Oncoming Racial Doom: The Clash of Cultures

You will feel good and you will feel justified as you read the bitterness toward blacks that is expressed in this post.

Fred Reed has written the most powerful piece about blacks you’re likely to see anywhere. Print it out and tape it to your mirror and read it again and again when you shave every morning. Then spread it far and wide.

This piece is the most “racist” thing you’re likely to see from a mainstream writer. Fred calls out every form of black meanness and failure. He’s bitter about what we’ve lost because of the black race.


Curiously, what made me give up all interest in the problems of blacks was not their virulent racism, their horrendous rates of crime, or their parasitism. Instead it was the assaults by blacks and their fellow travelers on Confederate monuments, particularly in New Orleans. Similarly, the banning of the Confederate battle flag at Gettysburg, for God’s sake. For reasons doubtless opaque to the historically ignorant, this annoys me. Why should the least productive, most criminal, most dependent of the population rewrite history that in any event they don’t know? The erasure of the South and the Confederacy by people most of whom couldn’t spell it, of Washington and Jefferson and Lee by grifters, race hustlers, wanton illiterates and the Brownshirts of Black Lives Matter…enough.

How many think this but won’t say it?

Now I find the black mayoress of Baltimore–a city lovely and livable in the time of Mencken before being made a decayed war zone by blacks–threatening monuments in that city. Enough. Too much.

I was not always sick of the misbehavior of blacks. In the now infinitely remote early Sixties, when I was a student in the last all-white class in Virginia’s rural King George High–graduated ‘64–integration was just beginning. To the extent that I thought about race, the question was abstract, a matter of moral principles, of ideals and fairness, unrelated to an actual people with actual characteristics who might not integrate well. Blacks had been mistreated. If given the opportunity they would rise and join American civilization. That they might not occurred only to those with experience, which did not include me.

When my parents, wiser than I–if it is possible to be wiser than a seventeen-year-old–said that integration would not work. I didn’t believe them.

Time went by, and it didn’t work. Trouble began. Blacks became hostile, demanding this and demanding that. Neighborhoods became dangerous. Schools, newly mixed, encountered The Gap, intractable and immortal, that is the heart and cause of our racial disaster. The riots arrived. Racial attacks on whites became common, covered up by the media. This censorship was possible in the days before the internet.

The country began, though I didn’t recognize it at the time, as neither did the country, treating blacks as a different category of humanity who could not be expected to obey the laws and rules or the expectations of civility.

For a while my sympathy held. I was very young. Further, I had no experience of a school with a large black population. I justified the behavior of blacks as consequent to former privation. Surely it would change.

It didn’t. Years passed. We saw corrupted schools, lowered standards, white flight, and journalistic dishonesty. More cities burned.

For decades white America made a desperate attempt to raise blacks to the level of the First World. It didn’t work. Instead we saw a dragging down of society to the culture of the ghetto. Blacks were behaving as usual as spoiled brats. Anything that upset them, as everything did, any expectation that they behave, led to cries of racism and depredations by such as Black Lives Matter.

As I mentioned, my parents had said that blacks could not function in the First World. It seemed that they were right. Desegregation had not worked, nor integration, nor quotas nor affirmative action nor Head Start. What didn’t work was turning blacks into members of a European civilization in which they had no interest. It would have worked no better had blacks lived in China, Japan, or Russia.

Nothing worked and nothing is going to work. There is clarity in this realization, a clarity to admitting what is actually happening. It avoids the tortured reasoning of showing that the dysfunction of blacks is due to anything and everything but blacks themselves. One need not make endless excuses for endless bad behavior, for the crime and dependency, the racial attacks, and the degradation of society.

The culture of the ghetto opposes everything usually believed proper in an advanced society: high academic standards, equality of opportunity, good English, minimal obscenity, equality under the law, low rates of crime, reasonable self-reliance, freedom of speech. Black culture, intensely racist, encourages none of these and opposes most. It is tribal, based on identity, instead of principle.

