Democrat Party Official on Rep. Steve Scalise Shooting: “I wish he was f***ing dead.”


The American left has been coming unhinged at least since the Clinton years when Attorney General Janet Reno killed dozens of people by burning them alive in Waco, Texas.

The Democrat arrogance expressed so often by Obama took a blow when Donald Trump won the White House. That arrogance has turned to meanness and uncontrolled anger.

Phil Montag has rightly been fired for his advocacy of political assassination, but he won’t be the last one.

Excerpt from the New York Post

A Democratic official from Nebraska was fired this week after an audio clip surfaced of him blasting House Majority Whip Steve Scalise — saying, “I’m glad he got shot” and “I wish he was f–king dead.”

Party chair Jane Kleeb plucked technology chairman Phil Montag from his post Thursday as punishment for his expletive-laden rant, which was posted on YouTube on Wednesday for all to hear.

“This motherf–ker, his whole job is to get people, convince Republicans to f–king kick people off f–king health care,” Montag can be heard saying during a conversation with Nebraska Democratic Party Black Caucus chair Chelsey Gentry-Tipton and one of her friends.

“I’m f–king glad he got shot!” Montag adds, in reference to the shooting at the congressional baseball practice, in which Scalise took a bullet to the hip and suffered serious injuries.

Listen to foul-mouthed Phil in this short clip:

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