Claim: Black Teacher Demanded Students Stand Up and Apologize to Negro Classmates For ‘White Privilege’


Coed identifies the black teacher at the heart of an alleged antiwhite incident as sixth grade teacher Tarsha Clarke, pictured above. Parents Farren Wilkinson and Robert Jeremy were brave enough to stand up at a school board meeting and condemn the abuse of the white children at Western Rockingham Middle School. Watch! Both are brave, but Mr. Jeremy is a tiger.

Diversity is a bitch, ain’t it!

This story broke into the national consciousness yesterday via the College Fix, which did not name the alleged teacher.

The College Fix

Allegations that a middle school teacher forced several students to stand and apologize for their “white privilege” have rocked a North Carolina school district.

First reported by American Lens, during a meeting of the Rockingham County School Board last month, a woman named Farren Wilkinson made the troubling accusations against a teacher from Western Rockingham Middle School.

“[The teacher] caused some of her students to stand up and apologize to other students based on their inequal [sic] opportunities of education,” Wilkinson said.

“So I would like to know how our schools can allow an educator to humiliate, bully and degrade students. This is not a matter of race but a matter of a teacher using fear and the embarrassment of children to satisfy her own personal anger or beliefs.”

From the Lens report:

American Lens was also told by one parent that the incident was more specific than Wilkinson stated.

According to that parent, [the teacher] forced her white students to stand in front of the class and apologize to the minority students for their “white privilege.”

American Lens contacted Stephanie Wray, Principal of Western Rockingham Middle School, [and] asked for comment the alleged white privilege [the] incident […]

Wray indicated no such incident happened.

“In regard to your additional requests, I can not [sic] speak on any individual, however any allegations brought to our attention are investigated thoroughly and proper disciplinary action is taken if needed. Again, I can not speak regarding specific individuals due to personnel law, however the particular incident you asked about was unfounded to happen at our school,” wrote Wray.

Principal Wray’s response appears to be the district standard for The College Fix received the exact same answer after contacting Rockingham spokeswoman Karen Hyler.

The Fix also reached out for comment from the accused teacher but received no response.

Rockingham County Public Schools recently fell into the feel-good trap known as “equity training.” Like with the Pacific Educational Group’s “Courageous Conversations,” staff were educated on topics like “structural racism” and yes, “white privilege.”

Rockingham’s program is headed by a group called OpenSource which, according to the Lens, works with “a list of left-leaning ‘partners‘, including the radical, pro-illegal immigration, hispanic [sic] organizing group, El Pueblo” and has as one of its main clients the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, “a primary funding source for progressive and leftist organizations in North Carolina.”

Principal Stephanie Wray either had a black employee write the nearly illiterate response or she herself is nearly unable to compose a decent paragraph. “Can not” should be “cannot”. The phrase “unfounded to happen” is totally illiterate.

Whatever, this nonresponse of a response is morally reprehensible. Parents, in the minds of the arrogant school officials, have no right to complain about what mind games are played on their children.

A new school board needs to be elected. Furthermore, school bond issues should be rejected by voters until accountability is restored. In addition, no black teacher should ever be allowed to teach white students.


11 thoughts on “Claim: Black Teacher Demanded Students Stand Up and Apologize to Negro Classmates For ‘White Privilege’

  1. 1] how can these people be teachers? they know nothing, hardly intellectual athletes.
    2] why are these parents not homeschooling? why drop your kids into an obvious sewer every day and expect them to come home unsullied?

    homeschooling is easy.
    1] ignore state mandates. i did it entirely sub rosa.
    2] they will often learn to read at a young age. then give them books–not ‘textbooks’, but real books. their interests will lead them into knowledge which they gain for themselves.

    if they are not early readers, read to them yourselves. reading will happen.
    [also, have their eyes tested tor rule out need for glasses.]
    i have read until i was hoarse but it served us well so i did it.

    notice that the national spelling bee and such things as mathematics olympiads are dominated by homeschoolers.
    when idiots pull the ‘socialization’ card on you point out that your child will never be a pregnant, gang-banging, drug sniffing 12-year-old syphilitic scab on the face of society.
    because that is what modern ‘socialization’ produces.

    homeschooling is fun. if you live near enough there are museums and libraries and colonial reproduction villages et cetera to visit.
    the internet has khan academy, coursera, udacity and others entirely free.
    you might add a bit to your own education this way.
    lots of enjoyment.
    added bonus; none of that teenage rebellion. just doesn’t happen.
    bless all you who think about homeschooling and especially those of you who start doing it!
    if other obligations prevent it, you can still go to the library and museums on saturdays!

    • Great comment, Deborah! Homeschooling is the only way to keep your kids from being corrupted and slipping away from the family dynamic. A great book that was helpful to me and my wife is Peter Gray’s ” Free to Learn”. The difference between my kids and their government indoctrinated friends is truly stunning. Best to you!

  2. Why are you only against black people. They may be a puppet for the Goos. But the Transgender is going to take over you and your way of life. Stick to the real agenda. Saving our beautiful country that is going to the satan Worshipers and the Iilumininatti.. Did you know that the sign for NASA is also the sign for the Devil. Nasa with a snakes tongue that looks like a T with a cross. SATAN. You are a pussy site. With no Pussy. You Faggots.

    • Oh C’mon Bonnie. I know the owner of this site. He’s no faggot.

      Black people ARE the tool of the kikes, but they’re still dangerous. They’re like rattlesnakes. Even if the kikes bring rattlesnakes to my yard, I still have the right to shoot them if they try to bite me.

      Yes trannies are destructive, but the people behind the curtain are the real enemies. Tranny legislation (i.e. bathrooms) are costly and irritating. Especially if they are mandated in government buildings.

  3. hey…no problem…as long as the negroes and messicans etc etc stand up and apologise for ruining our country, committing over 80% of all crimes, sucking up the same percentage of welfare, dragging the entirety of western civilisation down, etc!

    good on the parents, and why does this semi literate she boon still have a job? If a white teacher even pointed out FACTS about POCs, they would be fired immediately.

    • Just playing with you. Had a bad day with the elite. California is not a place where you want to live and work.

      • Here is a tip. Never post when you are drunk or drugged.
        Satire is good but blatant insults just read as insults, with no humor or parody.
        This is a faggot unfriendly site, so calling folks here faggots will not win you many friends.
        I get the feeling you may have tinted skin. Funny, that word needs only one more letter to be tainted. Like poo in the milk pail, or a nigger in the woodpile.

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