Woman’s Privilege Card Gets Revoked for Extreme Unladylike Behavior (Video)

Former TV reporter Colleen Campbell, pictured above, is another walking advertisement for a return to a more restrained culture.

Campbell engages in cursing and more cursing, while a black police officer tries to calm the situation. He does a GREAT job. Then she spits in a man’s face and Officer Friendly does his duty by arresting and handcuffing her.

All the while she brags that she’s a TV celebrity, like that’s supposed to let her off the hook.


Eight minutes.

TV reporter Colleen Campbell was fired after this nastiness surfaced. Read more at Heavy.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Jun 14, 2017

Colleen Campbell, 28, was removed from the Helium comedy club in Philadelphia. Campbell’s “loud whispering” was disrupting patrons, according to comedian Wil Sylvince, who recorded Campbell’s interaction with the police. Campbell tells the cops that she works for a news organization and that “no wonder everyone wants to blow [cops’] f**king heads off.”

Video segment by Wil Silvince. Check him out here: https://www.facebook.com/wsylvince/

Used for non-monetized news dissemination and for limited and “transformative” purposes, such as criticism, and public commentary only.

Apology for misspelling Wil Silvince’s name. It’s Wil, not Will.

10 thoughts on “Woman’s Privilege Card Gets Revoked for Extreme Unladylike Behavior (Video)

  1. Alcohol. Turning a beautiful white woman into a ugly, spitting, belligerent nigger. And marijuana is illegal…….

  2. This was a very difficult video to watch. We often see here on this blog, fat sheboons doing that and we just laugh it all off and say things like “…’figures…”. But when one of your own does it, there’s a deep sadness attached to it. What the hell happened? She doesn’t even look intoxicated on her mugshot:
    Best I can think of is for her to get a very good lawyer and plead incapacitation but not from alcohol, emotional distress or something equally exculpatory. This is really uncharacteristic of a white person, especially female. Conversely, the black patrolman is outstandingly poised. World is upside down in this video.

    • The cop will note in his report a smell of alcohol, slurred speech, etc. I’m sure he cited her for public intoxication after all the shit she gave him. Spitting at/on someone is assault. She’s fucked if that vid is presentable in court.

    • Having lived in many metro areas I can tell you that many minority male cops target white Women

      Eroticized rage playing out.

      Who cares about this video. We did not see what events led up to these measley 20 or 30 seconds.

  3. The person who filmed this episode is an azzzz, a rat, a traitor. Someone should stalk him and film him to see if he is on his best behavior at all times.

    She was drunk and mad at a cop. So what? Who cares, moving on….

  4. Too bad. Her behavior cost her a good job. That said, I think there is nothing more disgraceful than a drunken woman. Especially a woman that cannot handle her liquor.

  5. I’m still in shock over that video, such wasted pretty as hell whiteness. Damn it! I reviewed the video again, if the bearded guy is her boyfriend, why didn’t he just grabbed her and LEAVE the area, preserving what was left of her dignity and safety. That’s what a real man would have done, instead of just trying to calm her down and shake hands with the cop?

    My money

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