“Racist” Woman Condemned for Demanding A White Doctor for Her Son

A white Canadian mother is being roundly criticized for asking for a white doctor who speaks English to provide treatment for her son.

It’s no exaggeration to say that she’s being horrifically demonized on the Internet. Obviously, many leftists are trying to dox her. They want her name, phone number, address, place of work, etc., so that she can be fired and terrorized by leftist scum.

I left the following comment on youtube, which I dashed off quickly. I’m sorry for the cursing, but I think my anger is justified: “Fuck you antiracist assholes posting here. These foreign fuckface doctors will kill you. Every mom wants the best for her children. Low IQ morons from Turdistan aren’t the best. Most of the street shitters have to be taught how to use a fucking toilet, for God’s sake.”

Anyone with half an ounce of brain matter knows that the level of competence of nonwhite physicians is distinctly below that of white and Jewish doctors. A person has the right to ask for best. That’s what our heroic mom did.

The faggots criticizing white mom wouldn’t see a street shitter or dune coon doctor, so why should she.

New York Daily News

A Canadian woman was recorded demanding a “white doctor” for her son at a walk-in clinic in Ontario.

The incident was captured by Hitesh Bhardwaj, who was waiting for his own appointment at Rapid Access to Medical Specialists in Mississauga, CBC News reported.

After requesting a doctor that is both white, “speaks English” and doesn’t have “brown teeth” for her son — who was suffering from chest pains — the woman is told she’ll have to wait until 4 p.m.

“I saw a doctor that was not white that did not help my kid,” the woman repeatedly says over the course of the four-minute clip. “I would like to see a white doctor. You’re telling me there isn’t one white doctor in this whole entire building?”

At one point in the recording she can be heard saying: “Oh my god. Well what’s the closest you have to speaking English?”

Her exchange with clinic staff escalates fairly quickly and several patients also waiting critique the woman for her “racist” remarks. She responds by calling them “brown” and claiming that they were targeting her because she was “white.”

They call her “unbelievable” and “ridiculous” and point out speaking English is not exclusive to white people. Some advise her to seek medical help for her boy elsewhere.

“My kid is sick. I spoke in perfect English before I asked to have somebody that speaks perfect English,” the mother can be heard saying.

At another point she says: “Being white in this country, I should just shoot myself.”

Bhardwaj, who uploaded the recording of the racist tirade online, told CTV Toronto he was shocked by her blatant bigotry.

“Seeing it so openly, without any fear, in front of so many people, without even fearing that someone can report her — it was really shocking,” he said.

That last paragraph shows that these faggot immigrants have no understanding of freedom of speech. They are simply incompatible with the West. Go home to Turdistan, you fags where you can sh*t in the streets all you want.

18 thoughts on ““Racist” Woman Condemned for Demanding A White Doctor for Her Son

  1. At the video at YouTube, if you put the comments on “Newest First,” yours is right at the top. I wonder if they will allow it to stay there, lol. There were a few other sympathizers mixed in with the haters, thankfully.

    Sadly for the Mom, she’s getting a rude awakening to the evil takeover of her own country, with the socially-engineered dupes being the ones we’d have to deal with if we go looking for any “services.”

    Besides PREFERRING a doctor who SPEAKS clear ENGLISH without “ghetto-speak” nor THICK third world accents like East Indians (ear torture to try to understand what they are saying), who wants a doctor that you cannot even pronounce nor spell their extremely ODD (to-ENGLISH-SPEAKING-people) names?

    Incompatible with the West is right.

    As for her kid with chest pain, take away the iphone/ipad/wifi & check for any smart meters, cell towers, etc., at school & at home. Chest pain is absolutely one of the symptoms of being radiated with microwaves & EMFs: “Heart palpitations and a pressure in the chest (a feeling that the heart wants to jump out of the chest while at the same time the chest is being stepped upon)”:

  2. “At another point she says: “Being white in this country, I should just shoot myself.””
    Well yes. She knows what is going on. However did she vote for the most far right party possible? Did she vote anti-Immigration at every election in the past 20 years or so, depending on her age of course?

    If she did not vote Far Right she has no right to bleat. You get what you pay for. Canada has free medical help for its citizens, so far as I know. To get this, you get what you are given, take it or leave it. The Govt saves money by employing in hospitals low skilled doctors from say Pakistan and Turdistan and Africa. Same in Australia – if you want a white man you damn well better pay for it.

