Jews Angrily Swarm Saboteur365 Over Otto Warmbier Post

Jew Otto Warmbier was arrested, tried, and imprisoned by North Korea for violating the law in that country. He cried during his trial. There’s no doubt that his tears won him no sympathy with the tough Norks.

Jews left a small barrage of negative comments tonight insulting commenters here for expressing reasonable opinions. The post that drew the ire of the Jews can be read here.

I’m not going to give credence to the negativity by approving it for posting, but I’ll share it here, without telling you who was being insulted.

Let’s start with the long one, which is hilarious to me in the way that the left stereotypes those who disagree with them.

You’re a bunch of anonymous chickenshit idiots with no education, no brains, no hearts, no courage. You obviously all had shitty childhoods, suffered abuse from your hillbilly parents and take too many drugs, just like your mothers. You wouldn’t know a Jew if one took a shit on your tiny pointed heads. Get a fucking life you stupid fucking assholes. Your comments policy is funny as hell. You can insult everyone your little brains manage to think of, but you’re too fucking scared to take it. Talk about being a “faggot,” you’re it. Bunch of tiny balled snowflakes. Of course you won’t post this. You don’t have the guts. Go fuck your dogs and sheep or whatever keeps your dicks moist every night. Oh that’s right, you can’t get them up. Sorry.

The comments policy exists to keep people focused on the issues and not on personalities. This guy hits every stupid, false narrative about conservatives, while ignoring any real issue. It’s just some kind of sociopathic response by a tyrant wannabee to people he hates.

Like some of you say, we generally don’t go to liberal sites and insult people on their home turf. So, why would this bitter commenter think it’s going to be allowed here?

There were also comments left in response to different people by a female Jew. Here’s a few of those to give you the flavor:

G-d help your little boy– he will need it after being raised by a bigoted, intellectually challenged moron!

May karma bite your judgmental ass

youre a disgrace to “white” ppl everywhere….
I pray to G-d you are sterile and can bring no more of your “kind” into the world…

You are an idiot… but, I doubt you realize what an ass you’ve made of yourself with this post…
Btw, karma is a bitch… judge this YOUNG AMERICAN for being young and dumb and watch what happens to YOUR children– unless HaShem has made you sterile– one can only pray that is the case

OK, that’s enough. You see that when the left can’t respond to intellectual thought, they resort to ad hominem attacks.

These people seem to have no appreciation for the idea that not everyone is weak-minded. The Norks don’t mess around. Otto Warmbier should have known that. In fact, he probably did know that but thought his Jewish privilege would give him a pass. It’s a reasonable theory. I’m sure many people visit North Korea and don’t try to steal a propaganda banner to bring home with them, as Otto allegedly did.

I’ve embedded Styx’s harsh critique of Otto below. Styx is neither left nor right, not a racist, but a realist. I wonder what kind of insults the Jews who commented here would come up with to insult Styx.

Styx has no sympathy for Otto. About seven minutes:

There’s very little sympathy expressed for Otto at youtube, but I think most people who watch Styx are fans of his.

You can read the latest on Otto at NPR. There’s no sign that the Norks tortured him. His brain dead state apparently resulted from a heart attack, although his parents are claiming that he was brutalized.

24 thoughts on “Jews Angrily Swarm Saboteur365 Over Otto Warmbier Post

  1. It’s really amazing how little it takes to get the many networks which jewry operates spewing the truth about what jews really think about real Americans and Christians. This one did a good job:
    AveSatan on June 14, 2017 at 4:17 pm said:

    And I notice another comment has gotten approved instantly, while the one stepping on your little snowflake toes hasn’t made it past the gatekeeper. Good to know just like every christian who’s ever walked this earth, you’ve proven yourselves as all sackless cowards…..keep sucking the of christ, it won’t help when the sword of truth is lain upon your throats.
    All jews are like that little whore who likes to pretend to be a comedian on the jew’s MSM circuits, Sarah Silverman. They hide it most of the time.

