Mother of Five Adult Children Claims the Kids are OK with Her Sugar Baby Lifestyle

As you read the story of Suzanne Thatcher’s travel adventures, ask yourself if men are really this stupid, and if they are, why.

I had sugar babies in my classes at the university, but they were young and they had sex with their sugar daddies.

Suzanne Thatcher is old and she claims not to do anything with her sugar daddies that make her feel “uncomfortable.” All of her talk about separate rooms while traveling with men who pick up the tab for her expenses leaves me shaking my head.

New York Post

Meet the mom-of-five traveling the world in style thanks to the rich men she meets online.

Suzanne Thatcher, 52, has journeyed first class to luxurious hotels in destinations across Italy and the US – all paid for by men she’s met via a dating website.

Thatcher, from Florida, said: “Men I’ve met through online dates have enabled me to see some amazing places, but I’ve also made some good friends.

“My friends laughed at first but now I’ve even persuaded some of my male friends to sign up to find travel companions themselves.”

Thatcher insists that she is honest with the men she dates from the off, making it clear that the pair will have separate rooms on their trips and that she won’t do anything she doesn’t feel comfortable with.

She said: “If you are someone looking for an experience that you can’t afford, this is a fabulous way to do it, as long as you do it properly.

“It is important that you talk about expectations from the outset, but also that you have good chemistry from the start.”

After her second marriage broke down last year, Thatcher, who has three daughters aged between 18 and 33, and two sons, aged 28 and 21, was looking for new ways to enjoy life.

She explained: “I’d done some traveling with my girlfriends to Mexico and Puerto Rico when I was younger, but with five kids, a job and my husband running his own business at the time, it was difficult to get away as I got older.

“When my marriage broke down and my kids flew the nest, there was so much I wanted to do and see.

“But I was volunteering full-time in local politics and at an animal shelter and didn’t have the means to do so.

“One of my girlfriends mentioned a website called – a site for travel-seeking singles – and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to do some of things I enjoyed.”

Although some friends and family had their doubts, Thatcher was determined to experience new things.

She said: “My kids thought it was crazy and a little bit risky, but I am an adventurous person and I knew that if I was diligent and did it my way, it would be an amazing opportunity.”

In September 2016, Thatcher went on her first trip across the US – spending the weekend in Texas.

She explained: “I met this guy online and he seemed like a really nice, genuine man.

“He was going to a charity event for motorcycle enthusiasts. I loved motorcycles when I was younger, so I decided to take the plunge. I felt safer having my first trip within the US.

“It was very important from the beginning to be really honest about what we both expected from this and if I wasn’t comfortable with it, I wouldn’t continue it.

“We met each other for the first time at the airport. From the moment we met, I really enjoyed his company.”

The date whisked Thatcher off to a five-star hotel, where they had separate rooms, and she was able to pamper herself ahead of the event.

She said: “We had amazing food and drink and went to the event on a motorcycle, with a police escort from our hotel to the ball because there was a huge crew together.

“It was so fabulous and so much fun.”

Soon after, eager for another adventure, Thatcher began chatting with another man online.

The keen dater asked her where she would like to go and she chose a holiday in Rome.

But, as Thatcher was volunteering for local politicians during the US election and their schedules clashed, they put their trip on hold – but kept in touch.

She said: “As the election came around, I told him I would have a three week window, but I wasn’t sure he could make it work.

“Within a few days, though, he called me and told me we were going.”

“I couldn’t believe it. It was like a dream. Before I left, we’d confirmed that I would have my own room and there were no expectations with the relationship. I thought I had nothing to lose.

“His wife had sadly passed away a few years before and he just wanted someone to enjoy travelling with. He was again around the same age and owned his own business.”

Thatcher was lavished with amazing food and wine for the 10 day adventure and treated to first class travel.

She recalled: “It was all perfect. We got to know each other and really clicked. It was a real adventure and exactly what I was looking for.

“At the end of the trip, we said goodbye at the airport and it was actually quite emotional because we had such a wonderful time.

“I would never have been able to do that without his amazing generosity.

“We have remained great friends. He’s started dating someone now and I’m so pleased he is happy, because he gave me such an amazing experience.

