College Girl Follows Google Maps into Desert Survival Drama

A college girl follows Google maps down a noexistent desert road with no gas and in a remote area with no cell service.

I hate these morning news/entertainment shows that feature a white woman and a Negro male host. I also hate their smarmy smiles and condescending narration.

The story is less than four minutes. It’s the story of a girl who stupidly got herself into a mess and then did some simple things to help get her out.

Published on Mar 23, 2017

Amber Vanhecke tells “GMA” the survival skills she used while being trapped alone in an Arizona desert for five days.

3 thoughts on “College Girl Follows Google Maps into Desert Survival Drama

  1. In 2001 a California jury awarded 5 niggers a total of $6 Billion in compensation from GM due to their GM car exploding when the fuel tank ruptured. Their car, 20 years old, was hit by a drunk driver form behind.

    So with this typical USA “justice” I hope that Google will be bankrupted by such bizarre awards every time a Google driverless car kills a pedestrian, cyclist or other motorist, or passenger in the Google car. With no driver – only Google can be blamed. Some crashes will be two Google cars with no drivers. Start studying the laws, (((shyster lawyers))) and get ready to make billions from (((Google))).

    PS you never hear about Artificial Intelligence (AI) anymore. This was big news 20 and 30 years ago. In my opinion the media silence is sinister and a sign that AI, driverless cars, and Big Sister (sic) are all on the threshold of wiping out human freedom for ever.

    • About a year ago, Microsoft had an AI chatbot it named Tay which they put on the internet. In about a day or two after interacting with people, Tay went full Nazi and Microsoft pulled the plug. Funniest thing I’d heard in a while. Look it up.

  2. There are people who explore abandoned or desert areas (look on YouTube) like old mines, etc. but those people are smart enough to carry locator beacons in case they get into trouble. Eventually fate catches up and you’ll need some help way out in the middle of nowhere.

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