Ex-Government Employee Charged with Selling Top Secret Documents to China

That’s some house that alleged traitor Kevin Mallory owns. I wonder how much of it was paid for by his treason.

NBC Washington

A former government contractor sold top secret and secret documents to China, according to an indictment unsealed Thursday.

Kevin Mallory, 60, of Leesburg, Virginia, sold the documents to Chinese intelligence officials for $25,000, according to the indictment. He used a special device to communicate and transmit documents to Chinese operatives. “Your object is to gain information, and my object is to be paid for,” he wrote in one message.

Investigators found a handwritten index of eight documents on the device, four of which also were stored on the device, according to the Department of Justice. Three of those four contained classified information.

Mallory, who speaks fluent Mandarin, had top secret clearance when he worked for various government agencies and defense contractors. When he left in October 2012, he allegedly took documents with secret and top secret classifications on an electronic device, according to the indictment.

He traveled to Shanghai in March and April, according to the indictment. Upon his return in April, he failed to report he was carrying more than $10,000, and customs officials found $16,000 in his carry-on bags.

Federal agents swarmed Mallory’s neighborhood Thursday morning with K-9 teams and the regional bomb squad command center. Agents’ cars lined Mallory’s street.

He lived there with his wife and three children, neighbors told News4.

Mallory faces charges that could send him to prison for and possibly carry the death penalty if certain allegations are proven.

Mallory is in jail Thursday night. A detention hearing is scheduled for Friday.

9 thoughts on “Ex-Government Employee Charged with Selling Top Secret Documents to China

  1. Seems like amateur hour. He did not need to travel to China.. How did the Customs guess he had more than 10K in readies? Could he not have banked most of the money while outside the USA? E.g. China could have given him a bank account with 25k in it. All he needed to carry was a plastic card.

    Might be he was shopped by China? Perhaps his information was of no great value? How come a white man is caught when ethnic Chinese people are doing this sort of thing especially with Western industrial secrets and getting away with it?

    • There were Chinese professor spies at the University of Texas at San Antonio from the mid 90s onward. Not that I can prove they were spies. But they were spies. They’re everywhere in higher ed. The Chinese government is trying to take over American education in order to steal intellectual secrets. This may not be illegal, but it should be.

      • So,a possible death sentence for treason? Looking at the US you could forgive me for thinking that the treason charge no longer exists,after all,I read about citizens openly advocating for, and working towards the demise of the US as a nation,together with her culture, history and identity every day. As I see it,there are only two things for a White American to do….either invest in a rope factory and work towards making a fantastic profit or drink the damn cool aid! There’s only two choices,so you Yanks better make yr bloody minds up . Take a look at yr cuckolded cousins across the pond and i hope that scares you $#itless.

  2. It has been estimated that there are thousands of Chinese Govt spies living and working in Australia. Many have Australian passports.
    This is one of the many benefits of Multiculturalism and Diversity.
    The USA might have tens of thousands of such Chinese Communist spies, many working for the US Govt and Govt military contractors. Meanwhile, we hear nothing from the Jewsmedia except the threat from Russia.
    Bait and switch. The three walnut shells, which one has the pea underneath?
    Multicultism, feel the joy.

  3. Chinks are everywhere in the U.S. trying to steal intellectual property secrets/military tech secrets/industrial espionage. Five or six years ago, two or three Chink researchers were caught red-handed stealing plants from a field that was owned/operated by the U.S. government. Government botanists were growing improved strains of wheat or corn or some such. They just stopped their car on the road and started pulling up plants. Regards this stupid spy, the story says he has a wife and three kids. I can pretty much surmise that he has a fish-wife who nagged him about working a gov’t job and not making any money so that they could buy a big, fancy house and live a fancy lifestyle. I will lay money on it. What a dumb sh*t.

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