For many, this is a difficult realization. Decades of unrelenting propaganda have trained us that blacks bear no responsibility for anything. Are they gunning each other down in city after city? It is because of guns, though whites have guns and do not kill each other. Do they perform abysmally in schools that they themselves control? It’s because of slavery, though there hasn’t been a slave in the country for 150 years. Are they irresponsible in their reproductive habits? It’s because of poverty, although they are not poor.

In this they differ from the rest of humanity as I have known it. I have lived in China, Thailand, Mexico, Cambodia, and Vietnam, and have traveled in some fifty other countries. All shared what might be called the core values of civilization. Blacks seem not to. Yes, many exceptions, varied degrees, but as a culture, they were, are, different. Would that it were not true, but it is.

Look at the foundations:

Education is the keystone of any modern civilization. Blacks alone care nothing for it. Exceptions, yes, but again, overall? No. The countless schools entirely controlled by blacks are the worst in America. They do not improve.

Fox News: “6 Baltimore schools, no students proficient in state tests” (of reading and arithmetic.)

Maybe the mayoress of Baltimore should pay more attention to this and less to statues she doesn’t like. She will not. If she were going to, she would have.

Accounts like the foregoing are routine, normal, expected. We have heard them for fifty years. Usually they include boilerplate about terrible obstacles, murdered relatives, addicted mothers, incarcerated youth, etc. These accounts invite pity and try to blame everything on whites. There is mandatory wonderment: What can be the cause of the academic gap? Doubtless white privilege, slavery, invisible discrimination, microaggressions, something, anything but blacks themselves. But whites can’t make black children do their homework, their daughters of thirteen avoid reproduction, their young males refrain from killing each other. Whites are not their mother.

75% of black California boys don’t meet state reading standards

What is going on here? Learning to read is not difficult. Elsewhere poor people, people of color–I loathe that phrase–and poor people of color do it routinely. According to the CIA Factbook, literacy in Thailand is at 97%; Malaysia 95%; Mexico, 95%; and Colombia, 95%. The possible reasons for not learning in twelve years what white and brown kids do in three are low intelligence and lack of interest. Take your pick. The failure to learn imposes a heavy burden on society. Wild thought: Make welfare dependent on literacy.

Ask yourself, “Now what?”

Whether academic failure is cultural or genetic makes no difference, since neither is subject to change. Instead of requesting more rigorous textbooks and disciplining their children to study, blacks insist that courses be enstupidated for their benefit, that they be admitted to schools and courses for which they cannot qualify, that they get grades they did not earn. This is now normal. Nobody, black or white, liberal or conservative, expects blacks ever to do anything for themselves.

Of course one might ask why blacks would have any interest in most of what has been taught in American schools. Europeans trace their intellectual lineage from the invention of writing in Sumeria in the mid-Fourth Millennium BC through Greece, Rome, the Renaissance, their literary heritage from the Gilgamesh Epic through Tolkien. Blacks had no connection with this and did none of these things. It isn’t of their culture.

Cities have been the heart of the intellectual and artistic in all civilizations, as for example Athens, Rome, Florence, Vienna, New York. By contrast, blacks have destroyed city after American city after American city. Trenton, Camden, Newark, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, Gary, Flint, St. Louis, New Orleans, Milwaukee. At one time in all of these one could live, walk at will, send one’s children to the schools. Now, no. Violence, crime, racial attacks,and illiteracy drive the civilized to remote suburbs. This is not my culture and I see no reason to apologize for it.

Manners have been part of all civilizations. Civil societies everywhere impose a degree of control over obscenity. Everyone knows about sex and excretory functions. We leave them out of conversation. We can speak a sentence of three words without saying “motherfucker” five times.

Some perfectly ordinary rap “lyrics”:

“Then you roll your tongue, from the crack back to the front

Then suck it off ’til I shake and cum nigga

Make sure I keep bustin nuts nigga

All over your face and stuff”

This offal is excused because “it is their culture.” Exactly. When you cannot control abominable behavior by one group, you cannot control it for any group. Here is perhaps America’s gravest problem.

