Richard Spencer: How Fake News Inspired The Scalise Shooting (Video)

Published on June 15, 2017. Less than 15 minutes.

Ha! Some of the comments at youtube challenge Richard to “name the Jew.”

The Southern Baptists claim this is racist. They are wrong.

Meanwhile, Spencer took to Twitter to attack Cernovich, Jack Posobiac and other “alt-light” celebrities.

5 thoughts on “Richard Spencer: How Fake News Inspired The Scalise Shooting (Video)

  1. Paladin, A reminder that my comment hung in spam at the post below tells something important regarding Jack Posobiac and the play about Trump.

  2. This Hodgekinson’s whole identity was political, it was his raison d’etre, identity politics taken to it’s logical extreme. We will see more of this and the media will not stop no matter how many people are killed. The MSM should be totally boycotted, they are dangerous.

  3. Is there no Alt-Left? Are there no Paleo-Leftists or Jurassic Leftists?
    Are all lefties Orthodox Marxists? Surely not. Some are Leninist and some have the Trots.
    Some think Che Guevara was a good egg and beards like his and Fidel’s are cool.
    Others want shitskins to annihilate the West and strangely all lefties and feminists are on board with this program – including all Greens who should in theory want to save Mother Earth from the horrible niggers.

    Why do the media never highlight the wide range of views on the left, including the more fanatical elements, some of whom indulge in sabotage and other acts of violence?
    Why does the so called alt-right get so much bad publicity from the (((media))) and the powers that be? Are the Jews shit scared that the truth telling voices are being heard?

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