“I was never really looking for love. I wasn’t ruling it out but I wanted to meet people with a common love of travel.

“There are still so many places I want to see. I’d love to go to Tahiti or London or Japan. I don’t usually set out for a particular destination – it’s more about what comes up – but those places would be amazing.

“I have nothing negative to say about my experiences so far so I can’t wait for more in the future.”


Good grief! These poor males are suckers in my view. Normally in life a person expects good value for his scarce resources. With feminists screaming their heads off about the patriarchy, this story suggests that the patriarchy is a myth. Suzanne completely dominates the males she meets. I would call them cucks. Am I wrong?

More photos and more story can be read at The Sun.

21 thoughts on “Mother of Five Adult Children Claims the Kids are OK with Her Sugar Baby Lifestyle

  1. In this case, shes hardly a “mother”, more like hooker. Daily Fail’s got a habit of running such inept stories for some time which is nothing but whoring propaganda for dummies. And she looks way older than 52. Im sure her “lifestyle” is to blame. Somebody should remind her its the oldest profession in the world, no matter how much she tries to hide/glamorize it. Im sorry for her kids (and ex), regardless that now, according to her, theyre all adults In short and to be honest, shes nothing but a worn out ‘ho.

    • “Thatcher insists that she is honest with the men she dates from the off”.

      This makes her the only woman on the planet that does this excluding pros, unless she is lying. She is one in four billion.

      ““I was never really looking for love. I wasn’t ruling it out”. This makes her again most unusual in her honesty, She knows there is no such thing as free lunch, or free First Class travel. She has to gobble more than the luxury food.

      The men are chumps in my opinion. For the same money they could have had a hot young model. maybe a penny more if the model was living in the West.

      Even poor men must pay for sex, one way or the other. The hard way is very hard, and the easy way is not easy. OTOH a small number of charming men are pretty good at bedding one woman after another for free, using lies and deception. The man is usually youngish and good looking, or a very good liar if old.

      • And I mean that not to be mean. I dAted a man for awhile who was 18 years my senior. He had a lot of anxiety surrounding that issue so we did not make sex an issue. Both of us had kids. We hung out and had fun.

        People that keep score always lose.

      • I could make the case that she’s a prostitute in a moral sense. Did you ever watch Gunsmoke? Remember the bar girls who sold their company to men? It’s the same idea here.

        I should also remind you that feminists claim marriage is prostitution for women. Many women believe that to be true.

        I’m sure that the young starlets who go after old Jew movie producers could also be called prostitutes even if they marry the old Yids.

  2. “She explained: “I met this guy online and he seemed like a really nice, genuine man.”

    She’s an idiot and sooner or later she is going to meet a “really nice, genuine man” that is going to rape her and cut her throat.

  3. with out touching on the qualities of the woman at all I will just say after years of fighting feminism I have figured out that Men are their own worst enemies. Why there are even a few male posters on this site, or were, who still try and stick their internet noses up Vikingbitche’s (or whatever she calls herself this week) a$$. Hell you (Paladin) even put up with her after all these years after the abuse she has thrown your way which honestly makes me wonder about you sometimes too So that being said the sheer number of pussy-whipped beta men out there means any woman can make money as a “Sugar Baby” even if they don’t put out while doing so.

  4. I am older and owned my own business, too. The difference is I have tastes and am discriminating. Just because she is mobile and breathing doesn’t give us anything in common.

  5. Maybe they just like her company. Maybe she is nice.

    Who knows?

    Cannot believe everything you read on the Internet.

    • Nice my ass. Men like to screw. She’s playing a dangerous game. If she is as stupid as she appears to be, someone is going to punch her ticket. Especially if she teases the wrong non-white.

      I am not surprised to read that she is twice divorced. She was probably the cause of both with her foolish behavior.

  6. How about this…maybe there are really nice men out there that just want someone with whom to talk?

    Wow,… now I am getting all mushy and stuff:)

    It is true though. I have much faith.

  7. Seems to me like propaganda aimed at young women to encourage them to trust these sites, then get whisked into a world of sex trafficking.

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