    Ironically a LOT of lefty do gooders happily pay the extra money! Fucking hypocrites! They love niggers but would never trust one as their one doctor or the doctor to see their own kiddies! But force many people to use these incompetent doctors due to poverty. How many Democrats in Congress or the Senate use the coloured doctors provided at public clinics? How many see coloured doctors at private clinics? How many choose women? How many of these hypocrites only see white male doctors, or male Jew doctors?

    As result of my niggardliness mostly, my doctor visits for 20 years have been to both Jews and Chinks. Both of these work at the Govt rates and see a LOT of patients and make big money that way. Most white male doctors have longer sessions and charge more than twice as much. You get a Jew or Chink for free (Govt pays), or pay say $5 due to recent changes, and get maybe 5 minutes or so maximum.

    Or pay an extra $50 to see a white man for 15 minutes.

    Any white that does not vote Far Right anti-immigration is voting for White Genocide – as the Frogs and Dutch did very recently. You get what you vote for, to some extent.

  3. May the internet be flooded with stories like this! People need to know they’re not the only ones who feel this way. Let the tide turn!

  4. I needed knee surgery so I went to a popular place and got an appointment. When I got in to see him, he was a monstrously fat Filipino and accompanied by a negress that looked like she just came down from the trees. He looked at me and scheduled an MRI and then I left. When I got home I had a bad feeling about it so I looked him up online and found a LOT of bad feedback on him.

    So I cancelled the MRI and started looking for a doctor with the whitest name I could find. I found one with great feedback and made an appointment. I had to wait 4 weeks to see him but in the end I finally had my knee fixed. Not only did he do a great job, but at the operating facility, the ENTIRE STAFF WAS WHITE as well. I couldn’t believe my luck. It really does pay to shop and do your research.

    I don’t blame the young woman for asking for a white doctor. We have all read too many horror stories about non-white doctors. I am glad I was so fortunate. My biggest fear is emergency services.

    • I used to run an elder-care business in a small town. All but one of my clients was White (the sole black dude was paid for by the VA–and he’s also the only one the young nurse assistants didn’t want to bathe, because he would command them to stroke his díck).

      The only doctors willing to work in such a tiny town were the middle eastern failures who couldn’t find employment in a real city.

      It broke my heart seeing members of the Greatest Generation, including WWII vets, having to ask “Doctor” Sayeed for medication and treatment. Sayeed, that fücker, seemed to get off on watching Whites plead for his assistance. I once met him in his office, and I could sense that he was about to crap his pants (or strap on an explosive vest–you never can tell with these cowards), and I could read his thoughts: “Oh shít, this White man means business.”

      I encourage all of you to mean business when dealing with these goatfvckers.

      • Jaded, you are exactly right. This happened to me many years in Southern California. My female OBGYN had an emergency and they scheduled me with some fat shitskin. I raised hell and said no way.

        I finally got a white female RN practitioner. But I had to have a temper tantrum. I literally had to stomp my feet and yell.

        Making a scene works.

    • My dear old mum had knee replacement…her knee still hurt so we went to a reputable surgeon( black) who looked at the x rays and declared the screws had come loose…hmmm,so I flew mom out and the next consultant Surgeon laughed so hard he nearly fell off his chair….said they used an adhesive and never screws!! Hell,the black surgeon,who by the way was highly recommended couldn’t even read an x ray. How would he have stuffed up an actual knee replacement is simply scary. I learnt my lesson that’s for sure!

  5. My experience with Indian Doctors is that they only care that you know they are the important one around here, and suck up to them accordingly. The arrogance toward patients and nurses is always in inverse proportion to their abilities.

    • Well,a Hindu doctor saved my father’s life…he was on his death bed with a heart problem (valve)and no one would dare operate as they said he would die on the table..we found a hospital in India that was willing to give it a go if we could get him there,well we did,he had to be resuscitated both on the private flight and in the ambulance,but today,10 years later he is still around and has a clean bill of health. Thanks to the SAL hospital in Bangalore.

      • Interesting. My father was on a ship in the Indian Ocean when he came down with appendicitis. He was ferried to Bombay, I believe. The Hindu doctors saved his life. By way of their customs, a Hindu woman sat with him to keep him company for the two weeks or so he was in the hospital. Once he flew back to the States we kept in touch with her for years, sending her American goods.

        That’s why I won’t very often be harsh in criticizing the Hindu people.

  6. Hey, don’t like it, leave the country and go back to where you came from (that is Europe). Stupid whiners!

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