Plantation System in Southern Life (1950 Coronet Instructional Films; American History)

The good old days explained without the egalitarian, cultural Marxist hysteria that would characterize anything produced today.

As our high school history teacher noted, the slaves were happy in their work. Most anti-slavery agitprop was yesteryear’s version of fake news.

Less than 11 minutes.

8 thoughts on “Plantation System in Southern Life (1950 Coronet Instructional Films; American History)

  1. I went back to grab all the links of your travelogues, nostalgias, & educational films to save for a “movie day.” I counted 9 so far, including this one. I did begin watching the Plantation story but ended up reading comments vs. watching (a bad habit, but I was listening!) 🙂

    Interesting comment at above YouTube re slavery in the North vs. the South:

    blkyank 12 days ago
    It was cheaper to pay a bad salary then feed a slave in the North because they were open to mass immigration and the South was not. Basically, the North and South continued and expanded on the system of indentured servitude that was first used by the English colonists but modified in very different ways.

    Indentured servants were brought over from England and had their fair paid by a master who in turn was entitled to 7 years of labor by the servant before he/she would be freed to be a full citizen. The servant was in a legal contract with his master that could not be passed to the children of said servant who still retained certain rights even if he could be executed for trying to escape before his time was up.

    [Me: That 7-year thing is from the Old Testament. God allowed Ancient Israel to let a person — even their fellow Israelites — who owed them money or goods, etc., to work it off instead, but at the 7th year they were required to set them free. And, true, that agreement was not to pass on to the servant’s children. Also, they were required to treat all slaves/servants VERY WELL.]

    English immigration was always behind the demand for labor, especially in the South and there was an economic loss of the master when he lost trained workers who had to be replaced by unskilled ones, imported on the master’s dime, on a regular basis.

    It was easier to simply retain a labor force for life that didn’t depend on English people wanting to come to America and one that could be replaced in house by the children of the workers who inherited their parents’ slave status.

    The North on the other hand,never had a problem with people wanting to immigrate to it. It was just the source of those immigrants changed over the years, from England to Germany to Ireland, to Italy, Russia and Poland.

    The North could pay cheap wages and those immigrants were happy to take them along with Economic domination by factory/mine owners because they were still free men under the law, could vote and had the hope their children could move into the American main stream through a public education and assimilation.

    Northern slaves never caught on because there were never huge farming
    operations in the Northeast. The slaves there were much more used as domestic servants or in shops. It turned out easier to hire a fresh immigrant off the boat than feed a slave for life.

    By the time those Yankees settled the mid west, they had no tradition of
    slave use in farming and there were plenty of Germans willing to move
    there to work the land alongside the Yankees.

    The downside for the North was immigrants brought a lot of social disruption. Crime,strikes,ethnic tensions,and radical politics were the order of the day in the North.

    The South was built on tradition and stability and didn’t want a lot of
    immigrants with new ideas stirring things up so they stayed with a
    simple system with three clearly defined classes. The landowners,
    the slaves and the free white yeoman farmers who were hired by
    the landowners to work and police the slaves.

    • Interesting how in America in marriage it takes seven years before property between parties is considered ‘shared’.

  2. It looks like Mitchell wants to move to the South (from NC). He says FLA is now the hopping place for politics. Really? I guess he’s thinking of Roger Stone, but who else (besides Trump’s WPB estate) lives in FLA?

    Shocking to me is how many people in the replies say they LOVE living in FLA. Ugh. I’ll take the mountains+snow anyday vs. hot humid sweaty FLA.

  3. O/T: Wow, rather cold. I think Mitchell & Nehlen had a falling out at some point, when Mitchell turned against those who “lost confidence” in Trump during the campaign (Posobiec, Cernovich, etc.; remember all that?) Mitchell had Paul Nehlen on his program last year & promoted him in tweets for Nehlen’s race. So their falling out occurred after that.

    • I caught a few of Nehlen’s tweets where it appeared he was going White Nationalist. Mitchell’s blindness to that gets him in trouble with alt-righters who make up many of his followers.

      • Mitchell can be a blast but, true, there are “taboo” subjects he stays away from, White Genocide, (((them))), conspiracy, etc.

  4. The plantation system, like all systems, benefits ‘white men’. When the slaves got too expensive and jealous of the working white woman’s position in the north, civil war broke out and they were freed, cheapening them! Then they took their anger out on poor whites and vulnerable white women.

    Yeah, please do bring back the plantation. We are tired of them up North

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