in Texas, a school she hated because she missed her old friends, her sorority, her old life.

She filled out an intake form for SMU’s mental health center, in which she wrote that she thought she would be ‘better off dead’ more than half the time.

One question asked if there had been major losses, changes, or crises in her life. Megan wrote: ‘Raped, bullied by police, changed university.’

She never turned it in and hanged herself on February 26.
Megan never wrote a suicide note, but the intake forms were found next to her bed.

In retrospect it was a mistake for Megan to come to Texas. She should have stayed closer to home, but away from the Tuscaloosa area. There were plenty of choices of colleges for her to attend closer to home.

Somehow this whole business of date rape has come to be a plague upon us all. But as the story in the Tuscaloosa News relates, it’s providing lawyers with a lot of employment opportunities.

17 thoughts on “Honors Student Committed Suicide After Accusing Rich Powerful Older Man of Rape

  1. Oh boy! Another alcohol rape incident. Lots of poor decision making! Lots of compliance!

    Sorry, but she was responsible for getting herself into this mess. It never entered her mind what a male, about 15 years older than her, wanted when she got into his car, took her to his house? He probably did that with a hundred other females. Daily Mail said she was passed out when she got into his car, she woke up, went to her apartment. The Tuscaloosa News said she willingly got into his car and went to his house. One of them is wrong or they went to her apartment first, then to his house.

    “That’s when Megan said she had to leave, while ‘trying to be really nice to him’ because ‘I know he’s an influential person in Tuscaloosa’.”

    WHAT!? Trying to be nice because he’s influential? WOW!

    “Eventually, Megan said, she ‘felt like just letting him have sex with me was the only way he would let me go’.”

    WOW, again!

    Rather than chalking this up to a learned experience, she didn’t take responsibility for her own behavior and killed herself? Sounds like a liberal snowflake. Her parents should have pointed out where she went wrong rather than coddling her with mental health treatments and legal intervention. If they find out she’s drinking again, stop paying for her education.

    Hey fellas, don’t let that pretty, blonde haired, gal sway you. She’s just as guilty as he is!

    • She had sex with him to get rid of him. I’ve heard that plenty of times before at the university. As one of the Mexican sexual predators used to say with a smile as the girl says she’s going to call the police if he doesn’t stop bothering her: “She likes me. She’s talking to me. That means she wants it.” This is while the girl is saying she’s calling the police.

      • Looks like they’ll have to learn the hard way. One of these days, one of them will jump into a strange man’s car, be raped, tortured, murdered, and thrown in the woods. Probably happened more times than what we want to know. Remember charming ladies man Ted Bundy?

  2. Living in the south, I see assholes like TJ Bunn quite often. Many times these men are not that bright, they’re just descendants of old money. I googled his picture. He looks like a total prick. The town I live in has quite a few of these assholes. Entitled, spoiled and arrogant. Their IQ and is inversely proportional to their self esteem. Typical southern asshole who wouldn’t give me the time of day because I’m an outsider.

      • kindly allow me to clarify upon reflection ; I have little doubt that the perp is slime and is guilty as sin. I just tire of the constant demonisation of the Southern male and ceding such as recounted in the story as ‘typical’ behaviour.
        in no way do I ‘blame’ the little girl, other than very poor decision making in not only drinking to excess, but in not taking matters into her own hands and naturally, her [alleged] decision to end her life. I merely mean that maybe others can learn from her example to not put themselves in the same position.
        I also take issue with her fathers claim that ‘everyone failed’ or words similar; everyone did not fail. Society failed in general in that it has allowed such behaviour and lack of not only morals, but intelligence and common sense, to become prevalent, yes. But where was daddy during all this? Why was the child not taught better? And why did dad not seek to rectify the problem, as is not only his right, but his responsibility? The ‘failure’ goes much further back than the moments after the incident. To crib a phrase from CSN, ‘teach your children well’…
        However, the opinion stated as to sour grapes and damnyankee attitude problems stands with no further comment needed.

      • Paladin,

        This guy’s scum!

        “T.J. Bunn has had varied hunting experiences. (Not only women.) The family has a large high-fenced area in Fosters that it’s managing for trophy bucks. “This past year, we killed three deer that scored over 160,” he said.”

