“Major Incident” as Van Plows into Pedestrians Outside London Mosque: Possible Revenge Attack?

There appears to be an assumption that the London van attack tonight was conducted by a British-European man. Let’s not ignore the possibility that a disgruntled Muslim decided to go after his fellow Muslims while motivated by revenge.

Here is the little of what we know right now, followed by a series of Tweets by British “racist” Tommy Robinson, who’s done his share of jail time for criticizing Muslim terrorists.


There have been a ‘number of casualties’ after a van reportedly hit pedestrians outside a mosque near Finsbury Park.

Police said they are dealing with a ‘major incident’ with the ambulance service also attending Seven Sisters road in North London.

Roads in the area have been blocked off.

‘There are a number of casualties being worked on at the scene,’ police said.

‘There has been one person arrested.

‘Enquiries continue. More information will be released when confirmed.’

Unconfirmed witness reports said some of those hit were Muslims, who had been leaving the mosque after evening prayers during Ramadan.

British nationalist Tommy Robinson is Tweeting as events unfold in London:

19 thoughts on ““Major Incident” as Van Plows into Pedestrians Outside London Mosque: Possible Revenge Attack?

  1. Per Daily Mail article, it was an evil YT driving the van, and their police/press are calling it a terrorist attack. That was fast. With evil YT it is right away a terrorist attack. With muslims, it is “we don’t want to jump to conclusions”.

  2. But will the Moslems stage an anti-violence pro-diversity rally complete with flowers and balloons? Like fuck they will. Only White people are that gullible.

  3. The best time might be when hundreds of them put their bums in the air in the middle of the street as happens from time to time.

    • I have so many questions about this..could it be that perhaps the van driver was drunk,or on narcotics, perhaps he fell asleep at the wheel,could it even be a vehicle fault? Logically thinking,if any one really wanted to cary out a revenge vehicle attack,why use an empty light weight van? I have a heavy licence,and believe me,a heavy will practically bulldoze over anything in its way,esp if loaded. And why not pack it with home made explosives whilst you are at it,any nut can put that together out of agricultural supplies. After all,if I’m going to get life for one death,might as well take 50 with me and flatten the mosque as a bonus. Perhaps this fellow just did it on the spur of the moment,or more likely he must be a bit unhinged. My life for one Sand Flea?….hell no! And there’s also the possibility it could be a false flag,the casualty rate is suspiciously low,together with the fact that it was clearly a rented van,as the public would expect .So one can’t buy an old cheap used heavy truck in the UK??..so many questions. .

      • Many good points there. Could have filled the vehicle with bricks or other heavy items. Should have had a bullbar on the front. Maybe a 4 wheel drive would be better. Why not tow a heavily loaded trailer for extra weight.
        The driver probably had no heavy license. He was too lazy to take the lessons etc. He now has 20 or 30 years to think about his impulsive action.
        Actually many alleged Muzz attacks also have a low death rate, especially the bomb ones. London Bridge camel drivers also chose underloaded camels.
        The false flag idea also would explain why the Iman was so keen that the driver was not hurt or killed by the friendly crowd of Koran thumpers.

  4. He was just granting them their wish of martyrdom. Think of it as a fetish being fulfilled. The “victims” are actually willing participants. Their greatest wish was granted. The condemnation of the driver is a violation of the ‘slimes’ religious beliefs!

    We really should call these “refugees” asylum seekers. They are seeking to be sent to a padded cell in the asylums. Bring back the asylums. To the asylum they would go. Jobs will be created. Millions of jobs. Orderlies were always the most masculine, musclar types. They wore white uniforms. And were ready to kick some ass!

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  6. “Pain or damage don’t end the world, or despair or fuckin’ beatins’..
    The world ends when you’re dead.
    Until then, you got more punishment in store.
    Stand it like a man.
    And give some back.”
    ~Al Swearengen Deadwood S.2, E.6

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