Virulent racial hostility–i.e., racism —is deeply ingrained in black culture. Blacks hate whites, Asians, Hispanics, and Jews. Not all blacks of course, or to the same degree, but it is the centerline of black culture. It is what counts and shapes the future.

Anyone doubting the universal racial hostility of blacks might read White Girl Bleed a Lot, or Chinese Girl in the Ghetto by Ying Ma. She arrived in Oakland with her family, dirt poor, speaking no English. She recounts–as do many white kids in black schools–endless racial abuse, taunting, stealing of food by blacks. (All on her own, incidentally, she worked her way up and ended with a law degree from Stanford. Apparently she found no lack of opportunity.)

One may see the depth of the hostility in the regular practice of making heroes and martyrs of blacks, usually criminals, killed by white police while utterly ignoring the many hundred of blacks killed every year by other blacks. This is a memorial to Freddie Gray of the Baltimore riots.

Headline: “Trayvon Martin’s parents accept posthumous aeronautical science degree”

A measure of the fairyland world of American politics is that a criminal, killed attempting to beat a security officer to death, should solemnly be awarded a posthumous degree in something he probably could not spell. It is amusing–why not quantum chromodynamics?–but pathetic. The canonization reveals the separation from reality of, apparently, most of an entire race. It is of one cloth with affirmative action and racial quotas. No substance, much pretense.


Dependence on whites is the backbone of black culture. Free breakfast for their children, free lunches, subsidized housing, free housing, AFDC, affirmative action, racial quotas, waivers. Nobody, not blacks, not whites, not the most dewy-eyed liberal expects blacks ever to live without charity from whites. Don’t believe me? Ask an ardent civil-libertarian when he expects blacks to have caught up and not need affirmative action. Never. It is just another entitlement. Whah mah free stuff?

Political correctness ensures that we cannot even talk about the problem. If you suggest that blacks stop shooting each other, you are a racist. If you suggest that they study, you are a racist. If you suggest they get married before reproducing, you are a racist. It will continue until either America slowly deflates or hell breaks loose.

17 thoughts on “Oncoming Racial Doom: The Clash of Cultures

  1. An entire civilization destroyed by an idea, the thought that blacks are different only by skin color.

      • Really? What about the reasons poverty even exists in America? Cause it sure ain’t laziness. If you truly believe it is, you have no clue what is really going on in this country. WAKE UP Hate isn’t the answer. Understanding the roots of these problems is.

      • Josh, poverty doesn’t cause black behavior. Black behavior causes poverty.

      • That was a fine article but, I didn’t learn anything new. To commenter “Joshua Lutz”, the number one cause of poverty is low IQ. If you can’t get passed this, as I suspect you can’t, you will live the rest of your disillusioned life trying to fix the unfixable.

  2. King Tutankhamun’s Aryan DNA Results while others angrily condemned the entire claim as a racist hoax. It played, once again, into the long-running battle over the king’s racial origins. While some worried about a Jewish connection, the argument over whether the king was black or white has inflamed fanatics worldwide. Far-right groups have used blood group data to claim that the ancient Egyptians were, in fact, Nordic, while others have been desperate to define the pharaohs as black African. A 1970s show of Tutankhamun’s treasures triggered demonstrations arguing that his African heritage was being denied, while the blockbusting 2005 tour was hit by protests in Los Angeles when demonstrators argued that the reconstruction of the king’s face built from CT scan data was not sufficiently “black.” check it out youtube ‘DNA shock Egypts Pharaohs were White Europeans’. Egypt did do resists to keep Africans and Muslims out for 1,000 years later and till then overrun overpopulation. this explains a lot why the history repeat? a just concept in the England, France, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Finland right now overpopulation Muslims, Africans. at last, here youtube expand clearly {What The Jews (Zionest) Did To The Germans-}

    • No need for all the DNA testing – in the 1700’s Egipt already had the wheel sorted and black Africa not.

  3. “For decades white America made a desperate attempt to raise blacks to the level of the First World. It didn’t work.”

    The most amazing part of this is the evidence before our eyes that is continuously ignored by the (((MSM))) and American (((universities))).

