Alt-Right and Alt-Light in Conflict Over JEWS



When Laura Loomer disrupted the Central Park Trump assassination play last week, it hit all the major news outlets. The message was that Trump supporters were no longer going to sit idly by while the left advocated murder.

White identitarian Richard Spencer, a former Trump supporter, objected to Loomer’s stunt, claiming that it was an antifa tactic that the alt-right should disavow.

As reported by WTOP, Washington, D.C. will witness two rallies by the right on Sunday. One will be hosted by Spencer. The other will be hosted by alt-light conservative and Infowars contributor Mike Cernovich and will feature Loomer.

Thus, the right in America has already been split by Jewish Loomer.

The question that should be on the minds of white nationalists, race realists, Trump supporters, conservatives, and libertarians is how to unite a movement that is fragmenting while the left sits back and gloats at our infighting.

The following piece details how the split developed, focusing on Loomer’s high profile guerrilla theater tactics and her relationship with the alt-light.


The Jewish Provocateur Caught in the Turf War as the ‘Alt-right’ Battles the ‘Alt-light’

A video of Laura Loomer went viral, showing her stopping a production of Julius Caesar to ‘protect Trump.’ Trump supporters cheered, but then the alt-right attacked

NEW YORK — Days after Republicans criticized a Shakespeare in The Park production of “Julius Caesar” for making its Caesar look like Donald Trump — and of course Caesar gets assassinated — one Trump supporter decided to take her indignation to the next level. On Friday, Laura Loomer rushed the stage in Central Park during a performance, live-streaming as she protested.

“Stop the normalization of political violence against the right!” she shouted on stage. “This is unacceptable! You cannot promote violence against Donald Trump!” One actress responded, “We’re not promoting it,” and Loomer shouted, “Yes you are, this is violence against Donald Trump.” The play was stopped and the crowd booed. “Shame on the New York Public Theater for doing this!” Loomer shouted. “You guys are ISIS!”

Loomer, a self-described “proud Jew,” was escorted from the stage by security, arrested and later released. She has been charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct. Many Trump supporters are celebrating her on social media with the trending Twitter hashtag #FreeLaura.

Conservative commentator Sean Hannity invited Loomer to his show on Fox News, where she called the production “assassination porn” and said she was protecting the president’s life. Hannity praised her for being courageous.

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter has also cheered Loomer on, supporting the Arizona native’s campaign to raise money to cover her legal fees. The Infowars website’s Alex Jones and other right-wing pundits like Mike Cernovich, Laura Ingraham and Cassandra Fairbanks also supported her action. The following day, Loomer’s protest was imitated by two members of the right-wing group Proud Boys, who also rushed the stage during a performance of “Julius Caesar.”

Loomer is a pro-Trump activist and a journalist at the right-wing media outlet Rebel. She spoke at the “anti-sharia” rally in New York last week, where she addressed the crowd wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap and a Star of David. That day she put a burqa on the Wall Street statue “Fearless Girl,” telling passersby that “there is no such thing as an Islamic feminist.” “The left has decided to make it a symbol of feminism and social justice, so I put a burqa on it to expose their hypocrisy,” she later wrote on Rebel.

So at the anti-sharia rally Haaretz asked her about her feelings as a Jew participating in the event, where the white nationalist group Identity Evropa was visibly present. Loomer said she saw no problem with nationalism.

“Oh, this is like an identitarian group. I’m not totally familiar, but I know they believe in preserving white European culture; there is nothing wrong with that, and they are nationalist,” she said.

“And I’m a nationalist; a lot of the people here are probably nationalists, because we respect our country, we want to preserve our country, and we don’t want our American patriotism, our Americanism in general, our heritage in general, to be overridden by migrants who refuse to assimilate.”

