Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by Charles Lindbergh

To learn more about how Lindbergh went from national hero to antisemite national zero as he tried to keep America out of World War II, read this article in Deseret News.

8 thoughts on “Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by Charles Lindbergh

  1. Was he referring to the JWO takeover of America & the World? πŸ˜‰

    Here’s what Putin is thinking… from Posobiec twitter feed & using hashtag #PutinInterviews. Jack made popcorn & watched the Oliver Stone/Putin interview w/his girlfriend. All tweets posted 6-7 hours ago 6/18/17:


    Stone: Why didn’t the US Ambassador come to the National Day Parade?
    Putin: Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

    “US spends more money on military than every country in the world combined. Who do you think they’re going to use this on?” #PutinInterviews

    “After the USSR fell apart the US had the illusion that they could just do anything” #PutinInterviews

    “When America acts as a global empire it is against The interests of the American people” – Putin #PutinInterviews

    “The Warsaw Pact is long gone. Why is there still a NATO?” – Putin #PutinInterviews

    “NATO leaders assured us their border would never extend east beyond Germany” – Putin #PutinInterviews

    “American intelligence services provided support to the Chechan terrorists fighting us. I asked Bush this. He did nothing” #PutinInterviews

    Graphic images of Beslan School massacre 2004 #PutinInterviews

    “The American intelligence services created these terrorist organizations as satellites” – Putin #PutinInterviews

    “Al Qaeda is the result of the activities of America and their friends” #PutinInterviews

    “We allowed the US to use our bases in Tajikistan to attack the terrorists after 9/11” #PutinInterviews

    “It doesn’t matter if I have all the power. It matters what I do with it” #PutinInterviews

    “It’s not about how fast you solve problems, it’s about the process”

    Stone: Have you missed me?
    Putin: I cried many times.

    Putin occasionally answers Stone in English. Seems to understand the questions before translation.

    “I always sleep 6-7 hours, no matter what’s going on” – Putin

  2. I do NOT agree with this… This is exactly what they want, people with attention spans the size of a meme, & with limited intelligence to match:

    The Bad Guys can make memes, too!

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