  4. Confederate monuments are a dead issue, they’re gone. When you accept invasion and turn over your territory to hostile foreigners don’t expect your monuments to survive you except as any thing but curiosities. We are a conquered people living in an occupied country, there’s no chance, short of war, that the South or the U.S. will survive. Both are actually dead already, but the people aren’t ready for war. At this point it would actually be helpful to accelerate the process of destroying white America’s monuments, rubbing their faces in their dispossession and taking away all the cuck arguments about a propositional nation. There’s only one question: do you favor the extermination of white people or do you oppose it? Anything that destroys the middle ground, that takes away their avoidance of that question, like the false patriotism they push today, is good. The system is blatantly genocidal, can only get worse, and we must make the cucks openly defend that genocide.

  5. Well josh lutz, the across the board economic woes can indeed be traced to other factors than merely africans [ hint…[[[their handlers]]]…] but the africans poverty can indeed be traced to laziness and just plain inability to function in a ‘first world’ environment. As a group, they simply do not have the intelligence nor the impulse control. This cannot be rationally argued. There are exceptions, but the exception proves the rule. As a society, we have given them everything on a silver platter – including hundreds of thousands of jobs for which theyre not qualified -and, as a group, they are impoverished economically as well as culturally and morally bankrupt. ‘Its their culture’ you see…
    Obviously josh, you are not a white male who has ever tried to get a job, for if so, you would understand first hand of the discrimination against you and preferential treatment given to africans. At this point, ads are even so bold as to tell you right up front to not bother applying if youre a white male. Again, this cannot be denied. The white male, who founded, built and maintains this country [as well as Europe, Australia etc] is the most discriminated against being in the history of the world. Those of us who have a job are expected to pay all the bills whilst any position even remotely possible to be filled by a POC is given to them regardless of qualification. And in return for that favour, they complain constantly, rape, murder, pillage and claim every problem [real or imagined] they have ever had is the fault of the exact group who provides them with a livelihood, clothes, indoor plumbing, ‘dey ceh-phone’ , electricity etc etc etc ad nauseum.
    You are right about one thing josh ol boy ; hate isnt the answer. Hate of the productive white male at least. A little good healthy hate of our enemy is indeed good, and when it comes to the fore, things will begin to straighten up.

  6. I have said it before. The negro is not a human being (Homo sapien sapien). It is a sub-human anthropoid devoid of a soul or conscience. It can not be reasoned with, bargained with, or convinced of anything civil no more than you could reason with a rabid dog or enraged gorilla. It is an animal that is programmed by nature/DNA to eat, sleep, sh*t, f*ck, get high, and engage in malevolent/fatal mischief. I did not need a Ph. D dissertation to understand that.

  7. I dream of a White homeland where;

    1) of course, only whites are around but divided into three to four classes of whiteness.
    2) eugenics is a societal norm;
    2.1 reproduction permits,
    2.2 mandatory parenthood classes for those permitted to breed
    2.3 mandatory sterilisation of non-dependant but genetically unfit adults
    2.4 mandatory euthanasia of chronically-dependant adults
    2.5 “pure” bred programmes similar to what we do with race horses, dogs, etc
    2.6 the establishment of at least 3 IQ classes, a la Brave New World
    2.7 breeding only allowed between the age 18 to 25 for women and 21 to 27 for men

    3) education is mandatory according to established IQ classes
    4) excessive leisure/non-productive time is prohibited
    5) there is mandatory 2-week vacation, twice a year
    6) heterosexual family life mandatory and upheld as one of the most sacred societal value
    7) homosexuality, re-introduced into the DSM
    8) prostitution made illegal along with pornography, consummation of both now in the DSM
    9) women only allowed to work in jobs that men cannot do and only after aged 25, and after progeny is in adulthood.
    10) atheism now in the DSM
    11) judaisn, islam, satanism now in the DSM
    12) usury illegal again
    13) mandatory labour camps for those sentenced to prison time.

    I could come-up with more I’m sure but, that’s enough fantasy for the time being.

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