The Trouble with Women (1950s Educational Training Film)

Six minutes. Over 700,000 views. Our male manager has problems working with women.

Published on Feb 1, 2009

A short film about women and accepting them along with other qualities

9 thoughts on “The Trouble with Women (1950s Educational Training Film)


      Here is a link of a woman LMFT who wrote articles about males presenting with BPD.

      The problem with information is that anyone person can twist it to match his or her own needs.

      I have said before that I believe there is a cultural BPD out here because many of us are not in our proper communities and do not have attachments to like minded and like-blood people.

      The West is infected by race mixing and tribe mixing normalization, which has resulted in mental health problems resulting from inconsistencies in identity.

      Elam and his lesbian consort are twisting information to demonize women who develop bonds with men. Spew and manipulation.

      • Women get away with crazy stuff, men don’t.
        The law is overwhelmingly on the side of women in any domestic dispute. Even if a man calls police he is always the one arrested and almost never the woman. Many cop stations lock the man up overnight no matter how trivial, or even if he was the one calling the police when in fear for his life. The Family Courts treat women as needy and special even though the law says women and men are equal.

        Many women are mentally (emotionally) two years old and they get away with it and have children whom they abuse. Most men who do this (act like a spoiled two year old) do not attract a mate and will never have children. Men want sex and will put up with almost anything to get it. Women know this and abuse this power. “If mama is not happy, nobody is happy”.
        Women get diagnosed with BPD and other soft diagnoses. Men are diagnosed as psychopaths or Antisocial Personality Disorder when presenting exactly the same symptoms. Men go to jail; women go to refuges and women’s shelters. For the same crimes.

        From a man on another Elam video. “A woman invited me home to cook me dinner. When the front door opened I could see 11 cats all living in one room. The stench was horrible. I left immediately”.
        How many men behave as crazy cat men? Not many. They call this “overcatting”. One guy says one cat per person is OK, more is bad. Another tolerates one cat per person in the household plus one. They told me that a lot of animal rescuers are batshit crazy, not all of course. A rule of thumb for newbies is that a BPD woman can hide her disorder for a maximum of 24 months. Then the gloves come off.
        There are dozens more stories like this.

        I know one or two personally.
        My ex bosses wife rammed his Jaguar with her 4WD in reverse gear. Then she drove forward and rammed his car again. He was inside it at the time. This is the type of crime men get jailed for. She did not get jailed and I do not think it was ever reported as a crime. Instead an “accident” and two insurance claims.

        Another. A male friend of mine was threatened years ago with his own rifle at a party – by his wife. All the guests ran away and did not come back. This also was never reported to the police. The number of female crimes like this would be dozens for every crime reported.

  1. Lol! I prefer to work with men, too! But, not for the reasons in this video.

    I find some non-professional women to be catty, back stabbers, gang up on others, mostly bring their psychological hang-ups and personal problems to work. There are always a few in every workplace who are so disruptive, it interferes with others getting their work done.

    I haven’t seen women arguing with their bosses other than with wimps who shouldn’t be managers anyway. If he had been a good manager, he would have asked the gal getting married when she told him she was engaged if a date had been set. Would she be leaving and if so, give him at least 2 weeks, preferably, a month’s notice in advance.

    As for moving workers around, he should know they work better and faster when they settle in. The gal used the word ‘home.’ Often both males and females bring personal things, photos, etc to put on their desks. They’re now a part of a larger family…the company. It appears this manager learned nothing about human behavior in the workplace. While the male didn’t say anything when he was asked to move, I bet he wasn’t real happy about it.

    As for the oscilloscope, there should be more than one person trained on it. What if the one most familiar was in a serious accident or had to have major surgery and gone for a month. That can happen to men, too.

    But, this manager’s attitude may play a role in why women working under him are a problem. No respect for him. He went to his boss, arguing back and forth about a new hire being female, but he didn’t like the gal to argue with him when he told her to move.

    Aren’t both the gal and the manager guilty of the same thing? Arguing with their bosses when both should just do as their bosses ask without making any fuss? If they don’t like it, find another job.

    • This training film from 1959 was intended to show old school males that they had better shape up. I don’t think the fellow in the film was capable of adjusting to the changing times.

      Actually, in 68 when I worked in a big insurance company office, the older male controller would express his displeasure with office girls leaving to get married. He was pretty much like the fellow in the film.

      Anyway, your experiences are probably typical from what I’ve read.

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