  2. It’s obvious from (((their))) comments that they are obsessed with:
    –Body Parts.
    –Stereotypes (they think all Whites are hillbillies, etc.)

    Otto was NOT a “little boy,” btw. Didn’t his parents teach him how to act when he leaves the house, much less the country?

    “…when the left can’t respond to intellectual thought, they resort to ad hominem attacks.” So true. Why foam at the mouth with such nasty descriptions that do not address content? Who really has the small brains?

    Try address the numerous historical facts, instead.

    • Those are good facts, Sob-A-Tear, and they were monsters toward the people of Russia and Ukraine.

      Here is another organization within which networks of jews hide while jewry does it’s subversive work within America.

      “Just keep in mind – the ACLU is a ‘Jew thing’ and being so – Americans must realize that regardless of the cunning deceptions – it serves ONLY Jew interests – which of course are the ultimate destruction of our Constitution and ESPECIALLY our Christian heritage.”

      • I said one more, but let me fudge a little with another article link, just to bring their current activities into focus, “ACLU Actively Assisting With Soros-Driven Protest Organization After Accepting Funds From The Open Society Institute”.

        “The ACLU itself has received massive amounts of funding from George Soros. A February 6th, 2017 article from Zerohedge cited research from LifeZette and the Capital Research Center indicating that Soros’s Open Society Institute has sunk over $35 million into the ACLU alone and millions more to other liberal organizations directly involved in filing lawsuits against various policies of Donald Trump all around the country. The massive donation drive is part of Soros’ overall effort to “reshape the American justice system” by buying district attorneys in races across the country.”

      • Thanks for all those ACLU links. They truly are a wicked group, who throw in an “olive leaf” case once in awhile, but MOST of their cases are for the purpose of turning “normal” upside down.

        All these powerful commie orgs are like a cancer that has metastasized into country-wide brainwashing, putting the nation near its death throes.

      • Just two minutes. Maybe all Jews should also watch this video. It would be good if even 50% of USA citizens saw it. Actually I do not think the USA would attack Israel even if 100% of Americans watched this video.
        The USA is Goliath and Israel is David hurling a stone at the head of Goliath – the 911 attack. The US will never respond. The guilty will never be punished. The main reason is that the guilty still run the USA – not just Israel. Who will take this power away from them?

        Maybe Alan Sobrowsky has a drug taking hillbilly mother and he fucks dogs and sheep etc.? Actually he has enemies and critics. I found one such site and here is a good comment after the article panning Sobrowsky…..

        “Jack Nicholson sends a message to Adam Holland and all the 9/11 debunkers who attempt to defend the official story, “You Can’t Handle The Truth!” The truth being that 1,200 degree Fahrenheit jet fuel and office fires cannot produce 2,700+ degree Fahrenheit molten metal (found in the WTC rubble weeks after the collapse), but thermite incendiaries do, which burn above 4,500 degrees Fahrenheit and can melt through the engine of a car. When you drive your car down the road, does your engine ever melt from the gasoline igniting and exploding in the chambers to force the pistons to move the crankshaft? Office fires have never before in world history collapsed a steel framed high rise building because they do NOT burn hot enough to melt and destroy steel! Nanothermite (an advanced and extremely hot incendiary explosive) was found in all recorded dust samples spread out all over New York. Last I heard, they don’t make high tech military grade explosives like Nanothermite in a cave in Afghanistan! The 9/11 commission report and the NIST reports are both bogus whitewashes because they fail to acknowledge basic laws of physics and thermodynamics. Also, the Florida flight-school instructors reported that the “Arabs” were extremely incompetent as students and as pilots, they had trouble operating the smallest and simplest of airplanes like the Cessna 182. So how could they reprogram huge Boeing airliners and fly them to New York and Washington DC? Plane paths are controlled by computers, you cannot just look out the window and take the plane to New York City.”

      • “Actually I do not think the USA would attack Israel even if 100% of Americans watched this video.”

