Stefan Molyneux Asks Jew Why the Hypocrisy on Immigration

This video is over a year old, but is timeless in its subject matter.

Stefan DESTROYS a JOO caller.

Ten minutes. Very informative, as Stefan reminds us that millions of Christians were taken as slaves and killed by Muslims in the past. He also stays focused on Jewish hypocrisy and double standards as he grills his Jewish caller about “multiculturalism for thee, but not for me.”

7 thoughts on “Stefan Molyneux Asks Jew Why the Hypocrisy on Immigration

  1. It sincerely sounds like the Jewish guy had actually NEVER even THOUGHT ABOUT the “hypocrisies” Stefan was asking him. I give him credit for hanging in there in the midst of great cognitive dissonance.

    As for Stefan, I would not have acted so dumb (“I have no idea the answer,” etc.) but I suppose he did that to keep the guy talking. He also should have asked him re the more recent Bolsheviks killing 66 million White Russian Christians vs. the Muslim story which is so old it doesn’t really “register.”

  2. There is a huge difference between Israeli Jews, and the American JINO. Most Israeli Jews support Trump and his ideas, whereas most American Jinos identify as liberal atheists. As an American Jewish Trump supporter, I have seen many American Israeli Jews, Orthodox Jews, and more conservative American Jews at the counter protests supporting Trump, then I had patriotic Christian Americans. As an American Jew, I say build the wall. Keep the Muslims out of America. Put Americans first. And stop lumping liberal “Jews” in with us right wing Jews. Liberal Jews are not Jewish.

    As for Israel being only a Jewish country, that’s in name and identification only. There are millions of non Jews living there. Israel absorbs many different cultures, and religions every year. One of my closest friends there happens to be a Canadian Christian woman. So to say Israel is strictly Jewish, is a very false statement. Seems the caller, and the guy in the video have not visited Israel.

  3. Jew interviews Jew. Is there any other kind of interview? The MSN is full of it. In the past I would watch three talking heads on say CNBC, Yahoo or MSN and all were Jews. Crooks and shysters like (((Max Keiser, Peter Schiff and Dr Doom))).

    Why do the 2% dominate everywhere? Is there a level paying field on the Internet? Are whites actually a little bit stupid and we needs Jews to lead us – to the Promised Land?

    Pack up your tent and begone all ye Jews! I will not watch you bullshit videos.

      • Yes Jews own the media but not the Internet – yet. It bothers me that so many “truthers” on YouTube (JewTube?) are in fact Jews pretending to care about white people. Like Stefan Molyneaux.

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