But while Loomer’s interruption of “Julius Caesar” was celebrated many Trump supporters, its also divided the movement, as some of her fellow far-right activists turned against her. “I absolutely support the arrest and imprisonment of Laurie Loomer and other ‘Alt-Light’ activists who behave like antifa,” white nationalist Richard Spencer tweeted, referring to an anti-fascist group.

Later, Spencer shared a picture of Loomer and the two Proud Boys who stormed the play, asking who these people were. And his followers didn’t go soft on the anti-Semitic insults. “The Jewish goddess and her faithful protectors — the Proud Boys,” one suggested, while another said “IDF Rejects.” Baked Alaska, an “alt-right” activist also known as Tim Treadstone, tweeted an image of Loomer locked in a gas chamber, with Trump pulling the switch.

Loomer told Haaretz on Thursday she was shocked at the attacks. “I didn’t think he would go that low, especially because I have spoken to him in the past,” she says of Baked Alaska. “I know a lot of these people.”

As she puts it, “I couldn’t believe there was so much anti-Semitism out there; it has been difficult for me to experience — people send me threats. People have told me, ‘I hope you die in the gas chambers,’ ‘that’s why nobody likes the Jews,’ ‘I hope you get breast cancer because Ashkenazi women have higher chances of breast cancer.’”

The attack on Loomer is only part of the turf wars between the “alt-right” and the so-called alt-light, far-right Trump supporters who are more mainstream, refuse to commit to outright homophobia or anti-Semitism, support Israel or are Jewish themselves.

“Can you imagine Alt-Light people appreciating a production of Shakespeare? Or any kind of real art for that matter?” Spencer wrote, later adding, “The Alt-Light is a collection of outright liars (Posobiec and Cerno), perverts (Milo, Wintrich), and Zionist fanatics (Loomer).” Gavin McInnes, the founder of the Proud Boys, is also under attack from the “alt-right” for his self-proclaimed pro-Israel stance.

The turf war will continue Sunday during the far right’s free speech rally planned at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. Spencer, Loomer, members of the Proud Boys and other far right and “alt-right” speakers were scheduled to appear, but after Spencer’s attack on Loomer’s action in Central Park, Loomer announced she was pulling out.

“I canceled my speech at the Free speech rally in DC next weekend because I will not share a stage with the keynote speaker @RichardBSpencer,” she tweeted. Loomer and her allies refuse to speak with Spencer and say his appearance at the rally was announced at the last minute.

They will now host a competing event called the Rally Against Political Violence, but in front of the White House. Both sides have faced criticism for dividing the far right, but for now preparations for the competing rallies are still in full swing.

“I don’t want to share a platform with people who want to put me in a gas chamber,” Loomer added on Thursday. “I support Richard Spencer’s right to say what he wants. He can be nasty about Jewish people, he has a right to free speech, but I don’t want to be a part of that. I support Donald Trump. Just because I don’t want to stand on stage with Richard Spencer or Baked Alaska doesn’t make me any less conservative.”

Loomer says she has received support following the anti-Semitic attacks, and others have pulled out of the Spencer event as a result. “When Baked Alaska tweeted a picture of me, people were freaking out, and they don’t want anything to do with the alt-right. A lot of the people in my political circles have disavowed the alt-right.”

Loomer doesn’t agree with criticism that she’s dividing the new conservative movement. “I don’t think I’m dividing the movement,” she says. “I never said his event should be canceled. I’m not telling people what to do, but I also wish people would not only condemn political violence against the right, but also anti-Semitism.”

12 thoughts on “Alt-Right and Alt-Light in Conflict Over JEWS

  1. JUs always infiltrate, disrupt then destroy a legit movement! Not sure what her intentions are at this point. What she did about the Shakespear garbage..who cares..we can’t focus on petty shit for the big picture…she is like Alex Jones,Cernovich and Stone just media whores is best to let them do the little they do for whatever cause while hiding in plain sight the JUs who are behind the destruction of our world and the JWO! If we get caught up in their whorish antics we loose sight of our reality!