        You’re right. The brainwashing is too deep. “Prophecy Preachers” have been saying for decades that oil will be discovered in Israel which will prompt Russia to go down & attack Israel, or at least try to. They are saying that Gog of Magog refers to Russia. I’m not so sure about that.

        LOL @ Jack…

  3. Re the Jew insults, they are about 100% wrong. Most posters here are not idiots and the sons of drug taking hillbillies. The absurdity of this is laughable. How many drug abusers make any posts at all? It takes brains to keep on topic and post something thoughtful and intelligent. Idiotic comments are likely to be discouraged even by one’s own friends. Yes the Jews are throwing infantile insults rather than reasoned argument after thought. Are all Jews this dumb? I do not think so.

    All Jews should read “The Black Book of Communism” which is 800 pages long and every chapter is written by a former Communist. All were disillusioned by what happened in the Soviet Union and then in China.
    Jews do get named in the book as being the vast majority of all the NKVD/Cheka killers. There are photos in the book including tortured Polish cavalry officers. Jews killed the Tsar and his family,. Not one non Jew was involved, even at the highest level down to the actual killers. Only Jews can be trusted with a secret like this – or 911.

    Here is one sentence from memory from the book. “Every Jew on average to the whole population personally killed 56 times more Russians and Ukraine’s than did the Slavic member of the NKVD.”

    Irony here is that the leftist Jews are here defending a criminal who defiled the emblems of a Communist foreign nation. We on the right are defending that Communist nation of their right to punish the criminal in any way that they see fit. If you do not like Communism, never travel to a Communist country. If you do not like Jews, never travel to the USA. “My country, my rules”. The (((USA))) locks up in jail more people than Communist China which has 4 times the population of the USA. Why are Jews not bleating about this unjust and barbarous country, the (((USA)))?

    North Korea is still technically at war with the USA. There has never been a formal end to the 1950s war and no peace treaty. Brilliant diplomacy by the most powerful nation in the world. Jews run the USA and that is why the place is declining fast.

  4. To be fair its very likely a nice middle class lad from the USA would be wholly unused to the life of ordinary people in North Korea and equally unlikely that North Koreans would be at all impressed with any westerners claims to Human Rights.

    A silly boy went to a country he knew had suffered greatly at both western hands and its own leadership and that boy apparently expected to be treated with full western respect. The arrogant pup went in search of adventure and was taught a hard lesson when he found it. Its a pity he didn’t study the Korean war had he done so he would never have gone.

    I’m sorry he is in such a life risking condition but I’m also slightly shocked he chose to go on such a dangerous adventure. My sympathies to his family.

    • What might seem like a prank to Westerners may get the death penalty in many countries. For example, burning a Koran might not go down well in Saudi Arabia – by anybody including non Muslims. Western women accused of improper sexual relations get arrested and locked up in places like Dubai.
      Stealing a Communist symbol or a Nazi symbol might very well get the death penalty for a local citizen. It is not a prank but is correctly seen as treason against the Government.

      That blubbing of his was not only pathetic and unmanly. It was certain to get a bigger penalty in any country which is not run by pillow biters and shirt lifting butt bangers.

      • Yes, his fear and shock would not go down well with a people who are given no choice but to work hard for very little, multiculturalism is as you say very much a western only construct already visibly failing in most western countries and not even considered as a possibility in most non western countries.

  5. “G-d help your little boy– he will need it after being raised by a bigoted, intellectually challenged moron!”

    ‘Oy veh always we are persecuted by bigoted goyim of so little intellect!’

    I love it when I hit a nerve.

    “May karma bite your judgmental ass”

    Ah yes always a Jew around to tell us not to judge. Yeah right. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits.

    “I pray to G-d you are sterile and can bring no more of your “kind” into the world…”

    Yeah we know. So good of you to admit your genocidal intentions.

  6. Why are all these Jews going on about “Karma”
    WTF has karma got to do with their Talmudic cult? Not an original thought, just cultural misappropriation LOL.

