Disgusting New Faggoty Ken Dolls An Insult to Real Men

The new Ken dolls look like a gang of pedophiles and homosexuals operating out of London, England. They really don’t look American at all. The indoctrination effect here is clearly to sexualize children and inspire lust for dark man meat among little girls.


Barbie’s one-time blue-eyed boyfriend is getting a makeover. Toymaker Mattel is giving its Ken doll a variety of new looks in hopes the makeovers will move the toys into the modern era.

On Tuesday, the company rolled out 15 new Ken dolls with three body types: “slim, broad and original.” They have seven skin tones, nine hairstyles — including cornrows and “man buns” — and an array of sartorial styles from business casual to athletic-chic.

“We are redefining what a Barbie or Ken doll looks like to this generation,” Lisa McKnight, senior vice president and general manager, Barbie, said in a press release. McKnight says the new Ken, “allows girls to further personalize the role they want him to play in Barbie’s world.”

The evolving Ken is just catching up with Barbie. Last year Mattel introduced three new body types for Barbie: tall, curvy and petite in addition to new skin tones and hairstyles.

Mattel says this “Fashionistas” line — of which the new Ken doll is now a part — has seen double digit growth globally since its roll-out.

The company has been looking to revive the Barbie business following a slump. Sales for the brand fell 13 percent to $123 million dollars in the first quarter this year, from $141 million the year before, according to figures released by the toymaker.

Launched in 1959, Barbie has gained a bad reputation in some circles for her unrealistic proportions and sexualized appearance. And yet after nearly six decades, she remains a staple in children’s toy boxes.

The Wall Street Journal reports that on average, kids have one Ken doll per seven Barbies.

Mattel said Tuesday it is also rolling out 25 new, diverse Barbie dolls.

5 thoughts on “Disgusting New Faggoty Ken Dolls An Insult to Real Men

  1. “McKnight says the new Ken, “allows girls to further personalize the role they want him to play in Barbie’s world.””

    He lies! He knows very well that many of these dolls will be sold to queer adults. Most of all, he hopes mothers will buy these toy colored poofters to give to their boys. The mothers hope their boy will grow up to be a faggot and get a Hollywood career as a direct result.

  2. These mystery meat dolls do not sell that well. I see them occasionally at Walmart. They may sell a few (usually to idiotic white women) and then rest just sit there. Just recently they had a few on closeout for $3 and they still didn’t sell. No one wants these mystery meat dolls. Hell even the black girls in my AO like the Frozen character.

  3. If worse comes to worse you buy a few of the 3$ priced to sell “mystery meat” Ken dolls for target practice, for use in ritual voo-doo ceremonies or as doggie chew toys

    I didn’t see any str8 YT Ken’s in that montage; a nerdy white Ken, an Emerikkkan Idol poofy Ken.

    I’m seeing a lot of nignog males and females with what looks like a dog turd on the tops of their head that look like one of the mystery meat Kens

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