Georgia Referendum on Trump Leaves Libturds with Long Faces Tonight as White Republican Defeats Jew Democrat

As these words are being written, NBC News has joined with CNN in calling the Georgia special Congressional election for Republican Karen Handel.

Raw Story

Republican Karen Handel wins special election in Georgia: CNN

Reepublican Karen Handel has won the hotly contested special election for Georgia’s 6th congressional district, defeating Democrat John Ossoff in the most expensive congressional campaign in American history.

CNN called the election for the Republican to replace Rep. Tom Price (R) who stepped down to take a cabinet position in the Trump administration.

Over $50 million was spent on special election to replace former Congressman Tom Price, who vacated the seat after being confirmed as Secretary of Health and Human Services.


A liberal Jew versus a conservative white woman ought to be a simple choice for Georgia white people. Blacks are numerous in that state, however, and they will be shown to have voted heavily for the Jewish Democrat.

Twitter reaction:

Ossoff allegedly did not live in the district where he was a candidate:

16 thoughts on “Georgia Referendum on Trump Leaves Libturds with Long Faces Tonight as White Republican Defeats Jew Democrat

  1. A White conservative female of German ancestry beat a liberal male of Jewish ancestry. Makes it even better!

    (Nothing against males, you guys…German is the key word.) Her husband is German, also.

  2. And whoever compared pajama boy with Ossoff, priceless!

    As for the price of the special election to replace Price, good grief, WHY do such things cost $50 MILLION big ones?

  3. Great POTUS tweet re GA election…

    • Ugly (((Rachel))) might be right. When it rains, Coons do not vote. So Conservatives win on rainy days simply because white voters care. More proof that “skin colour does not matter”. Maybe blacks are not waterproof or melt like witches in The Wizard of Oz?

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