Murder or Professional Police Response? Dashcam Video of Philando Castile Shooting Released Today

Less than 10 minutes.

The shooting occurs early in the video.

Officer Jeronimo Yanez has been found not guilty of any crime in the shooting you will see in the video.

One thing that is revealed that is new is that Yanez is too nervous and emotional to be a cop. He should never be allowed to wear a badge again. His interview with a police inspector toward the end of the video is troublesome. If you believe Yanez was too quick on the draw, I wouldn’t be inclined to disagree with you.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Jun 20, 2017

** (Disclaimer: Video posted strictly for educational and information purposes only) **

Officials in Ramsey County, Minnesota, released video on Tuesday that shows the interaction Castile had with St. Anthony Police Officer Jeronimo Yanez before Castile was shot to death during a traffic stop in July. In the video, Yanez tells Castile that he’s being pulled over because he has a brake light out. (Audio later used as evidence in the case against Yanez ― and also released Tuesday ― shows the officer actually thought Castile and his girlfriend “just look like people that were involved in a robbery.”) “Sir, I have to tell you, I do have a firearm on me,” Castile says in the graphic video, embedded below. “OK, don’t reach for it then,” Yanez says. “Don’t pull it out.” Castile appears to say that he’s not pulling out the gun, and then Yanez shoots him. Yanez can be heard screaming profanities and sobbing after the shooting. He keeps his gun pointed at a dying Castile as he calls for backup and waits for other officers to arrive.

Later in the video, when Yanez is interviewed by another officer, he admits that he didn’t actually see Castile grab for a gun. He notes, however, that he was nervous after he asked to see Castile’s license, and Castile “had his grip a lot wider than a wallet.” Yanez says: “I didn’t know where the gun was, he didn’t tell me where the fuckin’ gun was, and then it was just gettin’ hanky. He was just staring straight ahead, and I was gettin’ fuckin’ nervous and then … I told him to get his fuckin’ hand off his gun … Fuck.” Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, and her 4-year-old daughter were in the car at the time. Reynolds live-streamed the aftermath of the shooting, which brought worldwide attention to the case. A jury on Friday found Yanez not guilty on a charge of second-degree manslaughter and two counts of reckless discharge of a firearm.

Tuesday’s video release quickly drew more attention to the acquittal, which prompted thousands of protesters to March through Saint Paul over the weekend. “It’s just like, a punch in my stomach, it’s a punch in the gut,” Castile’s friend, John Thompson, told HuffPost Tuesday. “Look what happened to Philando for doing all the right things. It hurts. Every time I talk about it, it hurts. “I’m so tired of being tired, I’m so tired of being sad, I’m so tired of being angry at this system.” Yanez was fired from the police force after the acquittal. “The City of St. Anthony has concluded that the public will be best served if Officer Yanez is no longer a police officer in our city,” the city said on its website Friday. “The city intends to offer Officer Yanez a voluntary separation agreement to help him transition to another career other than being a St. Anthony officer.”

29 thoughts on “Murder or Professional Police Response? Dashcam Video of Philando Castile Shooting Released Today

  1. That is so sad. I knew he was up there in years but hoped he would just keep living. He was one of the good guys.

    Video 15-mins., he says he found it in the CNN Int’l edition as it wasn’t in USA news yet:

  2. PS: That video is the guy reading the above CNN global news link that herrenvolk left, above. That is less than 5 mins., then music.

    “…police intend to investigate the cause of death” even though they do NOT suspect foul play.

    Wasn’t Clint working on plans for a new movie?

  3. Now to the Cop Cam Castile video in the post, good grief! Ugh! That IS upsetting. I did watch the GIRLFRIEND’s video back when this happened. But this is a whole new ballgame.

    Do cops always start screaming F***! every time they shoot someone?

    And talk about trigger happy. Good grief, that is bad news. Castile was just trying to do the right thing. No wonder the family is PO’d.

    It’s a wonder the cop didn’t also shoot the girlfriend because she went into anxiety mode & wouldn’t shut up, probably making the cop more nervous. He could have gotten trigger happy at her, too.

    NEW RULES TO LIVE BY: NEVER TELL A COP YOU HAVE A GUN. It would have been better if Castile had just kept his mouth shut, gotten his insurance & license papers back from the cop, got a ticket written up for the brake light, & moved on.

    And the OTHER cop on the sidewalk, good grief again. He stood afar as if he didn’t want to be involved. What’s his problem?

    Shooter cop WAS fired after the verdict last week. That was in prior articles. I remember commenting on it thinking, at the time, that that wasn’t very nice of the PD if he was found innocent. But the PD had said basically the same thing you did, that he wasn’t cut out to be a cop.

    • I’m normally pro-police, but this video is so disturbing that I have to set aside my prejudices. Yanez’s F bombs show some kind of lack of professionalism. This may be the only time I’m with black lives matter. He was too quick on the draw. Poor judgement, but probably no intent to murder. I now question the not guilty verdict too.

      PS Eastwood death a hoax.

