Infographics Show Racial Preferences of American Men and Women

I saw the top infographic in an article denouncing White Sharia at Alternative-Right

Both infographics appeared originally in a 2014 article at The Meetville Blog.

The responses should be pretty honest because they come from what people who are doing online dating say they want.

What the infographics show:

1. Upper left: All women prefer white men, except for black women, who prefer black men.

2. Upper right: All men prefer Asian women, except for Asian men, who prefer Latinas.

3. Lower left: All women are least interested in black men, except for black women, who are least interested in white men.

4. Lower right: All men are least interested in black women, even black men.

The question is why are guys so attracted to Asian women. This question is especially acute if we are to partner with white women in the creation of a white ethnostate.





40 thoughts on “Infographics Show Racial Preferences of American Men and Women

  1. Maybe that’s the hot commodity in mail order skanks at the moment! I hope they do a more recent one to add the berka wearing pupas and the sharia beheaders…it would be interesting to see how that plays out!

  2. To answer your question PJ, Western White Women are feminists, they should be reformed. Feminism never really took hold in Asian countries, it’s not that men find Asian women that beautiful, they just find them feminine.

    • Since Asians are relatively rare in much of the country and since many of them are about as attractive as the geek pictured, that’s true. But in online dating, you expand your horizons, even into fantasyland. There’s a fantasy quality with Asians.

      We had a Filp girl, Liz, at the university who was Miss something or other. All the male profs were gaga over her. It was something to behold. She picked a Mexican her own age rather than a prof to pair off with, for what this story is worth.

      • Lot of white men with Mexican women here. The Mexican women seem to be willing to settle for less than the white women. I see one of my white male students from the 80s here a lot. He’s often with his two grown children, who are super dark and Negroid looking Mexicans. He met his wife in my class. He surely must realize that his genes are buried so deep in his Latino children that they will never reemerge. Sad!

  3. You know its just raciss for people to judge people on looks instead of propaganda said no one ever. That muh dick story of black dudes is looking more like another We Wuz Kangs moment now isn’t it?

  4. I’ve never understood men who get Yellow Fever. Most Asians are ugly even when not overweight. They look like they were hit with a hot frying pan, which flattened and melted their faces. They usually also have black hair, which for some reason grosses me out completely. Asians are also statistically the least likely racial group in America to have any type of faith in God.

    All this for some “femininity”? Count me out. Just be an assertive, confident man: your woman will fall into line when she knows it’s expected of her, and she’ll respect you all the more for being the masculine man she inwardly craves.

      • GS, there’s tons of yellow fever among the military men in San Antonio. One colonel I knew had a gook wife, obviously an ex whore in the Far East. Very loud, like she was trying to attract GI Joe. I felt sorry for him. I could tell she had no real feelings for him. He was just a meal ticket to an upper middle class life.

      • Again, where I live it is like 98% of white men with white Women.

        I think the Asian fetish only exists in WN and Alt Right, which is a bullshit movement anyhow

    • To illustrate this post, I did a Google search for ugly asian women. Almost none showed up, so I had to modify the post and progress through fatness.

      Your point is exactly right, JJ. Most Asians are ugly. There were some horrible ones at the university for sure. But you won’t see many really ugly ones at Google.

      This is an example of an ugly Asian, like I saw at the Uni.

      • WTF! PJ, First that post on degenerate fag teacher of the year, now this! 🙂 That thing’s probably a tranny. It’s got some shock value though, believe me.

      • Wow, you hit pay dirt with that one, PJ! She’s just painful to behold!

        When I get to my laptop, I’ll show you a pic of a truly remarkable Asian woman I once saw and snuck a photo of her (pretending to take a picture of my wife in the foreground). In case your website blocks my reply due to the different IP address, please check posts in mod?

        In other news: I’ve noticed over the decades that White men married to Asians are very often tall, bald, and toward the nerdy end of the spectrum. Anyone who has a theory, please weigh in.

      • Also: for kicks & giggles, try the following: look at the above photo, squint your eyes until your vision is a little blurry, and tell us which Batman villain you see!

      • And here’s the one I was telling you about earlier. I couldn’t believe that she would put any blue color on a face that already looked so simian!

        (Not certain how to post images here–if it’s like usual WordPress sites, just pasting the link works automatically … please let me know if it requires a different method)

      • Like those baboon picks.

        I hate most Asian hoez. So many of them get into prostitution as a way of competing with Da’ White Wimenz. Fuck em.

        I have no compassion left for most people on this planet of the damned.

  5. I read the article from where this study was cited. I say bullshit. Most whites want whites to marry. I would be curious to see the ‘sample’ used for the basis externalizing the results of this study. Most everyday white people do not read these articles or frequent the Alt Right.


  6. couple of issues. It’s been a while since I looked at on-line personal ads. Several years in fact but at the time it was obvious that so many issues would weigh the responses back and forth that trying to compare the response rates of the races to the dating reality on the streets is pretty stupid. Many factors come into play in these ads that have little bearing on real world dating like presentation, picture selection, ability to lie in a believable manner, grammar and punctuation etc. etc. Let’s face it Asian women sell themselves better with pics than most White Women and White Men can make themselves appear as a much better catch on paper than they come off as in person. Finally I think Whites and Asians in general use on-line ads more than other races anyway so that skews the numbers even further.

    In the real world Black men in general get away with all types of forward and suggestive activities that White Men cannot. I have seen it so often in large employee environments it made me sick. Often times the stupid young White girls would convince themselves that only Black men were interested in them because every time a White Man was he was immediately fired or moved to a different location. The genocide spoken of in the article linked is caused from very different reasons from simple online preferences and trying to use these on-line statistics to argue for some type of Feminist agenda is just grasping at straws to attempt to cover over a very real problem.

    • Right on.

      So do most of the rectangle body shape bitches in Hollyweird with fake titties, fake tans, collagen injected lips et al.( ex: Upton, Anderson, Mckinney)

      All these hoez appeal to DL faggots who want to pretend to be straight while thinking of hitting their boyfriends from behind as they stare at these pancake assed hoez. Yeah… but hey bro, they be jingling with those fakies

  7. Biache in the first pic had her eyes done and those are fakies in her pink bra. Pic is photoshopped as all get out.

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