Negro Citizens of LA Cheer Street Renamed to Obama Boulevard

The Negroid race stands up for it’s own, even when its own has a White (or Jewish) mother.

Obama gun beez gettin dem streeets nam fo him.

Just like every black part of town has a Martin Luther King Boulevard, it’s easy to see into my crystal ball and observe an Obama Boulevard too. At least it will make it easier for people concerned with their safety to know the streets and neighborhoods to avoid. MLK streets are almost always in the most dangerous part of the city.

Los Angeles Times

Even though it runs through the heart of L.A’.s Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw neighborhood, most Angelenos would be hard pressed to locate Rodeo Road on a map.

In fact, they’d probably point to its ritzy doppelganger — Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive — instead.

That may change very soon, however.

Residents here are cheering a proposal to rename the asphalt thoroughfare in honor of former President Obama, who visited here when he was a U.S. senator.

The news that southwest L.A.’s Rodeo Road may soon be renamed “Obama Boulevard” was received positively by residents of the surrounding Crenshaw district.

“I’m so happy, that would be wonderful,” said Robbi Work, 60.

A retired former prosecutor, Work was even wearing a shirt emblazoned with the former president’s face when she learned of the proposal to rename the road Obama Boulevard.

“They were wonderful, he and Michelle,” Work said.

The street, a 31/2-mile residential strip in a predominantly African American community, is flanked on both sides by squat one- and two-story houses and gated communities. The road is also home to Dorsey High School, Baldwin Hills Elementary school and Rancho Cienega Sports Center and Park — where Obama held a campaign rally when he was running for president.

“At one point, Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard used to be called Santa Barbara Avenue,” said Admee Aguierre, 33, a locker room attendant at the sports center who was present for the rally. “So that will be kind of cool, because Martin Luther King ends right here where the park is and then to have Rodeo called Obama, it’s like we have these streets being named after our own.”

I would suggest a change in the law that would not allow naming anything for any president until that president is dead for 50 years.

Furthermore, I would change the law to disallow the naming of streets after controversial public figures. Keep naming streets after military heroes, birds, animals, etc., but not after politicians and agitators.

6 thoughts on “Negro Citizens of LA Cheer Street Renamed to Obama Boulevard

  1. “MLK streets are almost always in the most dangerous part of the city” Paladin wrote.
    Perhaps MLK denotes a free fire zone for Koons.

    Here is an idea to sell sniper rifles. Designate a model as the MLK. It does sound rather like a rifle of a military kind. The manufacturer of course would have a cover story name like Militia Long Kill or Marauder LK.

    My satire has been beaten to the punch – by the US Navy no less…………….
    “MK 15 Mod 0 Sniper Rifle
    The MK 15 Mod 0 SASR (special applications sniper rifle) is the US Navy designation for the McMillan Tac-50. It is a long range anti-material rifle used by US Navy SEALS.”

    Martin King rifle, methinks?
    KK, CK or NK would also be good code names – for Koon Killer. Coon Killer, or Nigger Killer.

  2. I hope everyone realizes Rodeo Road is not Rodeo Drive. At Rodeo Road in South Los Angeles, the average income in this mostly black neighborhood, is about $45,000 to $50,000 a year. That’s kind of high for blacks in other parts of the country, but salaries are usually higher in California, at least along the coast.

    So, who cares what they call it.

  3. Well if you need drugs you go to MLK blvd in any city..What will Obama road be known for….gay pick ups, tranny prostitutes…something queer I’m guessing!

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