        He’s also been to Africa and killed the Big 5 (the African lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant and Cape buffalo). At the same time, he enjoys hunting squirrels and birds back home.


    • A few sour grapes there Deb? what does the fact that hes ‘southern’ have to do with anything? Other than the fact that youre obviously not, probably not nearly as attractive as the girl in the story and just plain jealous of the attention she got. PLEASE…move back to where you came from – we dont want or need or want you in the South.[as an aside, the ‘typical’ asshole you describe is rarely southern ; such is not only common in damnyankees, but almost universal among new york jews. But naturally you just cant seem to see that…]

      ANYWAY…whilst a tragedy, we can learn something here…alcohol abuse never leads to anything good, and hanging around the wrong sorts of people/places doesnt either. Show some morals folks, and this stuff seldom happens.
      If not a murder victim, the poor girl was apparently being targeted by the fuzz due to local politics ; happens all the time. [and more in the north/east than the South, deb] Such is unfortunate, but her [alleged] response even more so. Dont let the bastards get you down – survive and thrive in spite of em! I feel awful about the senseless loss of a lovely white female, but maybe others can learn from her experience.

      • Luke, I knew my comment would rattle some cages, but here goes. I grew up in the Ozarks and have lived all over the country. I’ve been in the south now 7 years. I can live anywhere I want. I don’t need a passport. And the South is not above criticism.

        And just for your information, I’m not even remotely jealous of the attention young white women get from men. I’m a happily married female to a very handsome man who is my age, in his 50’s. I’m thrilled when young white women find young white men to marry, date or mate with. So your criticism is BS at best.

        I care more about white folks than most white folks in the south. Lots of nigger lovers and mud sharks in the south, and these are young white women. I see occasionally a coal burner white man, but it’s rare. Then the white grandma and grandpa usually takes care of the sprog as the nigger sperm donor is nowhere to be found. Most white southern baptists would be horrified at my racism.

        I see it at the first of the month. The nog comes in from Montgomery or Birmingham. Taps the white woman again, eats up all her food from her SNAP and WIC allotment, gets some money from her, runs out all her gas and when the cards are empty, he’s back to the cities with his bros keeping it real.

        The men like TJ Bunn above would do anything to keep their nigger football players embroiled in football and will sacrifice their blond white daughters to keep the “team” alive.

        Yankees didn’t destroy the south, it was the kikes.

  3. Death by hanging is an easy murder method, as long as two men do it i.e. expert goons. She can no longer testify. Case closed. Robin Williams was hung to death and cremated about 24 hours later. His third wife is a Jew, and she hoped to cash in on his fortune.

    “Megan never wrote a suicide note, but the intake forms were found next to her bed. ” That was good for the killers – if she was murdered that is.

    It is hard to forge a handwritten suicide note, and amazing how many people do not leave one. Why not post handwritten registered letters to some loved ones just in case the cops destroy the suicide note? I think murder/suicide notes are often destroyed by cops – the cops prefer double suicide, much less paperwork and trouble. Other times cops (or family members) destroy suicide notes so that the surviving family may get an insurance payout. E.g. suicide or murder by gunshot is recorded as an accident.

  4. A LOT of blame to go around here ..this insane notion that university students are so much better off being part of these sheeple brained sororities, then the overindulgence in alcohol,that according to the (((movies))) is so COOL and just what you do in college,! Was she raped? Did she willingly have sex..I don’t know probably a little of both..then the finale’ she was so “depressed” had “PTSD” and obviously saw some hack to diagnose this ..so you can surmise by this that she was prescribed anti depressants that have the side effect of suicide. Same old story!

  5. Women do not hang themselves by and large, men make this type of violent and deadly suicide attempt. Women are more likely to take pills or make minor cuts on the wrists, and often end up with being rescued.
    Did this women never think of contacting womens refuges and shelters, womens advocacy groups etc? She could have found a lot of support if she had looked for it. What about her own parents?

    As Peter Sellers, playing a mans mother, advises in one Goon Show line when told his son will now commit suicide “You will be sorry about it in the morning”.

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