Styx Has the Solution to the Refugee Crisis

President Trump should appoint Styxhexenhammer666 as Secretary of State. If that’s not possible, we need to smuggle Styx into the White House and get him together with Trump over lunch.

You see, Styx has figured out how to end the “refugee crisis.” You’ve probably figured it out, too. A lot of us common sense people have it figured out. Styx articulates it well. If only Trump would watch this video. (And Styx would stop cursing.)

The answer to the refugee crisis offered by Styx is presented in the first few minutes of this 20 minute video. After that, it’s just elaboration on the idea. I’ll give you a hint: Peace.

Styx’s plan would make us safer, save money, and allow the U.S. to claim the moral high ground.

Published on Jun 24, 2017

I didn’t create refugees but Obama and Hollande did.

10 thoughts on “Styx Has the Solution to the Refugee Crisis

  1. I wrote this yesterday under a quote, it might get more views here. I also have the answer. Stop feeding Africans and above all do not let any leave Africa under any circumstances.

    “Spencer is best known for the expression “survival of the fittest”.
    Like many people I thought Darwin invented this term.
    I think as is now happening with the African population explosion, “fittest” is the wrong word. The Africans are in every way less fit to survive than the Western whites except for one thing. That is, they are having many more babies per woman.
    The whites are paying to feed those black babies.
    So, at the end of the day, whites are unfit to survive due to mental illness on a race wide basis. Feeding blacks and giving them free medicine is suicide not just of whites but of civilisation itself.

    Imagine two packs of wolves of equal numbers in the same geographical area. One is white wolves and the other group are black. The white ones are intelligent and energetic and better at catching food. The black ones are lazy and breed a lot of baby wolves. The white wolves bring around extra food to feed the black baby wolf puppies. After one hundred years of this, there are ten times more black wolves than white wolves.
    Did the white wolves act in accord with the laws of nature? Were white wolves the fittest, or were black wolves the fittest under Spencer and Darwin’s ideas? Obviously the black wolves were the fittest. Only results count, not actions or reasons. Often laziness pays, if surrounded by crazy altruism. Darkies throughout the West are misusing white this altruism for their benefit.

    So, it is not “white genocide” at all. It is “white suicide”.

    • Where Styx has it wrong in the video is where he claims they don’t want to be in the West. He says they’d rather be in their own country, if the US wasn’t fuxating their country. That’s wrong on his part. The West offers a higher material standard of living, where they don’t have to work. Of course, they’d rather be here.

      Another place he goes wrong is failure to name Israel.

      • Hey Paladin. Styx, BPS, and Molyneux serve a purpose. But the content I am making on my channel is vastly more relevant than their gibberish. Take a stroll through some of the videos I’ve made recently, and judge accordingly. We need to to get into the marrow now, as there is no time to lose. Regards…

      • I’ve got one of yours in drafts to post. Since it’s longer, I have to wait for the right moment to get it into rotation, but it’ll be coming up in the next few days. I’ll check out your newest work as well.

      • Thanks. It got 80,000 views just last week. People are finally getting that liberalism is simply Marxism with sheep’s clothes on. Regards…

  2. Styx has done a great job of connecting the dots … except for the one dot that is conspicuous by its absence: that shitty little six-pointed dot at the far end of the Mediterranean.

    Just by coincidence, today I came across a June 11 article on about the 50th anniversary of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. There was nothing accidental about it at all. Also, I’ve been exploring a number of sites devoted to 9/11 Truth. One of the best is Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Factor in the Tonkin Gulf incident and the JFK assasination and a pattern begins to rear its really ugly head. And as the lawyers say, “cui bono?” Those who cry out in pain as they strike you.

    If Trump can, just by using the power of what TR called the Bully Pulpit, focus the country’s attention on the information that is already out there, he would likely become one of the most successful Presidents ever … and the resulting wave of the righteous wrath of the awakened Saxon would rid humanity of what has been the ultimate source of its ills for the past two thousand years.

  3. He’s omitting one very important fact, the greater israel project and how the balkanisation of the surrounding states is going exactly to plan. Does he seriously think that out “leaders” don’t know that they are creating a massive problem? This is deliberate, by design, and now the Arabian peninsula is being brought into play, all ganging up on Qatar and in turn Turkey and Iran, all is going according to plan. These wars are to benefit israel and it is they that are calling the shots in the US and Europe. It’s not a bad ploy of his to call out the obvious without alienating listeners by blaming the jews, they are ultimately behind all these wars but it puts some unenlightened people off when this message needs to get through to as many people as possible. Stop the wars first then deal with the JQ.

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