  7. It’s obvious these commenters were educated by Alinsky professors in our Marxist controlled schools. “Accuse others of what you do.”

    bunch of anonymous chickenshit idiots
    no education, no brains, no hearts, no courage.
    shitty childhoods,
    hillbilly parents
    a shit on your tiny pointed heads.
    fucking life you stupid fucking assholes.
    a “faggot,”
    tiny balled snowflakes.
    Go fuck your dogs and sheep or whatever keeps your dicks moist every night.

    You hit a nerve, Paladin, because Jews know it’s not wise for ‘anyone’ to go to North Korea. Then, to steal something, as well….in a Communist country!!! I’d call a Christian stupid for doing something like this! Otto’s fate is a good lesson for others thinking about going there. His example may save their lives.

  8. Pingback: Otto Warmbier, White Supremacists, and the Ugliness of Internet Speech – In A Crowded Theater

  9. Sorry Otto wasn’t beaten Otto tried to hang himself and didn’t succeed, that is why his family was shipped a vegetable
    One look at him crYing, looking all Paul Lynde or Jim Carrey as fireman Bob will tell you he wasn’t going to make 1 year let alone 15. I really hope the parents are being honest because this could bring about a nice EMP attack from that fat little fu*cker PingPongChowMein

  10. Jim Stone has now come to learn that Otto Warmbier was a jew, and he shares my own suspicions that Warmbier was a spy, likely working with Israeli Mossad, or with it’s “American” jew and zionist agents.

    “Warmbier: Credible speculation
    There is credible speculation that Warmbier was an Israeli spy, and that when he was sentenced in North Korea, he bit a poison pill he had been carrying in his mouth the entire time. Many Israeli agents have poison pills in their mouths at all times that they can bite to kill themselves if “the need to” arises. The rumor is that Warmbier was rendered brain dead rather than killed by “a pill made by the lowest bidder”.

    If Warmbier was a spy, there is probably a whole lot more to the story about why he was imprisoned than we have been told.

    Warmbier’s trip to North Korea was paid for by Birthright, an Israeli organization that pays for overseas trips by people who “Identify as Jewish”. That’s suspicious right there, and strongly implies he was not there “as a student on vacation”. Obviously no one is going to actually step forward and admit he was a spy, but there is definitely room to be suspicious considering how his trip was funded, and how he ended up brain dead with no apparent injuries or trama whatsoever.”

    [Another part is to follow this].

    • This report below, which was done Jan 22, 2016, would to me lend further credence to that possibility, and that he would likely have been rendered brain-dead from the outset of his being detained, rather than later. Note that according to this report, Warmbier would likely have popped the capsule soon after having been detained, upon which he was then taken to the hospital.

      Also, how frequently would the top “British” CEO of that travel company based in China (with a “Pioneer” company name, “Pioneers” is a name jews like to use for their “youth” activists) accompany the “travelers” on their trips?

      “A China-based tour company specializing in travel to North Korea, Young Pioneer Tours, confirmed that Warmbier was detained at an airport in Pyongyang, the nation’s capitol on Jan. 2 after a five-day New Years trip.

      The tour company said in a release that he was the last person to go through customs and an airport official told a tour guide that Warmbier had been taken to a hospital. The guide tried to go to Warmbier but was ushered through immigration, according to the statement. Gareth Johnson, CEO of Young Pioneer Tours, remained in Pyongang for a few days after Warmbier was detained and learned “there had been an incident.”

      The company’s statement does not explain what that incident was. It previously told the Associated Press that Warmbier was being held over an unspecified incident that occurred at the Pyongyang’s Yanggakdo International Hotel, where he stayed during the trip.”

    • Warnbier deserves another post. I may want to use Jim’s research, which he allows. The problem I’m having is that Warmbier was pictured on trial, so he must have had the pill hidden and taken it later in prison. It seems implausible that he could have hidden the pill from his captors.

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