Have A Laugh: Happy Father’s Day

Beer: check

Towel: check

Oreos: check

Video game: check

Pool: check

And three obedient youngsters: check, check, check.

5 thoughts on “Have A Laugh: Happy Father’s Day

  1. Haha, very cute, especially the towel holder.

    Surely the Mom lined up the kids that way & took the picture. Maybe she was trying drop a big hint to the husband re him spending too much time w/his techie gadgets.

  2. Not re Father’s Day but very funny… people drop a camera from a plane & it “takes pictues” all the way down to where it lands with a soft thud. Then watch who comes to get it – what are the chances?


      • It spinned like crazy at first but then it seemed to “catch a wave” & just ride it out.

        Haha, the pigs were out of shot when it landed, but they tried to eat it after they noticed it, lol.

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