Body of Teen Who Went Missing While Walking Family Dog Found in Landfill

When I saw the story on Tuesday that Texas teen Kaytlynn Cargill had gone missing, but that her dog that she had been walking was tied to a fence, I feared the worst.

Fourteen year olds like Kaytlynn don’t go off and leave their dogs alone where they can be harmed or stolen.

Still, the police kept saying that she was a suspected runaway and that they were not treating her disappearance as foul play.

It turns out the police made a big mistake and I was sadly right.

The nightmare of every parent came true for Kaytlynn’s mother. None of the stories I’ve seen mention her father, which is also sad.

It’s too early to speculate with any authority, but that part of Texas where the girl lived is full of illegal aliens, many of whom are sexual deviants.

Whoever, the killer is, he must be found.


BEDFORD, TEXAS – The Tarrant County Medical Examiner has confirmed a body found in an Arlington landfill is 14-year-old Kaytlynn Cargill, who was reported missing Monday night.

In a Facebook post, the Bedford Police Department announced earlier this week that Cargill disappeared while walking her dog near the Oak Creek Apartments.

A body was discovered Wednesday afternoon by a worker at the landfill about five miles from Cargill’s house. The medical examiner confirmed it was the young girl but hasn’t yet ruled on a cause of death.

Police said in a brief statement late Thursday they are working the girl’s case hard.

“We will pursue every lead, leave no stone unturned and bring the person or persons responsible for Kaytlynn’s death to justice,” said Lt. Kirk Roberts

There are missing flyers for #KaytlynnCargill EVERYWHERE. Stopped for quick sustenance at Einsteins & they’re here, too. #findkaytlynn #wfaa— Lauren Zakalik (@wfaalauren) June 22, 2017

During their search for the teen, police canvassed the teen’s neighborhood and flyers were posted around the town. According to the flyers, a friend said she saw Kaytlynn tie her dog’s leash to a fence and asked friends to watch the dog but never returned.

This missing person poster was distributed all over town.

“I didn’t hear any yells, and it happened right behind my balcony,” said neighbor Zach McDaniel. “I heard no yells, no helps, no nothing.”

Initially, police said there was no reason to suspect foul play in the disappearance. There also was no issuance of an Amber Alert, although very strict conditions must exist for that to happen, according to state law.

Thursday night, more than 100 friends and classmates gathered at Central Junior High, where she was a seventh grader. Friends say she was a vibrant young teen that loved band.

A GoFundMe has been set up for the family.

Authorities have asked anyone with information pertaining to the death of Cargill to call the Bedford Police Department at 817-952-2440 or contact the Tarrant County Crime Stoppers at 817-469-TIPS.

Police said they were increasing patrols in and around the girl’s Oak Creek Apartments.

Heavy offers insights into the life and death of Kautlynn.

Kaytlynn’s dog was discovered unharmed tied up in a nearby dog park, according to The Star Telegram.

Police had been canvassing the neighborhood looking for any clues about the missing teen.

All of the posts on the teen’s Facebook page are of animals, and her profile picture was of a dog.

Another woman wrote on Facebook before Kaytlynn was found, “Please keep eye out in Texas for Kaytlynn Cargill…. She dresses like a ‘tom boy’ most days, often seen wearing a baseball cap very sweet young lady! If you have ANY information, please reach out to me or the contact number in this post below…. Please lord keep her safe until she comes home.”

14 thoughts on “Body of Teen Who Went Missing While Walking Family Dog Found in Landfill

  1. It will be nigger or spic perpetrators. The dumb-ass police lieutenant said that they “will bring them to justice.” All LEO stupid f*cks say that. That is no justice. Beating to death the perp with rebar would be justice.

  2. I have spent many years researching these types of disappearances. I was working with a fairly well-known author on this subject matter two years ago as a consultant. A great deal of these murders happen near jewish hives like Brookline, MD, etc. I have suspected and over the last 8 years have gathered a great deal of evidence that these disappearances are related to jewish ritual murder being carried out by jewish families across the country. There is a lot here the police and media will not release on this issue. This happens way more than people realize.

      • It so hard to tell if that is a girl or boy. I was watching a new show called “The Mist” last night. All the characters did not look like a boy or a girl, man or women. They looked mixed. I could not tell you if that was a female or male, it was so strange. I could not feel sorry when that person was killed because I could not connect with their character or the person that was acting. Watching this show was like watching Nightmare on Elm Street in slow motion. The story line and the expressions of these creatures was so pathetic. I had to watch it to the end to convince myself that I actually saw this. Even the clothes and mannerisms could not give me a clue. What is happening that we can not tell the difference anymore. Is this the new rule or are they all clones and we have to except this. Kind of like the Body Snatchers with Keith Sutherland that I saw years ago.

        Did Hollywood actually make all these horror and scary movies because they are real and are actually the truth of what is going to happen to all of us in the future. Are we in HELL right now and waiting for Satan to take over our soul.

        I still believe in God and no one can change my mind. I see everything. Do you not see it too. I see things that no other person sees. They think I am crazy.

        We all need to get on our knees and prey to our Lord Jesus and our righteous GOD right now. I think that they will be the only one to save us all that still believe in Heaven.

        They have no soul or goodness left in them. I am talking about the people running our Beautiful Countries. We need to get together and pray and go to our God and destroy these creatures. Amen

        Also Check out the Google sign today. See the 3 Sixes and the triangle and the eyeball. They are mocking us.

        God Bless us

  3. I have 4 brothers and I was a Tomboy growing up. I know what a Tomboy is. I am not trying to convince you the girl is a tomboy. All I am saying is check out “The Mist”. Tell me if I am wrong or right. The whole show reminds me of Tomboy ‘s. Meaning both sexes look like boys.
    I know what women look and act like. I am being serious.

    Maybe this site is not the right site to talk about our children and the future of our children. Girls/boys and what is happening to them. You only care about white males.

  4. @bonnienino

    “I see everything. Do you not see it too. I see things that no other person sees.”

    Would you mind sharing a few things you have seen that we don’t?

  5. I remember as a child and teenager when life was grand. We would play hide and seek on our whole block until 11:00pm at night and ride our bikes all day long without be kidnapped or raped or taken away. You must be the new World Order type of women/man. Sorry if I insulted you. I am old school and not sure I want to see the new school. Especially new shows and movies that are coming out. I believe it is time for me to turn off my TV once my contract is over. All I see is nonsense and I do not want any part of it. I do still have freedom of speech and I will say what I want. Good evening Ms. Wulfie.

    • You must be new to this website or you would know I’m fighting globalism and the New World Order like others here.

      My parents bought me a used single speed 1950’s bike with balloon tires and coaster brakes because I wanted one like that and rode it up and down the street in front of my house and frequently to a variety store. Wish I still had it.

      Around 12 years old, I took the bus downtown with a friend to see movies and was perfectly safe. No one ever bothered us.

      And, yes, we played hide and seek, too, until 11:00 pm.

      I yearn for those days when the population was mostly White, blacks were pretty well behaved, and we didn’t need to worry about everything causing White Genocide.

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