  2. Is Cernovich a Jew? Could be with that name. Yes too many Jews like this Loomer woman push themselves on to the stage and demand that they are the voice of the Right.

    What happened to the alt-cuck movement, how is that group going?
    The alt-poofter movement led by Milo and other bum bandits?
    The alt-alt movement?

    If Spencer is the alt-right leader, then I am not a member. I do not support Nazi salutes in public except by heavily tattooed skinheads.
    Personally I prefer David Duke and Pat Buchanan to some of these self-appointed alt guys.
    Not much chance catching either of those two doing a Nazi salute in public, or in private if any person has a cell phone in their hand.

  3. ““I don’t want to share a platform with people who want to put me in a gas chamber,” Loomer added”…………….What a typical piece of Jew horseshit. They were never any gas chambers anywhere under WWII Germany control. She is just one more lying Jew. Everything is about the Jews, apparently, even the play against Trump even though Jews were behind that play.

    “Loomer doesn’t agree with criticism that she’s dividing the new conservative movement. “I don’t think I’m dividing the movement,” she says. “I never said his event should be canceled. I’m not telling people what to do, but I also wish people would not only condemn political violence against the right, but also anti-Semitism.”

    Loomer does not know that the real power in the USA is held by her fellow jews! How could she be so ignorant? She is a bad egg, a liar and she is out to divide and destroy any right wring group. Any criticism of Jew power is “anti-sentisim” (thanks spell checker) – and she knows it and supports it. Get all Jews off all stages, all Tv screens and all movies. No need to kill them – just ban them as was done to a handful in the 1950s. Boycott all events with Jews on the platform so avoid the alt-light like the plague.

  4. “I absolutely support the arrest and imprisonment of Laurie Loomer and other ‘Alt-Light’ activists who behave like antifa,” white nationalist Richard Spencer tweeted,”

    As if doing Nazi salutes and wearing Hitler haircuts is OK. Where’s the moustache and goose step Richard?

    • I’ll have to check and see what happened at each group’s rally today. Between Spencer and Loomer, neither is my cup of tea, although I’m trying to force myself to accept both for whatever good they might do. Loomer will never be a leader of anything, just an attention whore. Spencer actually has followers, a few thousand I think.

  5. They’re ‘gutsy’, one of the reasons Jews have done so well, unlike Whites who allow everyone else to take over then complain about it. I prefer (((they))) not get involved in our movement, but if she’s a Trump supporter, she has the right to protest death threats against him.

    What Lara Loomey did was gutsy. She supports Trump, nationalism and European culture. But, the alt-right hates her because she’s concerned about Israel. I wonder if she even knows the extent of Israel’s deep involvement in our government.

    She went up on that stage knowing 80% of her tribe probably hate her for voting for Trump. Not to mention she could have lost her job, fined, and landed in jail for several months.

    Keeping with Whites tendency to division, I think the pie should be divided into thirds, the third to include those who want to act professional rather than childish and embarrassing.

  6. For the record, I am going to disagree with everyone about Laura Loomer, but I promise to take your perspectives into consideration as I go forward.

    Specifically, I think Loomer is looking for acceptance. That’s a reasonable thing for anyone to want. She clearly understands that if the white race is threatened then Jews are threatened too. So, she’s sided with a light brand of white nationalism.

    Back when Mindweapons in Ragnarok had his website up, he used to run posts arguing that White Nationalists should ally with Jews. I don’t know about that.

    I do know that Loomer would never become a leader or even an influence on WNs. She’s a follower and I think she did good with her protests. I would accept her as a follower, for sure, unless she showed some negative qualities not in evidence so far.

    • If she starts flexing her muscles more than what we have seen, Cernovich and his buddies will take care of her. In no way would I accept her as a leader of our movement, but I don’t think she’s involved with that in mind. Their whole gig involved violence against conservatives and Trump. They’re not into White Nationalism anyway.

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