      • I’m still amazed at the fact that seconds after the shooting, seconds, she starts broadcasting live on facebook. And another thing, I find the child’s reaction/demeanour outstandingly calm, and like SAT just mentioned, the other COP’s action was unusual as well.

      • Agreed the Yanez video brings the raw to life for the rest of us who were not there. Terrible. Yanez shot at Castile SEVEN TIMES! > hardly necessary to shoot that many times toward a guy who is sitting down cramped in a car (sitting duck) who never even had time to pull his gun out into view of the cop, much less for him to shoot it even if he had wanted to, which I seriously doubt that was Castile’s intention.

        How many other quick-trigger cops out there?

        Death is bad news, no matter who it is. TRAUMATIC death is worse, again, no matter who it is. The day people truly are NOT affected by other people’s deaths, is the day they become soulless. So in that regard, Yanez at least acted human/showed upset/grief at having brutalized another person to death.

      • ” Yanez’s F bombs show some kind of lack of professionalism. This may be the only time I’m with black lives matter. He was too quick on the draw. Poor judgement, but probably no intent to murder.”

        I have to agree. Yanez should not have been a police officer in the first place. He is not capable of making rational judgements.


        Agree again. Wait until he asks. I’ve been pulled over and the subject never even came up. If it did, I have a permit. I see no reason to mention it unless asked.

        In fairness to police, they do see a lot of scum. But Yanez did screw up. He should never be allowed to be a police officer again. If he was white, the media would have had a field day with him. and Soros’ nation wreckers would be burning down another American city.

      • All sh*t-apes are guilty–guilty of past crimes or of future crimes to be committed against evil YT. No tears here.

  4. A separate HQ version of the song at YT gives this description:

    “Rawhide is a Western song written by Ned Washington (lyrics) and composed by Dimitri Tiomkin in 1958. It was originally recorded by Frankie Laine. The song was used as the theme to Rawhide, the western television series that ran on CBS from 1959 to 1966. Members of the Western Writers of America chose it as one of the Top 100 Western songs of all time. The song is about the job of a drover on a cattle drive.”

    I have to laugh at the bolded sentence as I read a comment once by a guy re the Rawhide theme song & he had written that, “That is the most manly man song I ever heard.” 😀

  5. HV: “I’m still amazed at the fact that seconds after the shooting, seconds, she starts broadcasting live on facebook.”

    Very true, she went right to work. But maybe that was a way for her to deal with her stress. Besides, these days, it’s probably wise to CYA, to tell your side of the story ASAP before details are forgotten. I was surprised, though, that Yanez did not scream at her to stop recording & to throw her phone out of the car, or something.

    “And another thing, I find the child’s reaction/demeanour outstandingly calm…”

    True the kid was not even screaming & crying. Just the noise of the shots is upsetting & I wasn’t even there. Maybe the kid had been asleep & was in a sleepy-head daze … That or they are so used to hearing gunfire on TV that they think it’s all fake.

    “…and like SAT just mentioned, the other COP’s action was unusual as well.”

    That’s three good points. 😉

  6. Good advice, guys!

    –“Wait until he asks” [for any gun, when HIS mind is ready to deal with that step in the process].

    –“Officer, I’m keeping my hands on the steering wheel until you tell me what to do.”

    Too bad people have to “walk on eggshells” around cops these days!

      • Having viewed countless videos of cops being shot at, it never ceases to amaze me just how fast a perp can pull his gun (seemingly out of nowhere) and starts shooting.

  7. I heard that when hiring of new recruits that they prefer the opposite of what is deemed correct for the psychological assessment. Which also evaluates their personality type and behavior determined fit for the job. This way they get their killing machines rather than a policeman with a conscious and good judgement. We now have more sadistic policemen that do not care about the normal citizen or the situation. They shoot first then ask questions later. This is the new American. The policemen are told to do this or lose their job. A lot of our wonderful Policemen rather quit then do things that they deem are wrong. They just want to protect and take care of our citizens. I do not blame them. I respect them and believe that it is the hardest job ever. It is unpredictable and scary with so many cultures and people losing their jobs and mentally ill. I respect you and pray for you and hope you are there when we really need you. 8)

  8. The video portion was no help, and just leaves unanswered questions. It didn’t show what the driver was doing, and it seemed that the officer was seeing the gun being drawn as he was telling the driver not to do it and was drawing his at the same moments. The passenger disputes that the gun was being drawn and it sounded as if she says “I wasn’t” as if she thought the officer was saying she was the one drawing the gun. He may actually have thought that since she had the camera ready. I may be wrong on that, but I agree this is strange. Almost as if created with only the audio telling the presumed story.

    Paladin, I have left a link for you on your, jew professor creating the nog super race story.

  9. The UK TV series Jeeves and Wooster TV series satirised the New York cops. Pretty much every time Bertie was running away from the cops, after doing a petty break in, they fired numerous shots at him, always missing. The cops also fired at other people running away with Bertie. Missing them too.
    The stories were written about the 1930s, the show was made early 1990s.

  10. I hope Ray Tensing is found not guilty or another mistrial!

    I wish Michael Slager didn’t give up and plead guilty hopefully gets probation or few years?.

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