Alabama Mayor Wants New Orleans Confederate Monuments


The small Alabama town of Hanceville wants the Confederate Monuments that New Orleans recently removed in an effort to appease the local Negros.

As a child, I walked the streets of Hanceville for a day or two many summers as we took our annual summer vacation to visit my father’s and mother’s relatives in Alabama, Georgia, and Kentucky. I’ve included a few pictures of Hanceville in this post.


With an off the beaten path location and few local attractions, Hanceville is a place where you can still buy a home for $50,000 and up in a safe community. You probably won’t make much money there. ALL of my parent’s relatives were poor in dollars, if rich in spirit. It’s a lot easier for white people to be rich in spirit when they live in a town that’s 93 percent white.

With certainty, I can tell you that the monuments would have a good home for many decades to come in Hanceville.


An Alabama mayor is offering to take Confederate-related monuments recently disassembled in New Orleans.

Hanceville Mayor Kenneth Nail wrote to New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, asking him to consider donating the monuments for display in Veterans Memorial Park in Hanceville. The town of about 3,250 people is about 40 miles (65 kilometers) north of Birmingham.


Nail tells The Cullman Times he’s heard nothing but positive feedback on the idea from Hanceville residents.

“One of my good friends, who is black, even messaged me on Facebook and told me, ‘Look, some of my ancestors were forced to fight in that war (the Civil War), and I think it’s a good idea to remember these things.’ He told me, ‘I drive a truck, and I’ll even go down there and pick them up if the city needs me to,'” Nail said Saturday.

“We did receive the letter and are in the process of responding,” Landrieu spokesman Tyronne Walker said in an email.

Walker reiterated that New Orleans officials plan soon to issue a formal request for proposals to host the monuments in a more appropriate place than the high-profile spots they once occupied.

“All proposals must state how they will place the statues in context, both in terms of why they were first erected and why the City chose to remove them in 2015,” Walker’s email said.

The monuments taken down by the city included a stone obelisk heralding white supremacy and three statues of Confederate stalwarts: Gen. Robert E. Lee, the Confederacy’s president, Jefferson Davis, and Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard. The city’s request for proposals does not include the Beauregard statue. Its future is murkier because of legal disputes over who owns the property on which it was placed, at the entrance to New Orleans’ City Park.

New Orleans is the most recent Southern city to remove Confederate symbols seen by some as vestiges of racism. The issue has been especially sensitive since Dylann Roof, an avowed white supremacist who posed in photos with the Confederate flag, gunned down nine people at a South Carolina church in 2015. Landrieu proposed that the Confederate statues in New Orleans be removed after those killings.

Nail said he’s only interested in obtaining the monuments if they can be had at little to no cost for his city — and so far, he hasn’t heard back about his letter.

“My view is that it’s an opportunity, a great teaching tool that we could have in our city,” he said. “It’s an opportunity for all of us to reflect on all our struggles, and to celebrate how far we’ve come, while clearly acknowledging that we had those struggles.”


7 thoughts on “Alabama Mayor Wants New Orleans Confederate Monuments

  1. I thought that was a fantastic idea until I read TYRONNE’s required “conditions” for anyone to take the monuments:

    “All proposals must state HOW they will place the statues IN CONTEXT, both in terms of WHY they were FIRST erected and WHY the City chose to REMOVE them in 2015,” Walker’s email said.

    Pffff. That is bunk right there. If you don’t want them, dummy, don’t try to CONTROL whoever DOES want them. What he wants is the lefty message on a plaque or sign in front of the statues, fweeelings, multi-cult, die-versity, globalism, blah blah.

    Mayor Nail & his buddy with the truck sound like great people. And from the photos, they live in a very serene place. Good for you that you were able to travel through the hills of ‘bama, Jawja, & Kentucky when younger. 😉

    My railroad grandfather was transferred to Birmingham for awhile so we did take trips up there as kids as well. Very green big hills, loved their house with a creek running behind it, & of course visits to the giant Roman mythical “god” Vulcan statue/park, “the world’s largest cast iron statue”:

    Let’s hope Lee, Davis, & Beauregard get to live in nearby peaceful Hanceville.

  2. Birmingham is a nigger sh*t-hole. This Hanceville place sounds like a whitetopia. Alabama always was ground-zero for standing up for evil YT. Maybe Alabama was where the Garden of Eden was located.

  3. Re whites lacking the folding readies in Hanceville, a quote from the movie ‘I Know Where I’m Going!’ 1945 set in Scotland.

    Livesey’s character says at one point in the film, “They aren’t poor, they just haven’t got any money.”

  4. Re the last photo with a nigger holding sign “take down Robert E. Lee and ALL symbols of White Supremacy”.
    Those words are Jew Spew, not Nigger PhD output.
    Why do niggers carry signs with Jew Vomit all over them?

    Robert E. Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia were defeated by White Men, not by a multicultural rabble.
    So how did the much weaker South in any way represent White Supremacy? There were black slaveholders in the South as well as white and plenty of Jew slave holders also.

    Robert E. Lee in many ways represents the Supreme American soldier. As well as a brilliant General and leader he was above all a gentleman which the drunken Grant and the violent Sherman were not. Compare photos of these three men. Two have evil written all over them. One man only is good and proud and noble. Two look like sneaky degenerates and carpet baggers. Sherman is very ugly and also looks like an alcoholic. Grant has the vacant eyes of the booze hound.

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