Inspirational Quote of the Day: One About Survival of the Fittest

It’s well worth learning more about Spencer in light of today’s promotion of egalitarianism by the power elites. Click on the link to Wikipedia to read the whole article.

Excerpt from Wikipedia

Herbert Spencer (27 April 1820 – 8 December 1903) was an English philosopher, biologist, anthropologist, sociologist, and prominent classical liberal political theorist of the Victorian era.

Spencer developed an all-embracing conception of evolution as the progressive development of the physical world, biological organisms, the human mind, and human culture and societies. As a polymath, he contributed to a wide range of subjects, including ethics, religion, anthropology, economics, political theory, philosophy, literature, astronomy, biology, sociology, and psychology. During his lifetime he achieved tremendous authority, mainly in English-speaking academia. “The only other English philosopher to have achieved anything like such widespread popularity was Bertrand Russell, and that was in the 20th century.”[1] Spencer was “the single most famous European intellectual in the closing decades of the nineteenth century”[2][3] but his influence declined sharply after 1900: “Who now reads Spencer?” asked Talcott Parsons in 1937.[4]

Spencer is best known for the expression “survival of the fittest”, which he coined in Principles of Biology (1864), after reading Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species.[5] This term strongly suggests natural selection, yet as Spencer extended evolution into realms of sociology and ethics, he also made use of Lamarckism.

Spencerian views in 21st century circulation derive from his political theories and memorable attacks on the reform movements of the late 19th century. He has been claimed as a precursor by libertarians and anarcho-capitalists. Economist Murray Rothbard called Social Statics “the greatest single work of libertarian political philosophy ever written.”[21] Spencer argued that the state was not an “essential” institution and that it would “decay” as voluntary market organisation would replace the coercive aspects of the state.[22] He also argued that the individual had a “right to ignore the state.”[23] As a result of this perspective, Spencer was harshly critical of patriotism. In response to being told that British troops were in danger during the Second Afghan War, he replied: “When men hire themselves out to shoot other men to order, asking nothing about the justice of their cause, I don’t care if they are shot themselves.”[24]

3 thoughts on “Inspirational Quote of the Day: One About Survival of the Fittest

  1. “Spencer is best known for the expression “survival of the fittest”.
    Like many people I thought Darwin invented this term.
    I think as is now happening with the African population explosion, “fittest” is the wrong word. The Africans are in every way less fit to survive than the Western whites except for one thing. That is, they are having many more babies per woman.
    The whites are paying to feed those black babies.
    So, at the end of the day, whites are unfit to survive due to mental illness on a race wide basis. Feeding blacks and giving them free medicine is suicide not just of whites but of civilisation itself.

    Imagine two packs of wolves of equal numbers in the same geographical area. One is white wolves and the other group are black. The white ones are intelligent and energetic and better at catching food. The black ones are lazy and breed a lot of baby wolves. The white wolves bring around extra food to feed the black baby wolf puppies. After one hundred years of this, there are ten times more black wolves than white wolves.
    Did the white wolves act in accord with the laws of nature? Were white wolves the fittest, or were black wolves the fittest under Spencer and Darwin’s ideas? Obviously the black wolves were the fittest. Only results count, not actions or reasons. Often laziness pays, if surrounded by crazy altruism. Darkies throughout the West are misusing white this altruism for their benefit.

    So, it is not “white genocide” at all. It is “white suicide”.

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