Anthropologist Says “White Genocide” is a “Good Plan”

His name is Michael Oman-Reagan. That name raises the question of why he has a hyphenated last name.

He’s most likely a queer. Most queers are as crazy as this fool. If he thinks genociding the white race is such a good idea, I suggest that he go first. And take his black boyfriend along with him, assuming he has a black boyfriend.

It’s frightening to think that Oman-Reagan may be teaching your son or daughter in the near future when he obtains his doctoral degree.


According to anthropologist Michael P. Oman-Reagan, “white genocide” is a “good plan” because it will entrench leftist power by preventing right-wingers from having babies.

Oman-Reagan is a Vanier Scholar and Ph.D. candidate in the department of anthropology at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

“White genocide and why it’s a good plan,” tweeted Oman-Reagan, before going on to list a number of reasons why he thought the elimination of an entire race was progressive.

“Instead of politics, the Liberal Media Elite should orchestrate deep social ad campaigns to convince people to never reproduce with….” he added, before an emoticon of a frog to symbolize the alt-right.

Oman-Reagan said preventing alt-right “Frog-Milk boys” from reproducing was a good thing because, “They won’t be able to teach any children to be full of hate or terrible attempts at owning people online.”

“They can leave the politics to the leftists, who will ensure everyone has healthcare, free education, right to food and housing, etc,” remarked Oman-Reagan, before later tweeting that America was a “racist nation” with a constitution that primarily benefited “white supremacists”.

He subsequently tweeted that the First Amendment and free speech were also enjoyed primarily only by “male white supremacists”.

The anthropologist later championed the “incredible diversity in the classroom” at another college.

To illustrate the insanity of his political positions, Oman-Reagan later tweeted that he wanted to abolish all prisons.

One wonders what reaction a major university would have to one of their faculty members calling for black genocide.

Given the hysterical state of social justice warrior-controlled campuses these days, Oman-Reagan will probably get a pay raise for his revolting anti-white racism.

EMSNEWS.WORDPRESS reports that Oman-Reagan made a threat against President Trump and was visited by the Secret Service. I haven’t been able to verify that, but it seems like something this insane drama queen would do.

6 thoughts on “Anthropologist Says “White Genocide” is a “Good Plan”


    Why don’t people ask him: “why don’t you then commit suicide?”

    This ant topoligist will then do one of 2 things: a) give no answer or give a non-sensical answer or some excuse;

    or b) commit suicide.

    If he does b, problem solved.

    If he does a, we then know that he is a hoaxter.

    Then we call all call him a hoaxter for not practicing what he preaches.

  2. He has been cloned. See how his left eye is smaller than his right eye. They have many defects and that is one of them. They are not human. They can say whatever they want. Just ignore them and they will go away.

  3. Infowars is not the sharpest chisel in the toolbox. They call a student an anthropologist. This would be like calling a Science graduate studying for a PhD a “scientist”. Or a Jew banker a “businessman”. A title like anthropologist or mathematician must be earned by published works. This is not what I would consider a work worthy of peer review. Peer mockery one would hope.

    If right wingers have no more babies – how is diversity of the human species to be obtained? Does this chump not realise that many right wingers are not white? Has he never heard of President Duerte of the Philippines? Africa has many right wing black as spades leaders as does Saudi Arabia etc. Left wing, as in Communist, leaders are rare because the USA kills them.

    “According to anthropologist Michael P. Oman-Reagan, “white genocide” is a “good plan” because it will entrench leftist power by preventing right-wingers from having babies.”

    “Anthropologist of space, science, and exploration. SETI, futures, imagination.” This faker, fantasist and fraud does look 100% anal buitt reamer.

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