The Future of Germany vs. The Future of Poland in One Image

Seen at the Voice of Europe Twitter.

10 thoughts on “The Future of Germany vs. The Future of Poland in One Image

  1. Can Angela Merkel count? One million young brown and black men is a lot more than Germany can absorb in one year, maybe 20 times too many. This error will be felt for thousands of years – unless the Coons are ethically cleansed ASAP.

    • There’s probably no error, the demonic jew world order is under pressure to destroy and wipe out any trace of white European society ASAP

      I just hope Poland can hang in there and survive

  2. Unfortunately, I bet all those Polish churches are CATHOLIC which can be like a dictatorship in itself. Protestants have been harassed, spit on, run out of town, & worse in uber-strong Catholic countries in prior decades & maybe still are (Mexico for one).

    Even so, I’m glad Poland is rejecting refugee-ism.

    • If the stubborn Poles had joined with Hitler in 1939 WWII might never have happened. The Soviet Union would have been destroyed and Poland kept safe from Communism. Hitler and his allies would have won and Communism ended and even Mao might never have taken over China. End. The UK and the USA might never have fought Hitler.
      Though probably Hitler would have found a way to lose and get Israel going as a nation. The US State Dept at that time was full of (((Soviet spies))) and (((traitors))).

      • What really happened, and why? This is the question. Even now, during this time of revision of history, the modern apologists are just trendy self proclaimed gurus; they continue to offer the Wests interpretation of “facts”. Nothing from the other side, which would require a heap of revision. This would muddle their confusion even more.
        War was inevitable; St Adolph said so. Keeping the German Army waiting further would demoralize it and the Germans needed lebensraum which meant total annihilation of Polish men, women and children. This is what he said was the first and most important work of the German people.
        There were spies and diplomatic envoys on all sides, and secret treaties were made years before 1939.
        Not only did the Germans want the Baltic corridor, but they wanted a Galician corridor,[Southern], creating a Polish ‘trench’.
        Whatever, the outcome would have been mass murder of Polish people.
        The Poles preferred to fight on their feet.
        But, what really happened? The only sure thing is propaganda happened, big time.
        I enjoy studying the photographs of that time and am amazed that people were/are so easily fooled. The photos are so obviously fake, pasted, brushed AND painted. Some are obvious jokes on the gullible.
        Here’s something that might interest =
        see = ”Adolph Hitler: Agent Of The Round Table”

      • The Polish Govt of 1939 were right wing Colonels. They had no choice but to join Hitler as did Hungary, Romania. The Colonels knew England could not protect Poland. So why rely on the useless UK guarantee? Stalin got all of Poland in 1945 as a direct result. The British did not honour their commitment to Poland even when the Soviets invaded Poland two weeks after Hitler in 1939. The British said they did not also declare war on Stalin “because Poland no longer existed as a nation”. WWII was a fraud.

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